Many children and adults around the globe suffer from different orthodontic problems. They may be suffering from different kinds of bites like overbite, underbite, deepbite, etc. However, the use of braces can correct any of these problems. You might be thinking, braces might affect my look or my personality. Well, we have ways for you to choose braces that would fit your personality just the way you want.

How can you take a dental tool like braces and turn them into super trendy fashion statements? Well, you can choose cute colors for braces ourselves. Whichever color suits you the most, your favorite color whether they’re lighter colors or darker colors, depending upon your preference you can choose them.

Why are Dental Braces Colors Important?

Well, before we get to the fashionable part of our dental braces, we should understand the reason for using braces and why the use of braces is so common in today’s world. You can use dental braces as devices to align or straighten your teeth if you are suffering from any kind of dental problems like teeth alignment issues or bite problems. Choosing the right braces for yourself is very important, not only color-wise but also the braces size, material, strength, and comfortableness are all important factors for your dental health.

You need to make sure you listen to the dentist’s advice when they tell you to not eat anything crunchy or sticky that might end up getting stuck in your braces and cause problems for you. The best way to avoid food getting stuck in your braces is to opt to eat smoother foods that do not have stickiness tendencies or that would not harm your teeth in the process.

Colors for your Braces

Braces can be used as a fashion statement if you really have the confidence to pull them off. We at IVANOV Orthodontic Experts, present you with the best choice of colors through our braces color wheel, where you can easily choose the best colors for your braces that fit your liking. We can classify cute colors of braces for guys and girls alike in the following two divisions.

  • Lighter Colors
  • Darker Colors

Lighter Colors

These colors include lighter shades of colors and they look cuter and cooler than darker colors in the summertime. However, there is one problem with lighter colors is that usually, they make your teeth look yellow and dirty. An example of a lighter color of braces is light blue, what happens is when you use lighter colors, the braces are highlighted which make your teeth look less white and more yellow, so in order to avoid this, avoid lighter colors.

Darker Colors

You can get braces with darker shades of colors and look very classy and cool with them. A very big advantage of darker colored braces is that your teeth look extra white with them. The reason for this is the color contrast, the darker shaded braces seem dull while your naturally white teeth seem whiter and are highlighted in the eyes of other people. An example of a darker color is dark purple. When you get dark purple braces, all the glow is directed towards your teeth and they appear whiter than usual.

Creative Choice of Braces Color

If you really want to stand out and make an impact, you can choose many cute colors of braces and give them a new meaning. You might be wondering, what would the color of my braces signify? Well, we have a simple answer for you. When you get creative while choosing the color of your braces, and you cook up new and exciting braces color ideas, it showcases your artistic and fashionable senses and makes you look better. You can choose colors according to occasions or anything like that.

Choosing colors of your favorite sports team

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you may like a sports team a lot. Be it baseball, football, soccer, or any sport, you can showcase your love for that team through your braces colors. Say the theme of your favorite team’s jersey is black and red, you can choose black and red braces. They’ll make you look good as well as speak out about your love for the teams.

Choosing colors for the right occasion

Say it’s Christmas, you can get creative and choose red and green in the name of the Christmas spirit. It would look good on you and also look like the perfect fit for the theme. The same way you can choose to get a combination of red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. A sense of patriotism and fashion combined, making you the talk of the town.

Choosing the best color to complement your skin tone

This is also very important. You can choose colors that would complement your skin tone and make you look all the prettier and cuter.

  •  Lighter Skin tones – If you have a lighter skin tone, you can opt for darker colors like dark purple, dark blue, gray, etc.
  • Darker Skin tones – If you have a darker skin tone, you can go for colors that are lighter in shade like light blue, gold, orange, pink, bright red, and such.

You can be creative and choose pretty colors for your braces this way or you can simply choose the colors that you find attractive and the colors that are your favorite.

Our orthodontic team at IVANOV Orthodontics offers amazing quality braces and other medical devices and services in the US. Our customer service is unrivaled and our prices are extremely affordable. Our braces are made of strong and top-quality materials in the United States.

We also have a variety of colors available for braces in the brace color wheel and you can pick and choose the colors that complement your style and flavor the best. We will help you in getting the best product for yourself and make sure that we take care of you and your dental health in the best possible way. So book an appointment and let us take care of you.

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