What is Teeth Overbite?

Severe teeth overbite in the most extreme cases can lead to a tooth loss.  It is accepted that normal overbite is 1 mm to 3 mm of overlap of upper and lower front teeth. If you have more than 3 mm of overbite, visit an orthodontist near your location for a consultation. The more time you ignore the severe overbite the more are the chances that the structure of the gums and the maxillary central incisor or upper front teeth is going to weaken and loosen up and potentially cause loss of tooth. Or you may injure by accident the tooth that is in overbite and fracture it that could lead to tooth loss as well.

Teeth overbite or simply overbite is a phenomenon where the upper front teeth extend outward over than lower front teeth instead of  slightly overlapping them. It is a very common problem everywhere. A lot of people have teeth overbite and there isn’t much to worry about if proper care and treatment are used for it to be corrected.

Today we will tell you about the reason for such a dental problem, how to treat it, and what could be the problems you might face if you don’t treat overbite.

Overbite is not considered a disease where your teeth in both jaws are misaligned or misshaped. It just refers to the vertical misshaping of the teeth. So it could be treated with proper care.

Causes of Overbite

There are many reasons for overbite to exist in human beings and these causes can be natural or due to our own actions. The following are some of the reasons overbite might occur.

  • Thumb Sucking
  • Genetics
  • Teeth Grinding
  • TMJ disorder

Thumb Sucking

From our childhoods, we develop some habits that are not good for the growth of our body and anatomy. One of these bad habits is called thumb sucking. When a child continuously sucks their thumb, what happens is that the upper teeth slowly due to slight pressure start to stick out a little bit with time, since child gums are still forming and growing. The force moves the upper teeth cover the lower teeth creating an overbite.

Even if afterward you stop sucking your thumb, or grow out of it, the damage that was done was enough to create dental problems and now severe actions must be taken.


Like many mental and anatomical disorders are genetic, sometimes a process as minute as overbite might also be passed on to children as a genetic trait. This genetic trait may cause the upper jaw to overlap the central teeth over the central teeth of the lower jaw, and it can cause a lot of health problems like permanent teeth damage for people if not given proper care.

Teeth Grinding

Another extremely bad habit that some people have is to grind their teeth. It may be as a result of anxiety or stress. It may be a general habit. But it is completely and utterly harmful for the dental health of humans, regardless. Teeth grinding at the growing stages of the anatomy can cause overbites to occur. This would mean that crooked teeth will take place of normal teeth that you had, due to excessive grinding and make things difficult for you.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular Joint is the one that connects the jaws to the skull. However, if any kind of misplacement or disorder occurs in this joint, it can cause overbite in people. Sometimes TMJ Disorders are accompanied by severe muscle and teeth pain and discomfort.

Treatment for Overbite

Overbite has many treatments, some take a longer time than others, but all of them get the job done and get your teeth corrected into their original position. A couple of the treatments used around the world are listed below.

  • Braces
  • Surgery


Dental braces are very commonly used around the world to treat temporomandibular joint disorders and other kinds of dental problems. You might see a lot of kids nowadays wearing braces to correct their teeth. What braces do is that they slowly grip and tighten your teeth and jaws to bring them back into their default position as they should be. Important factors while choosing Dental braces is also to be noted in order to get your teeth corrected accurately.


When the damage or dental problem cannot be handled by measures like braces and others, surgery is a viable option. Jaw correction surgeries are very common nowadays to treat overbites and TMJ disorders as well. The one thing you need to worry about is finding the right oral surgeons could be a tricky job because of the trust factor and reliability on the skills of a dental surgeon are both very important, so make sure you do your research.

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Ignorance leads to Tooth Loss

Overbite as is, can cause severe speech problems, difficulty in speaking properly, muscle pains, and tooth pain. But these are the least of your worries. If the treatment isn’t offered too long, it can also lead to tooth loss. This could happen because of the contact between the lower central teeth and the upper back gums, which may lead to gum recession and damaged gums overtime might cause tooth loss.

The only solution to overbite is to tackle it where it stands and make sure that you take care of your teeth properly. If not taken care of, the teeth can undergo a lot of problems and finally lead to tooth loss, which is a major problem for all of us. Find teeth straightening doctor near you, preferably a reputable one.

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