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Schwarz Expander Appliance – Learn What It Used For and How It Works

When there is a problem with the lower jaw being too small, a Schwarz expander appliance will be the ideal piece of equipment to use. It ensures that there will be enough room for teeth to come through and also makes sure that the dental arch conforms more to the face. The good thing about this device is that it is not easy to see, and it can be removed. It is placed behind the teeth and while not too big, it is likely to take a little time to get used to having it there. As you would expect it may not be that easy to speak and eat for the first few days that it is in place. It is important not to get impatient and just let the settling in period take its course.

The one time there may be some real discomfort is the first time it is altered, but after that should be perfectly fine. If there is discomfort, then it is fine to take general pain killers and there is no need to suspect that strong ones will be required. It is vitally important that the Schwarz expander device is not messed around with. It can come out but should be treated gently. They are delicate pieces of equipment and can be easily damaged meaning that a new one will be needed. This is going to delay the finishing date and could also mean that there is an additional cost.

Adjusting the Schwarz Expander Device

Ones the device is comfortable then it is time to start the adjustment. This can happen by the recommendations of your orthodontist. Activation is really easy to do as it is just a matter of placing the key in a hole on the adjustment wheel. There is an arrow showing which way the key should be turned so mistakes will not happen. Once done, place it back in the child’s mouth and make sure that it is fully in place.

This is the most intricate part of the procedure and when there is no adjustment taking place it is fine for the child to take responsibility when it comes to removing, cleaning and replacing the Schwarz expander device. The child should be shown how to do this and be clearly told that both hands have to be used and it needs to be secure in both sides of the mouth.

If the device starts to move around a replacement will have to be made and this will be expensive. Mealtimes mean it should come out, but there is no reason to remove it during sport – unless there is the risk that it will be permanently lost. When not being used it should be in the protective case. It can be with toothpaste but not using hot water.

Dealing with Problems

If there is pain – stop increasing in size, but do not leave it out altogether. Increase after a few days but if the pain continues you need to make a dental appointment. The same applies to any damage you notice – take it to the dentist and see if it can be fixed.


Two appointments are needed initially:

  • Impressions are taken so that the device can be manufactured – 30 minutes
  • Placement – Schwarz expander device fitted and information given

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