Using a Nance Holding Arch Appliance Perfectly

Why Your Child Might Need a Nance Holding Arch Appliance?

It is no secret that there are numerous benefits which stem from the use of dental and orthodontic appliances. Among the many, one less-heard of orthodontic appliance is a Nance holding appliance. While mainly children wear a Nance holding appliance, it has a very particular use in fixing specific orthodontic issues. This is probably the reason why it is not as popular as similar devices, such as braces.

In the article below, you will learn everything you need to know on a Nance holding appliance. Read why the device is used, why children benefit from it and how it works.

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What is a Nance Holding Appliance (Nance Holding Arch)?

A Nance holding appliance is an orthodontic treatment device which has two jobs. It either rotates/expands the upper molars or it holds them in place. Mostly, the tool is a space maintainer inside the mouth, preventing the top molars from protruding forwards. There are many causes which can lead to your child needing such a holding device. For one, early baby tooth loss increases the risk of wrongful eruption of permanent upper teeth. The Nance holding arch is responsible for holding back the molar teeth until the premolars arise.

How does a Nance Holding Appliance Work?

A Nance holding appliance is built of several elements. It has stainless steel rings or bands that are cemented onto the first molars. The fixed palatal device also has a stainless steel wire which touches the roof of the mouth (spans the roof) and extends from one band to the other. This completely engages the entire upper jaw. Finally, an acrylic pad or button covers the wire and brings the device together. This button serves as an additional support of the teeth and helps complete the treatment. In some cases, the appliance can be mobile as well, but this treatment is not as effective.

What are the Benefits of a Nance Holding Appliance?

The benefits a Nance holding appliance delivers include:

  • It succeeds to prevent upper molars to shift forward and prevents other teeth from moving more drastically.
  • Rotates the molars in a more beneficial way and prevents spontaneous shifting of the top teeth.
  • Corrects improper bite, even in deep overbite cases.
  • Moves molars as a group, instead individually.
  • It is a fixed and cemented device, which children can easily maintain.
  • It is invisible and does not impact the speech in children.
  • Prevents tongue thrusting.
  • Helps fix the damage caused by a vigorous thumb sucking behavior
  • Helps small lower jaw to catch up

What to Keep in Mind While Wearing a NHA?

All children undergoing the treatment should carefully brush the roof of the mouth, so they avoid irritation. A good hygiene is crucial, including brushing and flossing. At the same time, children should steer clear of carbonated drinks and sticky food. Maintaining the ideal oral hygiene of your appliance will guarantee a faster and more successful treatment. If any discomfort occurs, don’t hesitate to pay your orthodontist a visit.

Are There Any Cons to Wearing a Nance Holding Appliance?

In terms of side-effects, children can expect certain discomfort after device’s the installment. In some cases, after initial installment, the child may also develop a lisp. Still, any potential speech issues will fade in a few days, along with the uneasy sensation. If any pain occurs in the meantime, don’t hesitate to pay your orthodontist a visit. Make sure your child steers clear of sticky and gummy foods, as well as carbonated drinks which can negatively affect the appliance.


How Long Will Your Child Have to Wear a NHA?

Depending on the upper jaw and teeth placement and space needed within the cavity, wearing a Nance holding appliance is very individual. Therefore, the only one who can determine the length of time needed for a NHA treatment is your orthodontist. In some cases, a Nance holding appliance can be used to correct positions of the teeth following another orthodontic treatment. For instance, a child can wear the Nance appliance following a headgear or pendex appliance treatment.

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Why Is It Important for Your Child to Wear a Nance Appliance?

By wearing a Nance appliance early, children can easily treat discrepancy that occurs when the upper teeth protrude (molars). This condition is known as Class II malocclusions. In fact, the earlier you seek treatment for your child, the better outcome you will have in return. When the first molars rise, there will be no other teeth to keep them from protruding forward. With the use of a Nance appliance, the teeth will be adequately held back, preventing possible complications.

Typically, children mustn’t take the device off. Still, if the child is doing any type of dental procedure, the device can be taken off during the dental procedure. Some orthodontist may use Herbst appliance instead to try to bring upper front teeth back.

How to Maintain Oral Health While Wearing a NHA?

Brushing the teeth is one of the most important things to remember when wearing a Nance appliance. As the device is not visible, your child will have to check it regularly and see if everything is in its place and clean.

When wearing the appliance, make sure you brush the roof of the mouth well. This is where the device is centered and where food can get most likely stuck. In addition, by practicing regular brushing of the area, you will also prevent gum infections in your child.

If the Nance appliance is not fixed, taking it out and cleaning it well is a must. The best way to do this is by brushing it with a toothpaste and removing any food off it. Commonly, the device does not cause any discomfort, but if that happens it could be a sign of poor hygiene.

Keep an eye on possible sores occurring in the mouth, especially on the gums. To alleviate any irritation of inflammation, the child can rinse the mouth with a salt-water gargle. Repeat this rinse three times a day, until the infection clears.

Finally, it is important to prevent your child from playing with the device while wearing it. The tongue wanders, wanting to inspect the device, which can easily distort the appliance.

Give your child’s oral health the attention it deserves. Do your research and stay informed on the most compatible orthodontic solutions available today.

Supplemental Content

It doesn’t matter how often children are told that certain things are bad for them they will want them even more. Eating a lot of sugary items is a sure way to lose teeth at an early age and this can leave a lot of problems when the adult teeth start to come through. It is not even just the loss of teeth from poor food choices that are a problem, but also ones that come out for any reason – often this will be as a result of an impact injury where the tooth becomes loose and cannot be saved.

When there is a gap in the teeth and the adult teeth are not ready to come through there is the risk of the gap closing over. This will be a big problem as when the adult teeth do start to erupt there will not be enough space for them to fit into the jaw. This means that they cannot come through properly and take their place; or if they do, they will be pushing another tooth or teeth out of their position and leaving the teeth crooked.

An orthodontist will know what to do in order to keep your teeth straight. They have a number of appliances they can use and one of them is called a Nance. There are a number of appliances that could do the same sort of job, but a Nance appliance is meant to do work that others are not able to do. It is used to keep the molars in the position they are meant to be when there are strong forces that try to push upper molars forward. Also, Nance appliance often used as a space maintainer and here they will stop the molars from moving forward. Once the teeth have been removed or lost, the Nance appliance will be put in place to make sure that the premolars and bicuspids can come through correctly.

Construction of a Nance appliance

It can be quite intricate to attach the Nance appliance into the mouth. It is the first two molars that are chosen to be the anchor. Once bands have been cemented to the teeth, there is a wire that is connected to both and to a plastic piece on the roof of the mouth. So that the wire is not touching the roof of the mouth there is a plastic pad covering it.

Looking after the Appliance

As it is an orthodontist who will make the decision and carry out the work, you need to have numerous appointments with them to make sure that it is working as it should. They also have to be well cleaned so that bits of food do not get stuck to them. Ask the orthodontist for tips that may help you look after it.

It is likely that they are going to tell you to make sure that you brush around the bands of the Nance appliance on a daily basis. Your diet may have to change as well, as you should not eat anything that is sticky or requires a lot of chewing. If anything gets attached to the wire, it can be difficult to remove it without causing damage to the appliance.


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