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A lot of individuals may be of the mistaken notion that visiting an orthodontist for their kids’ teeth is a waste of time and effort as the adult teeth have not come in yet. The fact of the matter is your pediatric dentist will be able to assist your child and help protect your children’s teeth sooner than you may think. Early intervention with pediatric dentistry is important facet in your family’s oral health.

Too often by the time parents or guardians notice a problem it is already far along and more severe and because of this, less invasive procedures are now off the table and your child may require more intense orthodontic treatments. Just as you buy insurance to help protect your family in case of any issues, so, too, should you view seeking orthodontic care for your children and teens. So what are some of the primary reasons to visit your pediatric orthodontist?

Why a Pediatric Dentist Orthodontist Near Me?

One of the big things that many parents can miss is that simply having a good smile is not necessarily indicative of good oral health. The truth of the matter is that your pediatric orthodontist will examine deeper than just checking to make sure your kid has straight teeth. Straight teeth at a young age does not necessarily mean that all is well as x-rays will show what is likely to happen when the adult teeth come in which can potentially lead to overcrowding and the need for metal braces. By identifying these types of things early, less invasive treatment plans may be required.

With this unique glimpse into your child’s oral future brought to you through dentistry orthodontics, your pediatric dentist will help be able to identify problems many years before they occur. Looking at the placement of teeth, where the adult teeth are likely to come in, and the shape and growth of the jaw can all give you a roadmap to your child’s future health and give you a heads up for any potential concerns that are far easier to correct with early intervention. So what you should be asking yourself is “Where can I find a pediatric dentist orthodontist near me?”

Finding Best Pediatric Orthodontist Near Me

Finding the best pediatric dentist orthodontist near me can sometimes feel like a hassle as you don’t necessarily know the important things to look for. However there are a few telltale signs that the best pediatric orthodontist near me is actually a qualified individual. One of the more important aspects in this regard is how versed they are on current orthodontic care, treatment plans, and techniques. The field of pediatric orthodontics has advanced rapidly in the last few decades and there are many new treatment options, oftentimes less invasive than previous kinds. Some of the best orthodontists in the country today are a part of the American Association of Orthodontists. Simply exploring the credibility, the history, and some customer reviews as well as doing some initial research on the field will help you to know whether your pediatric orthodontist is well-versed in the most up-to-date medical texts available.

Also, take advantage of any free initial consultations that are offered. You get a first-hand look at how the office works, what kinds of treatments are available, and how the office staff will treat you.

Oral Care with Pediatric Orthodontist Near Me

In addition to the ever present thought of where to find a pediatric orthodontist near me, another potential idea that often gets overlooked by parents is the assumption that just because their kids have crooked teeth there is nothing particularly to worry about as their adult teeth have not come in yet. This however is a big assumption and one that is not as simple as as it would seem. Crooked teeth in developing children and teens can potentially have consequences for overall oral health and for the adult teeth. Crooked teeth are far harder to brush adequately, and more difficult to floss. These two difficulties often lead to tooth decay and cavities.

There is even a potential issue with crooked teeth grinding against the adult teeth leading to long-term problems with the adult teeth even though the problem is caused by misaligned children’s teeth. These can cause long-term issues and may require more invasive procedures like tooth extractions and oral surgery. However, with a simple treatment plan like Invisalign, metal braces, retainers, or other options you can not only ensure the good oral health of your child or teen now but also help protect their smile and health years into the future by ensuring the best environment for the adult teeth to grow into.

The last thing any parent or child wants is for the adult teeth to develop cavities or tooth decay because of improper alignment in childhood or youth. Visiting your pediatric orthodontist sooner can allow for the kind of early intervention that makes more intensive treatments far less necessary. In addition to that, early intervention is significantly more cost-effective than dealing with problems once they are well advanced.

When to See Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontist Near Me

Maybe you think you don’t need to know where a good pediatric dentist and orthodontist near me is. Maybe like many individuals you wonder when is a good time to start bringing in your child to see the dentist? Most experts agree that the single best time to begin visiting the best pediatric orthodontist is about when your child is seven years old. Seven years old may seem quite young but it is actually an incredibly important and formative time in the oral health of your child. By this period the adult teeth are poised to begin coming in which makes this juncture critical for giving that insight picture.

This can also be an important time to notice some small minor issues that could grow into bigger ones such as prolonged thumb sucking, trouble chewing, finger sucking, or other oral issues. Things like this can be the signs of minor trouble on the horizon. By age seven these particular childhood behaviors ought to have abated. If they are still continuing it can be a symptom of an oral problem. In addition to that these particular behaviors can also lead to exacerbation of the condition which potentially may mean braces or more orthodontic intervention in the future.

Another thing that people don’t realize is that children’s teeth are an important foundation for future adult teeth. The children’s teeth are often in the same positions that the adult teeth will grow into and so by checking the growth of the job position, as well as the x-rays of the adult teeth you will have a good idea of the kind dental future your kids will need. At this early age as the teeth come in, far less invasive measures can be taken to help adjust things. These include such devices as spacers or retainers. They are far more effective at younger ages than they are once the problems have already been noticed.


Amazing experience! I’ve had my braces for 6 month now and I’m impressed of how much my teeth have changed. No pain at all. Dr. Ivanov is such a sweet person and very professional, he knows what he’s doing and always cares for patients personal concerns. Highly recommended!

Tula Garcia

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. When I first got my braces I was scared it was going to last 4yrs for my teeth to look better but it only lasted 2yrs and the results are beyond amazing. I’m really happy with everything and would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Martinez

Very good experience. The attention was great. The doctor is very punctual and they don’t make you wait, which for my busy schedule is super important. Also, the time the doctor told me I had to wear the braces was the exact time I needed and I was very happy with the results. Definitely recommend him.

Laura Jimenez

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. He was very understanding and took the time to explain, every step of the process for my daughters braces. I am proud to say with great care her braces were finally removed and the end result is the beautiful smile she now has. Thank you

Christina Jenkins

Ivan and his staff made my experience a smooth and convenient process. I am absolutely delighted and satisfied with the progress and how far my teeth has come. Ivan and his staff works effortlessly to ensure that my teeth are perfected beyond my expectations. If I had any other choice I would still choose Ivanov Orthodontic experts.

Joshua Xavier

My family and I are so happy with the results of Dr. Ivanov!!! So knowledgeable, kind and always available to answer questions. I am so happy we found him and his staff. I am looking forward to addressing my dental needs now that the family is on track!!! How many can say that about their dental experts. Way to go Dr. Ivanov!!!

James C. Murphy

He is awesome. You will start seeing changes quick in your smile. He shows passion in his work, he cares about you and your smiles. The office is very nice and great customer service. You will be in good hands if you choose to go with him.

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What to Expect at Orthodontist Pediatric Near Me

As alluded to earlier, one of the major reasons why early intervention is important is to help manage any potential costs associated with your children’s treatment and oral health. Finding an orthodontic pediatric near me is only the first step of cost savings although it is an important one. When you’re looking for the best pediatric dentist it is important to consider the distance traveled. There may be a high-quality dentist across town and they might even be more affordable than one closer by but if you have to spend an hour in traffic each way in addition to the cost of gas it might not pay. It is important to calculate these costs as well since you may find that the slightly more expensive dentist nearby is actually cheaper when you have factored in all that is involved.

Another reason why early treatment and intervention can save money is by getting those early X-rays of your child’s mouth. They can show the positioning of the adult teeth and any possible issues in the making. During your initial visit you’ll often be have X-rays taken and even molds of the mouth. These tooth molds are an excellent way of allowing your pediatric dentist to examine the shape, positioning, and the growth patterns of your child’s teeth. This can allow them to create a more informed treatment plan or even to determine if a treatment plan is necessary at all.

At this early stage you may well find that there is nothing of concern either in your children’s current or potentially early future. The only way you can be certain of this is to visit a pediatric dentist and if there is a problem you will have significantly more options as well as significantly cheaper treatment options by having early intervention. Oral surgery for a teenager is significantly more expensive than a retainer for a seven year old.

In addition to those savings, early information through early intervention will also allow you to begin making monetary plans for any treatments that may be required. Many pediatric dentists even assist in developing payment plans for those who cannot afford or do not wish to pay the entire amount all at once. These payment plans are another great way of helping protect your family’s finances during this period as well as protecting your children’s smile.

Self-esteem with Pediatric Orthodontist

Of course in addition to money saved and health maintained, there is always the underlying aspect of how early intervention can help your child to feel better. Problems that grow and develop not only are more expensive and involved but will also be significantly less comfortable for your child than earlier, simpler treatments. Even installing metal braces by your pediatric orthodontist is far easier and more effective on children’s mouths then when they get older. This is because the jaw is still growing significantly at young ages and children’s braces have advanced a lot, especially in the realms of comfort. This means that while your child is getting ahead of any potential problems they’re also able to do so in greater comfort than ever before.

It is far easier for a younger child to manage braces than it is for more self-conscious teens. By their teenage years, a lot of the adult teeth have already come in and problems can be more difficult and more time-consuming to resolve. So by working on them sooner with your children you can help preserve the dignity of your older kids and teenagers.

Not only that but by getting these dental issues out of the way at a young age, it allows your children’s older years and teenage years to be more enjoyable especially as they are often more self-conscious at this age. By dealing with any potential issues sooner you not only save money but can also help raise the self-esteem of your children or teens. Seeing your pediatric dentist is not only good for your kid’s oral health but also for their personal feelings of self-worth.


It should be readily apparent how important it is to engage in proper oral health and treatment plans as soon as possible. Dealing with problems sooner can help save money, cause less pain to your children, be faster and more effective, as well as be less invasive. Finding the best pediatric orthodontist does not need to be difficult. Simply by exploring online, checking reviews, and setting an appointment to discuss your family’s needs, budget, and goals you can start finding the best orthodontist for you. Other factors include looking at their credentialing which can also give you significant insight into whether this is the dentist or orthodontist that you would like to have.

It is so important to find a pediatric dentist near you who will be able to help engage with you, help give you a glimpse into your children’s oral health and future, as well as provide you that personal peace of mind that you have thought ahead enough to concern yourself with your children’s future health and happiness. Ivanov Orthodontics is a renowned orthodontic clinic that offers highly rated pediatric orthodontic care. Book an appointment now with the best pediatric orthodontist near you.

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