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Malocclusions, especially class II ones, have been difficult to treat in the past. This is however changing as new products appear. The issue was that although there was not a problem putting the appliances in place, once they were there it could be a little difficult for the patient to carry out the mouth maneuvers that were needed. If this was not the problem, then it would be that the items are fixed in place. It is not uncommon for children to have a bite that is not aligned, and it can not only make eating and sometimes speaking a little difficult but can make them a target for other children.

It is a for sure thing that they will pick up on it and find some way to make fun. There is a way to correct an overbite and this is with use of a Forsus Appliance. It will be set in the mouth in a way that it will encourage the lower teeth to move forward from where they are and the upper teeth to move back. By the time treatment is finished, there will be two rows of teeth that meet each other properly when the mouth is closed.

Although it will be the dentist who suggests that treatment will be needed this will have to be carried out by an orthodontist. They will have the additional training and full knowledge and experience of fitting braces. The Forsus appliance may not be the first appliance they think of, but after an examination it will often be the one they know is the only one that can do what needs to be done.

How is it fitted?

The orthodontist will place a metal band on each tooth in the upper and lower jaw. A wire will be threaded through them so that all of the teeth in each jaw are joined together. Pieces of metal with springs will be attached to the back teeth and teeth near to the front. Every time a bite is taken the teeth and jaw will move a little closer to where they should be.

What is to be expected?

There will not be any treatment that is perfect, and here there may be a few issues. Whatever they are with the Forsus appliance they will not be so bad that they are worth stopping the treatment and carrying on living with teeth the way they are – with an overbite. It may be that:

  • There is a little bit of tenderness at the beginning but nothing that over the counter painkillers will not relieve.
  • The face may look a little fatter and the Forsus appliance could irritate inside the mouth at first making chewing a little difficult.

Looking after the Forsus appliance

It is vital that care is taken when brushing teeth to make sure that the device is not damaged. If something happens and you cannot reach the orthodontist, then firstly try to gently get the wires back in place to cover them to prevent them damaging the mouth.

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