What will a good orthodontist do for you? Orthodontist North Miami Beach.

Orthodontists are some of the most respected professionals in dentistry field. There are of specialization is one of those recognized by the American Dental Association. Orthodontists are also well-educated specialists who understand teeth movements and jaw problems better than any other dental professional. They work with advanced and clinically proven dental appliances. These doctors are the ones you should call when you want to straighten out your teeth or treat a jaw sickness or abnormality. Orthodontist North Miami Beach clinics are a lot, yes, but it is upon you to decide on the most reliable and reputable clinic.

Besides picking the best orthodontic clinic, there are other ways to ensure that you get successful treatments. For instance, you should ensure that you follow your dentist’s advice concerning oral health and diet. Secondly, you should remember and attend all your appointments with your preferred orthodontist. Lastly, keep in mind that only an AAO (American Association of Orthodontist) orthodontist can be trusted. Any professional who lacks this membership may not be fully trained and cannot be trusted.

The American Association of Orthodontists

The AAO is open only to real orthodontists. Those who deserve the orthodontist title are graduates from a dental college and have undertaken extra years (2 to 3 years) of training in an accredited orthodontic residency program. By selecting an AAO orthodontist to treat you, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a real expert. That is, a specialist who will give you the most attractive smile even if your dental issue is so complicated.

What will a good orthodontist do for you?

The assumption that most people have is that an orthodontist is a dentist who treats kids with metal braces. While they provide metal braces to kids with crooked teeth and malocclusions, orthodontists do a lot more. As well as continuing to straighten teeth with conventional braces, orthodontic professionals also treat the same issue with modern, invisible teeth aligners. Your orthodontist Aventura dentist will also correct jaw misalignment issues. Jaws that don’t close well or those that have abnormalities are best treated by orthodontists.

Their ample training in their field is a reason enough to consult them about your bad bite issues caused by misaligned teeth or jaws. When jaws do not fit together as they should naturally, due to early loss of baby teeth, congenital or development abnormalities, bad bites will result. In such a situation, the only dental professional who can make your bite more functional is an orthodontist. He or she has a variety of approved dental appliances they could use to correct a bad bite.

All these tools exert just enough pressure on teeth and in return, they shift to the most natural position in the jaw. Besides teeth braces and aligners, orthodontists also utilize headgears and palatal expanders to correct growth and developmental abnormalities. These tools are mostly employed when these problems are affecting a child because it is still growing. They also reduce the odds that a child’s developing jaw could succumb to more difficult orthodontic problems in the near future.

Practical professional dentists, orthodontists can adjust wires and brackets that make up braces to make the wearer’s life more comfortable. Furthermore, they ensure that dental appliances are well-tolerated by almost every patient.

Orthodontic issues to take to a dentist

If your jaws don’t fit together or upper and lower teeth don’t meet perfectly when you shut your mouth, there is an orthodontic problem. And you are not alone as numerous people lack perfect permanent teeth. Some have a hereditary issue while others have an acquired behavior like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or extreme use of a pacifier. No matter what, the starting point is seeing your orthodontist North Miami Beach specialist. When you do, your dentist might find out that you have one or more of these orthodontic problems.

  • Teeth crowding – This is a dental issue that occurs when there is inadequate space for all teeth to fit naturally in the jaws. The main cause of this is either having smaller jaws than normal or teeth that are too big. An orthodontic treatment for this issue can entail the removal of some of your teeth or extending your arches to create room for teeth to erupt and align well.
  • Gap teeth – This refers to irregular gaps between teeth and it’s usually due to genetics, an issue that is beyond your action. Similarly, you might have extreme spacing because some of your permanent teeth never erupted. Also called congenially missing teeth, permanent teeth that don’t grow in is usually an inherited trait. Furthermore, teeth can be lost due to a serious gum disease like periodontitis or tooth decay. No matter what the cause is, an orthodontist is trained on how to solve the gap problem. His or her techniques can stop your teeth from shifting out their natural alignment.
  • Open bite – This is an abnormal gap that occurs when your anterior (upper and lower opposing front teeth) teeth don’t meet while your back opposing teeth meet. This usually results from infantile swallowing pattern, also called tongue thrusting, and long periods of thumb sucking. When swallowing something, little babies tend to thrust their tongues forward and this can extend to adulthood. If this goes on beyond four years, the child’s tongue will block full growth of its front teeth. If your kid has a problem such as the one described here, take it to their first orthodontist in Aventura area.
  • Overbite – Also referred to as a deep bite, an overbite appears when the upper front teeth bite deeply over the lower teeth. The upper teeth can totally cover the lower teeth and force them to bite into the palate (roof of the mouth). This can damage your palate as the upper teeth continue to hit the soft gum tissue instead of the lower teeth themselves. A problem like this shouldn’t be allowed to continue; take a child to their dentist as soon as you can.
  • Crossbite – This orthodontic issue occurs if the upper and lower jaws are misaligned. This can make an upper tooth or teeth to bite on the inside of the lower jaw teeth.
  • Underbite –This happens if your lower teeth stick out past the top front teeth. The main cause of this underdevelopment of your upper jaw, overdevelopment of the lower jaw or both of them. An underbite can be solved with a traditional orthodontic treatment approach only if it’s mild. Otherwise, moderate to severe cases are only treatable via surgery.
  • Protrusion – It affects the upper front teeth that stick out too far or lower jaw teeth that don’t adequately extend forward. The problem is also known as an overjet, and it is typically caused by an imbalanced development of jaws, inappropriate molars alignment or missing lower teeth. It can be aggravated by thumb sucking or tongue thrusting.  Teeth protrusion can alter your smile in a terrible manner and requires quick attention.
  • Abnormal teeth eruption – There are dental cases where teeth emerge via a gum tissue in an odd place. If you think you have such an abnormality, seek orthodontic help now.

The above-mentioned orthodontic problems can be treated if they are addressed early. That is, when a child is still younger than seven years. By the time a child is seven years old, it normally have a mixture of permanent and baby teeth. So it can quite comfortably receive an interceptive treatment. If action is taken now, your child may not need to eradicate any dental issue in future. If they will, their childhood preventive orthodontic treatments will simplify any future treatments. If you wait until your child has all their secondly teeth, and their facial development is over, their orthodontic problems will get harder and harder to solve.

Orthodontic therapy for adults

There are adults who didn’t get a chance to correct their dental issues as kids. They would have wanted to, yes, but their parents were unable to help them due to financial issues or because they didn’t bother.  If you are an adult who hates their smile, there is hope. Something can be done to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Once you visit an orthodontist North Miami Beach clinic, you will be told what can be done to correct your smile flaws.

Even if you need to wear braces, there is a better solution for you—the Invisalign System. It offers all the benefits of traditional braces, including closing tiny gaps, straightening teeth and aligning bad bites. One in five patients seeking orthodontic therapy is an adult and so you aren’t alone. Seeking this treatment is important because it will improve your smile and facial beauty.

As well, it will get rid of malocclusions and jaw issues that cause teeth clenching and chewing difficulties. If your teeth are no longer crowded or crooked, you can successfully brush and floss them. Hence, you can avoid gum disease and tooth decay that result from too much plaque or tartar.

Orthodontists aren’t bothered by your current age as they encounter adults and kids every single day. What they look into more seriously is your overall health, including your oral health, to determine how to help you. They want to know how your periodontal health is like prior to picking the right way to treat you. This means that they will examine both your teeth and gums to determine whether you need to undergo a different therapy prior to straightening your teeth.

That’s simply because some orthodontic cures can worsen an existing gum disease. If you have pulled out a tooth previously is not a big deal, it will not stop an orthodontist from treating you. As long as your periodontal tissues are healthy, you can safely start your orthodontic therapy. In case you have unregulated diabetes, bleeding disorders, leukemia or a serious heart valve disease, an orthodontic therapy may not happen. If it does, your dental professional will face some difficulties.

There are drugs that can trigger mouth dryness. This can put you in danger of cavities and cause you to feel discomfort when receiving your orthodontic treatment. Thus, any qualified dentist will seek to know your medical and dental background, as well as discuss with you about your best orthodontic treatments.

The Invisalign System

As an adult, you don’t have to continue having a bad smile due to having misaligned teeth or jaws. There is a suitable cure, the Invisalign System. Designed by Align Technology Inc., Invisalign consists of clear teeth aligners. The main difference between the Invisalign and traditional braces is that it is invisible. What this means is that you or your teen child can correct your bites without alerting others. Here is what to expect:

  • Clear teeth aligners that are made of a flexible, toxin-free plastic material.
  • Aligners that will be custom-made for your teeth in a digital manner. What this means is that molds of your teeth will be taken by your dentist and then sent to Align Technology.  Then the company will create 3-D digital models of your teeth through the Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing techniques. Therefore, you see how your teeth will look like when the treatment is over via animated digital images.
  • After getting your first invisible teeth aligners, you will wear them for 2 weeks only. If your dentist determines that the first set of trays have done their work, they will provide the next set. As you can see, Invisalign aligners are swapped every two weeks unlike metal and ceramic braces that are fixed until the end of treatment.
  • Aligners must be worn for 22 hours everyday. This is much better than having fixed braces for eighteen to twenty-four months, or beyond. When you remove your aligners, you can eat any type of food as long as you will brush and floss prior to wearing them again.
  • Dental appointments will be offered every eight to twelve weeks. Thus, you will have fewer appointments while wearing the Invisalign System and each session will not take too much of your time.
  • Treatment will be complete in about a year, utmost. Then you will proceed to wearing the Vivera retainer for three to six months.
  • Teens have their unique Invisalign System, as well as those with minor orthodontic issues that don’t have to take months to eliminate.


There is no way you can know about how many orthodontic issues you have in your mouth all by yourself. Although some are obvious, such as gap teeth, crowded or crooked teeth, others require the intervention of a specialist. Thus, we would like you to call the best orthodontist North Miami Beach specialist and create your first appointment with him or her.

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