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What is 2x4 Appliance

Having a nice smile is important to everyone and it is good to know that when yours is less than perfect, it is possible to solve it. Having a cross bite can be problematic, but it can be solved, and your orthodontist is going to have the perfect way to do it. A crossbite is a condition whereby the teeth at the top or bottom end up behind each other. When the back top set of teeth are more inside then the lower set it is called a posterior crossbite and when the front top set is behind the lower set is called an anterior crossbite. Overcrowding can also be a problem, but it will be possible to correct this with the use of a 2 x 4 appliance. There is a great advantage over certain types of treatment when it comes to using this appliance.

The space opening has to be accurate and it is vital that this can be controlled– and when using this appliance, it can be controlled easily. As it is a fixed appliance, there is also a special amount of force that will be used, and this is going to work much more effectively than it would with a removable appliance. A good thing about this form of treatment is that the primary teeth will not be affected. When there is force it is to be expected that the treatment is unfortunately unlikely to be pain free, but it can be controlled with medication. It will also be worth it when both you and the child see the final result.

How Is 2x4 Appliance Fitted?

The teeth that will have the 2 x 4 appliance fitted are the first molars and then the incisors that are in the same arch – this will be the 4 of them. Great care must be taken when fitting them to correct the crossbite. It is possible that teeth can be lost due to incisor roots connecting with the erupting canine’s crown. It is not uncommon to get some root damage. Most of the times, it will not lead to the death of the tooth.

Brackets are bonded on and at this stage the orthodontist will adjust them to be in the right position. This is not only going to be easy process but also should be relatively fast one. It may not look ideal at this stage, but it is a lot better than having to have a tooth removed. The looking good part will happen towards the end of the treatment. A lot of orthodontists will use a retainer once the procedure has been finished. It is not likely that the anterior crossbite will come back. This way the teeth will not be able to move more freely and will allow the orthodontist to monitor the progress. The orthodontist should tell you why your child is getting a retainer.

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