How to fix an overbite?

Seventy percent of the dental problems are related to overbite in kids. It is such an alarming situation. Most of it is followed by the use of Invisalign braces or traditional braces. This new approach is very comfortable and is not obstructive. So, it helps in a number of significant cases. Seven in ten problems are related to overbite in dental issues. There is a lot of treatment available to correct overbite problem but first, take a look at the types of overbite.

Types of overbite

Generally, there are two types of overbite problem:

  1. Horizontal overbites:

Horizontal overbite is the first type of overbite and is very common unlike, its vertical counterpart. This is related to the teeth that came out in front of your upper teeth.

  1. Vertical overbites

It is the case when top teeth overlap the bottom teeth.

Even though both types are different but they have a lot in common among them. Both of them are caused due to dental or skeletal problems. Dental problem is related to the teeth overlaps the front jaw issue and skeletal overbites are related to the upper jaw problem.

How to fix an overbite fast?

Nowadays everyone wants a quick solution. People don’t have enough time to spend at the dentist office. How to fix an overbite? This is a common question asked by every teenager who wears braces. Whatever is the type of overbite it plays a huge impact on the treatment plan. Overbite can be hereditary but it can also develop with time. Tongue thrusting, nail biting, pacifier use or long thumb sucking can lead to these overbites. The developmental stage is where most of the growth takes place and if unhealthy habits are followed then problems arise. If for the one-time overbite problem develops it leads to a number of other diseases. Psychological issues related to subconsciousness can also result. You can read more in detail at the This provides you with all the dental assistance you need and will go down with you on some of the step’s pf your treatment plan. Reading articles on this site will make you more confident and relieved.

Following are some of the physical issues caused by the overbite problem:

  • Jaw pain

It is caused by the muscles and jaws which are strained. Jaw pain is very painful and a person can’t sleep at night or even couldn’t drink water. It’s better to see your dentist at the first available appointment.

  • Worn teeth

It leads to gum disease and cavities. If front teeth are highly damaged then this will lead to the overbite problem. If soft teeth damage from the below of the jaw it will penetrate the jaw.

How to fix an overbite naturally?

Now there are some of the treatment options which you can follow to solve this dental overbite problem:

Invisalign treatment:

Braces are always considered the traditional way of treatment and Invisalign is the new approach. This is the newest treatment option to correct overbite problem. It involves the use of aligners which are transparent and shift teeth to their accurate place. You have to wear these retainers for a minimum of 22 hours in a day and they change after every 2 weeks. In this way, new aligner retainers will move the teeth further to the right place. The duration of this treatment is from nine months to a year. Now the question comes whether this Invisalign treatment plan cures the tooth decay problem. The answer is yes. It works until you don’t have the severe form of overbite problem and then this Invisalign treatment will make a customized plan for you. It will move your jaws and will fix your teeth. It is a very simple method and is followed since centuries by all the dentist around the world.

In the arsenal option of the Invisalign treatment, a new feature of precision cuts is introduced. It introduces elastic bands into its treatment plan. The previously elastic band was the thing which was missing in the Invisalign treatment option for curing acute overbite problem. So, by attaching these elastic bands to the retainers will help problems related to overbite problems and issues. But still, with such advancements Invisalign treatment is unable to treat severe problems. So alternative procedures are adopted which are very invasive.

Alternative treatments

Now the people whose overbite problem cannot be solved with the Invisalign treatment will be solved with alternative options. This has a good and bad news. Good news is that alternate solutions are present other than Invisalign for curing Tooth decay and bad news is that you are no longer a candidate for Invisalign treatment.

Braces to fix overbite:

A very common treatment is the use of braces. It is commonly a two-stage process. Stage one involves the attachment of metal brackets to your teeth. Then these metal brackets are attached to the wires. It is done to straighten and align your teeth. Once the alignment is done now the dentist will focus on solving overbite problem. Stage two involves the addition of springs and coils or rubber bands to your braces so that slowly your jawline shifts to its right place.


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How to fix an overbite without braces?

Many patients first ask their dentists that how long does it take to fix an overbite? So, this entire treatment can take from six months to two years. The time duration of the treatment plan depends on the age of the patient and the intensity of the overbite problem. If you start taking the treatment at an early age then in six months your overbite is gone but in late age the time duration is extended. The disadvantage of braces is that they make hygiene difficult unlike Invisalign which can be removed. For brushing and flossing you can easily remove them. Then there are certain eating restrictions while you are wearing braces. There are not any kind of restrictions while using Invisalign. These braces work in the same manner as metal braces except their baskets match with the colour of your teeth. It means they are clear. And another negative point is that you have to pay more for the braces treatment as compared to the Invisalign one. So, it all depends on your money and the conditions.

Tooth Extractions

It is basically a surgical procedure but not at all any serious surgery. It makes the braces procedure easy for your dentist. So you don’t have to worry at all and just believe in the good results. To shift your teeth to an exact place tooth extraction is needed. If you have overcrowded teeth set then to make extra room for movement of teeth tooth extraction is needed. It is a small kind of surgery. After the extraction dentist uses the normal braces to shift and align your teeth.

How long does it take to fix an overbite?

It depends on the procedure you followed and the intensity of the overbite problem. Everyone has a different range of pain and according to it your dentist decides what is best for you. So, you don’t have to worry. You just need to find a good doctor who can save your life and teeth at the same time.

Secondly and the main important thing is your dental health. If you take good care of your teeth and brush them regularly then you will get healed a pretty less time but the care is the number one key. Never ever forget it. Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day with a good toothpaste if you are having an overbite problem. Trust me the swelling and pain will go away within no time.

How much does it cost to fix an overbite?

Fixing an overbite problem is not always very expensive. It depends on the treatment plan you are following and the dentist you are going to for your treatment. Before paying any dentist make sure that you are paying for exactly what you are having. Sometimes even the dentist doesn’t provide you with the best treatment you deserve.

How to fix an overbite without braces at home?

Not everyone wants braces. Kids hate them as it destroys their overall look. They don’t look good in them. And adults hate them as they cannot eat what they want with braces. Braces are also an investment that people need to plan for. If you want to fix your overbite problem by just sitting at the home, that will not be possible. Here are some remedies to temporary relieve discomfort:

  1. Use ice. Ice has some healing power and it makes the pain less of overbite problem.
  2. Toothpaste is another best solution. Always use good quality and an expensive toothpaste if you are having an overbite problem. Trust me this will save you a lot of money.
  3. Rest as much as you can. Stay away from spicy foods. In this way, you can treat overbite at home.
  4. This is a basic step. Drink one liter of water at least every day. I will again mention at least. So, focus on this point.

How to fix an overbite in adults?

Adults are known as a person with over age of 40 years. Treating them is a really difficult task. As they are in such an age where braces and other effective treatments will not work. So sadly, there is only one last option. We do surgery where overbite is very severe. This is an accurate answer to your question of how to fix an overbite with surgery? So, most of the adults are treated with the surgery if they want perfection. It’s not a very long surgery and you don’t have to worry at all. It takes almost one hour and then your problem is gone. You don’t need to worry and just relax. How to fix an overbite after braces? Sometimes when you remove your braces due to the metallic wires you feel overbite problem. But its not permanent and it goes away with time. In this period, you only have to take rest and drink extra water. This will go away on its own. This should answer your question how to fix an overbite with surgery.

How to fix an overbite at home?

YouTube is the best thing to spend your time and find all the relevant answers. So, I suggest you surf time on YouTube if you have still any doubts. It will give you every answer. I hope this article has helped you out somehow in the overbite problem and why it happens after braces.

You need to keep in mind that it is only some of the online data. Every person has a different set of medical conditions and he has to go to a dentist for a check up. Never skip your routine check ups of dentists after reading an article on the internet.

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