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A palate expander appliance is basically a device that causes upper jaw expansion. It can expand your palate to fix various issues such as overcrowding, crossbite, impacted teeth, and many others. A jaw expander or palate expander — along with most orthodontic treatments — is generally done during one’s childhood because that’s when it’s easiest to prevent malocclusion by using the body’s natural growth process. The idea of palatal expansion may be scary to some people, which is why we’ll give you an overview of all the information you need. Please continue reading for a discussion of palate expander appliances and palatal expansion.

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What is a Palate Expander Appliance?

The palate is a technical terminology for the root of your mouth or your upper jaw. So it stands to reason that a palate expander appliance is a device that leads to palatal expansion, i.e., it can expand your upper mouth. This is mostly done in order to prevent malocclusion or bad bite. This procedure creates more space in the jaws so the young child’s teeth can grow out properly without overcrowding or other issues. The upper jaw grows out as separate halves that only join after puberty. As such, these separate halves can be separated and thus “expanded” before puberty to create more space in a child’s mouth.


Why do you Need Teeth Arch Expansion?

There are three primary situations that necessitate teeth arch expansion or palatal expansion.

  • Crossbite: This is a condition in which the upper jaw is too narrow to accommodate the lower jaw. In this case, the back of the top teeth bite end up biting the inside of the lower teeth, which can lead to several issues. Palatal expansion can remedy this issue.
  • Crowding: Sometimes, a child’s mouth may not have enough space to accommodate all of the permanent teeth that are about to come out. The dentist can generally determine this even before all the permanent teeth have erupted. By widening the upper jaw, the dentist can create space for all your teeth without overcrowding.
  • Impacted Teeth: Sometimes the child’s permanent teeth can’t come out properly because they’re blocked by other teeth. Palatal expansion can make space for the teeth so they come out properly without damage.
  • Cosmetic Purposes: Widening the upper jaw can also be aesthetically pleasing and ensures that the child will carry an even and perfectly aligned smile into their adulthood.

What is the Best Age to Get a Palatal Expander?

As mentioned previously, the upper jaws develop as separate bones until puberty, when they fuse together and become one. As such, orthodontists have a narrow window of time within which to carry out the palatal expansion procedure. That’s why palatal expander appliances are generally used in prepubescent children — the age limit for palatal expanders in girls is 12 to 13 and the age limit for palatal expanders in boys is 13 to 14 years.

Does Palatal Expansion Work in Adults? Will a Palate Expander Work at Age 23?

Yes, palatal expansion does work in adults as well. In fact, the mean age for adult non-surgical palatal expansion is 23 years old, so it’s perfectly possible. However, the results of palatal expansion are a lot more unpredictable in adults. This is especially difficult because of the presence of structures like pterygoid plates that prevent expansion. That’s why it’s important to discuss possible palatal expander alternatives with your orthodontist. In general, however, it’s customary for adult palatal expansion to be slower than that in prepubescent children.

Side Effects of Mouth Expander

Going through with palatal expansion can lead to discomfort and some pain. However, in addition to that, you may also experience side effects like headaches, excess salivation, gap in your front teeth, and difficulty of speech. This is completely normal and you should discuss it with your orthodontist — most of these are temporary side effects.


What’s the Duration of a Palatal Expansion Procedure?

In most cases, patients only have to wear the mouth expander retainer for about 1 to 3 weeks. However, depending on the severity of the individual case, it may even have to be worn for 6 months. This allows the bone in the mouth to develop better and assimilate.

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Palate Expander Cost

The average palate expander cost is hard to summarize because it depends on various factors like where you live and the orthodontist you choose. However, a typical palatal expansion procedure may cost between $2,000 and $3,000. Since this is considered to be a necessary procedure, you can get insurance coverage for most of the treatment.


How to Turn a Palate Expander Appliance?

The orthodontist will place the palate expander appliance in the child’s mouth but it’s up to the patient themselves or their parents to turn it regularly. Turning the palate expander is necessary because it widens the upper jaw. The dentist will give you a key that fits into the palate expander retainer. You have to turn the key to operate the device and turn it around, following the dentist’s specific instructions.

What Can or Can’t You Eat with a Dental Expander?

There aren’t a lot of dietary restrictions when you’re wearing a palate expander. However, you or your child should generally avoid things that are hard or sticky such as ice, corn, candies, popcorn, etc.

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What is palate expander?
Palate expander introduction:

It is important to do our best to give our children a bright future. This includes the personality development of your child. Attractive and confident smiles are an important part of our personality. Any problem related to oral health, teeth or bite misalignment can have serious impact on your child both mentally and physically. It is important to look for early treatment so you can give a beautiful and attractive smile to your child, enhancing his or her personality. Orthodontic is a specialization within dentistry, which deals with the issues related to teeth alignment and bad bites, etc. An orthodontist goes through additional two to three years of training specifically in straightening teeth. Orthodontists use different orthodontic appliances. Many people might be familiar with orthodontic appliances such as braces, as they are one of the most common orthodontic appliances used in orthodontic treatment. But there are many other orthodontic appliances which are used for the treatment of orthodontic problems. One such appliance is the palate expander.

The roof of the mouth is known as palate. The palate expander is used for widening the upper jaw and palate. A palate expander is custom-made for each patient. It is attached to the back of top teeth and consists of two parts connected in the middle by a screw. A palate expander works when we turn the screw through a special key, which in turn exerts pressure to widen the palate and causing palate expansion. The pressure is applied gradually by adjusting the screw on daily basis. The dental expander is left in the mouth for a few months even after reaching the desired expansion helping in the development of new bones in the gap and for stability of the treatment and expansion.

Palate expander is ideal for children from 8 to 18 years as this is the age where our mouth, jaws and bones, etc. are growing. It is important to look for early orthodontic treatment as expansion in adults can be more discomforting and can take more time. It is important to take your child to a good pediatric orthodontist like IVANOV Orthodontics for effective and affordable treatment. IVANOV Orthodontic Experts is one of the best orthodontist Miami. They provide wide scope of orthodontic treatments for children and adults.

When is palatal expansion required?
Palatal expander and expander braces:

Expander braces or palate expander are used in various orthodontic treatments, some of the reasons for palatal expansions are as follows:

  • Expander braces or palate expander is used for the treatment of crossbites. This is the situation where the upper jaw is narrow and does not rest on the proper position on the lower jaw. This causes the upper back teeth to close inside of lower back teeth. Orthodontic expander helps to widen the upper jaws so your upper and lower teeth can meet on the right position.


  • Expander braces or palate expander is also used in the treatment of crowding. If your orthodontist finds a situation where your child’s teeth does not have enough space in the upper jaws to accommodate the permanent teeth/ adult teeth, he or she might recommend the use of expander braces to widen the upper jaw to create necessary space for the developing teeth.


  • Expander braces are also required for impacted teeth. When a teeth or tooth which is yet to develop or erupted is blocked by other teeth or tooth, the orthodontist might use orthodontic expander to expand the upper jaw to create the space for the upcoming tooth or teeth.
How to find good orthodontist for expander teeth?
Good orthodontist for expander teeth or mouth expander:

Finding a good orthodontist like IVANOV Orthodontics for expander teeth or any other orthodontic treatment is important for effective treatment and results. The most convenient way to look for a good orthodontist is by searching through internet. You can use powerful search engines like Google. Try searching “best rated orthodontist near me”, “orthodontist for expander braces near me” or any other similar search queries to look for orthodontic clinics near you. For expander teeth or mouth expander for children make sure to look for pediatric orthodontist by searching “pediatric orthodontist near me”. You can also look for orthodontist specialized in dealing both children and adults like IVANOV Orthodontic Experts.

Another good way of finding an orthodontist is by talking to friends and family members who have gone through similar treatments for their child. If they are satisfied with the treatment of the orthodontist and the clinic is convenient for you to visit, you can consult the same orthodontist.

You can also consult a family dentist or doctor to see if they can help you find orthodontic specialists in your area. If your child is going to school, choosing an orthodontist open Saturday can be a good choice.

I need more information on mouth expander?
Additional information on mouth expander:

Here are some additional things to know when using a mouth expander such as rapid palatal expander:

  • Treatment time: Treatment with a mouth expander to expand the palate usually takes about a week to three weeks. But the mouth expander is placed in the mouth for around 6 months to allow the new bones to develop. If it is removed right after expansion, some of the space gained can be lost. You might also develop some spacing between your two front teeth but they will gradually come close after you stop adjusting your key.
  • Pain: Once you start adjusting the key you may feel pressure and a little tingling, but usually no pain. This feeling usually goes away within 5 minutes.
  • Avoiding certain foods: When a mouth expander is placed in your mouth, there are certain types of food your orthodontist may suggest to avoid. These may include sticky or chewing sugary foods.
  • Food getting stuck: While the mouth expander is placed on your mouth, you might also face problems of food getting trapped between the roof of the mouth and the mouth expander. Your orthodontist might give you a few tips in keeping your mouth expander clean and ways to remove the trapped food.

It is important to help and support your child during the treatment of palate expansion. Follow the guidelines of your child’s orthodontist for fast and effective treatment.

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