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Using a Twin Block Appliance

When you need to wear a brace there will be a lot of different ones that can be fitted. If you need to have upper and lower teeth straightened at the same time, you can be fitted with a Twin Block Appliance. Once it has been fitted there are bound to be questions you want to have answered.

First Few Days

It is likely that you will want to wear the twin block appliance as little as possible, but it is important that you follow instructions. If you follow the orthodontists’ instructions you will soon see an improvement in the placement of the teeth. There also could be problems with pain, but this normally only lasts for a few days. Painkillers will help and most of the time, over the counter medication will be enough. If it lasts longer and is a specific area that is being affected, you will need to return to the orthodontist and have it re-positioned. Don’t remove it, or you will have to go through the first couple of days again as well. It is likely that you will not sound like yourself for a while and you need to learn to speak with the twin block appliance in place. Within a few days you will sound just like you did before.

Eating with Twin Block Appliance

There is a chance that you will be allowed to take the appliance out when having a meal, but make sure that it is well looked after until appliance is placed back in the mouth. There will be a number of things that you cannot eat when wearing a twin block appliance and this will be things such as toffee, chocolate, and anything that has a lot of sugar in it – this also applies to drinks. Clean your teeth as often as you can and remove the appliance and clean it at the same time. As you will be wearing the twin block appliance for up to a year you should follow instructions to prevent extending the time needed.

When it comes to appointments, your orthodontist will advise you.

How Does Twin Block Appliance Help?

Children can damage the look of their teeth if they have severe overjet. If they have excessive overjet, they could require a twin block appliance. There are various color types of removable twin block appliance. Twin block appliance when worn correctly will help to reduce overjet and improve position of upper and lower teeth. If jaw narrowness is an issue, that can also be treated with a similar sort of appliance but with addition of expansion screw.

Getting the Twin Block Appliance

X-rays and impressions will be taken before the implemented is specially designed for the child’s mouth. Regular appointments will be made over a few months, so the child can be monitored. There may be slight pain to begin with and issues sleeping. Eating will be fine after a day or two and as with adults; toffee, sweets and fizzy drinks should be avoided.

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