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Pendulum Appliance Helps Move Molars

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with perfectly straight teeth, but the majority will wish that they had been. There are many occasions when there are perfect solutions to correct the problems that nature caused, and your orthodontist will be able to tell you what your options are. In a lot of cases, people are born with molars that are not in the right position find that their other teeth do not come through correctly. The good news is that there is a way to fix it and it is with a Pendulum appliance.

The Appliance

This is a quite simply constructed appliance made up of rings and stainless steel wires. They are connected to a plastic frame and this is all kept in place by dental glue. The appliance is hooked over the teeth, but the glue is just used to give a little bit more security. If it is not in the correct place it will not be effective and once you thought you were finished with it, could find out that there is no improvement and you are going to have to start all over again. As it will be placed largely in the roof of the mouth, it is something different from wearing conventional braces. The appliance will be fitted so that it can move the position of the molars. It will slowly and carefully push them backwards so there will be room left for other teeth. When the appliance is put on it is likely to feel a little strange and could take some time to get used to. The tongue will not be able to move in the same way that it was and eating and speaking could be difficult for a couple of days. After that the child should find that everything goes back to normal. If the child can read, you can ask them to recite the words to their favorite song or read a much loved book until they feel confident and are easy to understand. This process should take few days.

Cleaning When Wearing a Pendulum Appliance

As with any dental appliance, a lot of care needs to be taken to make sure that all the food is removed, and no damage is done to any of the wires and bands. There is also the risk that there could be some pain when the Pendulum appliance is first put into place. This is because the molars will start to move right away, and the gums will be a little tender. This is also going to be the case each time the orthodontist makes an adjustment to the appliance. The pain relieve that can be provided is going to depend very much of the patient. There are plenty of options when it comes to dealing with the pain and as long as they are both non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory they should start to work very quickly. Once this has been done and the molars are in a place that the orthodontist is happy with, it should have created enough space for the rest of the adult teeth to come through.

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