Clear Retainers: What Are Clear Retainers And What Are The Different Types Of Retainers:

Teeth Retainer:

Dental and orthodontic problems are common and can consist of tooth decay problems, teeth grinding or clenching to problems of crooked or crowded teeth. Different dental and orthodontic devices are used to overcome these problems such as mouth guard, braces or teeth retainer etc. Orthodontic treatments are lengthy treatment sometimes requiring the patient to wear these devices for the rest of their lives.

If you have gone through orthodontic treatment and have worn braces for several months and years, your orthodontist might recommend the use of teeth retainer. We will discuss what teeth retainer is and why it is important to wear teeth retainer after wearing braces. Braces help to align and straighten your teeth. Whether you wear metal braces or invisalign aligners, the basic purpose of braces remains the same, which is to move our teeth to the desired position. But these teeth require some help to remain on that new position, after your braces are removed. So the teeth retainer or invisalign retainer helps the teeth to maintain that new position.

Teeth Retainer is an orthodontic device which has to be worn for 22 hours per day for 6 months and after that, you have to wear your retainers every night through the rest of your life, after your braces are removed. They make sure that our teeth don’t move back and helps in maintaining the new position. There are mainly two types of retainers, removable retainer and fix retainer. Your orthodontist will recommend the best teeth retainer for you once your braces are removed, which can be removable retainer or fix retainer, and sometimes a combination of both.

Fix retainers or permanent retainer as understood by the name are fixed or bonded retainers. They are usually placed behind the lower teeth (six teeth), and once fixed stays in your mouth till your dentist or orthodontist removes it. Some of the pros and cons associated with permanent retainer are as follows:


  • These types of teeth retainer are not visible.
  • Don’t have to worry about wearing and removing as they are permanently fixed.
  • You don’t have to worry about your retainer being lost or misplaced.
  • Does not get broken or damaged easily and can last for years.


  • Maintaining oral hygiene can be challenging.
  • As they are not removable, plaque and tartar can buildup.
  • Can cause discomfort and irritation to the tongue.

Removable retainers are of two types, hawley retainer and clear retainers. Let’s first take a look at hawley retainer and we will discuss clear retainers after that. Hawley retainer is made up of bendable metal wire and plastic or acrylic. The metal wire goes across our front teeth so that their position is stabilized with acrylic molded and designed to fit inside the mouth. Some of the pros and cons of hawley retainer are as follows:


  • The good thing about these retainers is that they can be adjusted.
  • They are more durable than clear retainers.
  • You can also choose different colors for the plastic.
  • Easily removable so you can eat and properly floss or brush your teeth.
  • These types of retainers also help the lower and upper teeth to meet or join in a natural way.


  • They are noticeable.
  • You can have speech problems at first, such as lisp.
  • As they are removable, can be lost or misplaced.

Clear Retainers:

Other types of removable retainer are the clear retainers. Clear retainers consist of vivera retainers, essix retainer, etc. Clear retainers are made out of polyurethane or plastic. They are also known by their technical name thermoplastic or vacuum formed retainers. Clear retainers are made after taking the mold of the teeth, which helps in creating the right shape and size for the retainer. They are not that much durable. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with clear retainers.


  • They are not noticeable and can be easily removed.
  • Are considered more comfortable and convenient than hawley
  • Easier to main oral hygiene as they can be easily removed.
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  • They can’t be adjusted so they will need to be replaced if the alignment of your teeth changes.
  • They can easily be damaged or lost/misplaced and can be discolored with time.
  • Not that much durable, may require replacement retainers on yearly basis.
  • Does not allow teeth to touch or join in a natural way.
  • Can trap liquid.
  • Hot water can shrink the retainer.

Do I have to wear invisalign retainer after invisalign treatment?

Yes, you might have to wear retainer after invisalign treatment. Wearing invisalign braces or aligners have the same purpose that is to align and straighten our teeth. Once your orthodontic treatment with invisalign aligner is completed, your orthodontist may recommend the use of retainers. Wearing your retainers will help to maintain the new position of your teeth and will not let your teeth move back to their original positions or pre-treatment positions. Your orthodontist might recommend retainer options which would be suitable for you, such as clear teeth retainers, etc.

Which is the best type of clear retainers after braces and how to find replacement retainers?

The best type of clear retainers after braces is the one that your orthodontist recommends. Clear retainers are of different types and a good orthodontist like IVANOV Orthodontics can recommend the best type of clear retainers for teeth after examining your case and needs. Sometimes combinations of different type of retainers are required so it is necessary to follow the instructions of the orthodontist.

IVANOV Orthodontic Experts is an orthodontist in Miami. They are one of the best Miami orthodontist and one of the best orthodontic clinics in the US. Whether you require clear teeth retainers or any other orthodontic treatment it is highly recommended to book or request an appointment with IVANOV Orthodontics.

As teeth retainer is usually worn for the rest of your life it is possible that you will require replacement from different orthodontists. We will discuss ways you can look for a good orthodontist for your replacement teeth retainer. As internet is a powerful tool to gather any type of information, it is highly recommended that you look for an orthodontist by searching internet. You may use search queries like “best rated orthodontist near me for replacement retainers”, “replacement retainer’s orthodontist near me” or “best orthodontist near me for replacement retainers”, etc. You can use any other similar search queries to look for an orthodontist near you for replacement retainers.

If your first set of retainers is not included in your payment plan and you require another orthodontist for retainers. Use search queries like “retainers for metal braces near me” if you have worn metal braces or “retainers for invisalign near me” if you have worn invisalign aligners.

If you are looking for a Miami orthodontist, contact IVANOV Orthodontic Experts for quality service and excellent treatment.

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How to take care of my Essix retainer for longer life?

Essix or clear retainers for teeth require good care so it can last longer. You have to clean your retainers and take proper care so you don’t have to pay for replacement retainers frequently. Take a look at some of the helpful tips to maintain proper care for your essix retainer:

  • While removing or wearing your essix retainer, don’t forget to rinse them with cold water.
  • Don’t use tooth paste while brushing your essix retainer as it can scratch the surface.
  • Use specialized retainer cleaner to clean your retainers, once in 2 to 3 months.
  • Place your essix retainer in plastic case when you are not wearing them.
  • Use soft tooth brush and cold to moderate warm water for cleaning your essix retainer after having each meal.

What is the clear retainer cost?

Clear retainer cost can vary upon the type of the clear retainers.  Essix retainer can cost somewhere around $100 to $300 for each retainer, while vivera retainers which usually comes as a set of four retainers can cost somewhere around $400 to $1200 for each set.

Usually the first set of clear retainer cost is included in your overall braces cost or invisalign cost if you are an invisalign patient. It is important to discuss the payment and treatment plan with your orthodontist if you are unaware if the clear retainer cost is included in your payment plan or not. A good orthodontist like IVANOV Orthodontics will make sure the cost and treatment is completely understood and discussed with the client in the initial consultation.

Clear Retainers: What Are Clear Retainers And What Are The Different Types Of Retainers:

Retainers play an important part to maintain the position of your teeth to give you healthier and attractive smiles. It is important to follow the instructions and guidelines of your orthodontist with regards to the use of retainers. If you lost your retainer or if they are damaged it is important to consult your orthodontist for replacement retainers. If you can’t visit your orthodontist, try looking for a good orthodontist in your area for replacement retainers. Follow some of the helpful tips we have mentioned in this article to find an orthodontist for replacement retainers and how you can take care of your essix retainer.

It is highly recommended to book your appointment with IVANOV Orthodontic Experts for any orthodontic needs. They will make sure to provide you with high quality treatment along with excellent customer services. They are located at Miami and are considered one of the best orthodontic offices in the USA.

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