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Types and How to Fix Overbite – Methods for Treatment – Dental Clinic in Aventura – North Miami

Overbite can be far more than just an uncomfortable situation – it can often be embarrassing, lead individuals to become self-conscious, and can also lead to a host of other dental issues. Although the cause is usually the same, depending on the severity there are a number of options available to you that require the right doctors and the right treatment plan. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to helping remedy an overbite but fortunately in the modern day there are a myriad of solutions available. Here are some of the causes of overbite as well as some of the best treatments available on the market today.

How to fix overbite after braces

There are two types of overbite – there is vertical overbite and horizontal overbite. Horizontal overbites are caused when the upper teeth are significantly forward set from the lower teeth and overlap the bottom teeth. Vertical overbites are the reverse where the lower teeth are out significantly further than the upper teeth. Both of these are types of overbites and although the condition is generally genetic there are many things which can exacerbate it.

Some of the most common can include thumb sucking, biting your nails, and even allowing infants to suck on pacifiers. However, although these things exacerbate them, the primary way overbites form is simply genetics. Having horizontal overbites or vertical overbites can lead to significant dental issues. In addition to pure aesthetics there can also be the potential of tooth decay as the teeth do not sit correctly on each other and can instead grind away the enamel. This can lead to significant problems and is an important reason why treating overbite is far better done sooner rather than later. Overbites that are left for too long can lead to other dental issues such as tooth extractions and potentially jaw surgery.

Like with most medical conditions, working on it sooner is far better than delaying it. This is especially important because the sooner you begin to work on your dental overbite you will have better treatment options and different treatment plans than you would if the condition has been long-standing and exacerbated.

One important thing to note is that overbite can be fixed independently and after you have your braces off, although braces can be used to assist in fixing minor overbite. This is because braces assist in straightening the teeth whereas overbite treatment is more about correcting when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth or vice versa.

Does Smile Direct Club fix overbites?

Smile Direct Club can definitely assist in helping you with your overbite. Everybody prefers to skip tooth extractions, jaw surgery, or metal brackets as a part of their overbite treatment. Because of this there are now many less invasive treatment options for dental overbite. Finding the right treatment plan means coming in and having a professional orthodontist assess your individual needs. Speaking with an orthodontist is not only going to help make a customized treatment plan for your overbite but will also be helpful in finding the least invasive way of treating an overbite. When it comes to oral health, less is more and the sooner you can get an appointment the easier the treatments may be.

Getting in sooner is key as overbites can continue to get worse with time and can also lead to more problems associated with the overbite such as tooth decay. Tooth decay can occur in overbite cases where due to the teeth not seating against each other correctly, they are wearing away the enamel and exposing your sensitive teeth to cavities and other problems. Having to have a tooth extraction can be an unwelcome turn in your treatment plan and is one that may be better avoided by seeking early consultation.

Not all overbites are as serious as that though. Some overbites may be fairly tame and not likely to cause long-term harm; however, the only way to know for sure is to discuss it with your doctor and have their professional medical opinion about whether your overbite is just an aesthetic fix or a necessary treatment for your oral health.

Can you fix overbite with Invisalign?

Fixing an overbite with Invisalign will partly depend on the kind of overbite. Just as there are vertical and horizontal types, there are two leading causes of overbites. One is known as dental overbite and the other one can be from the jaw known as skeletal overbite. Dental overbite is what happens when your overbite, whether the upper teeth or lower teeth, are the problem. This can often happen when teeth are not seated correctly either because of a pre-existing genetic condition or because of failure to remove wisdom teeth which can lead to overcrowding in the mouth. As your teeth push forward to try and make space for themselves this can lead to a dental overbite condition.

Dental overbites can potentially be treated with Invisalign which can be used to correct the overbite. Depending on the recommendation of your doctor, Invisalign may be an excellent choice for treating this type of dental overbite. However, the other kind of overbite, skeletal overbite, is caused when the overbite is the result of the bones in your jaw whether your upper jaw or lower jaw are too long or too short leading to the overbite issue. In cases like this it is far less likely that Invisalign will be able to assist in treatment as the issue is not with the teeth itself but with the placement of the jaw. In these cases it can sometimes require jaw surgery but there are less invasive methods to begin with and not every skeletal overbite will require invasive surgery.

Will Smile Direct fix an overbite?

Yes, Smile Direct will fix your overbite but determining the kind of overbite, the severity of it and understanding its causes and likely outcomes are all important factors before treatment can ever begin. Learn a bit about your family’s previous dental history along with any potential exacerbating habits you may have picked up. These are all important things to consider during the consultation phase. The more information you are able to give your orthodontist, the more knowledge he has on how to correctly treat your overbite using the least invasive and most effective methods available. Nobody wants unnecessary treatments, especially when those can become very expensive. Learning more about your own overbite as well as exploring treatment options with your orthodontist is a great way to keep you in command of the situation and make sure you have all the facts required to produce your ideal treatment plan.

Braces to fix overbite cost – Dental Clinic in Aventura

Metal braces are a very common treatment style for overbite. Braces are when metal brackets are affixed to the teeth and are connected to each other with a wire in such a way that it helps to shift the teeth back into place slowly over time. With each treatment, your doctor can tighten the braces to continually remove slack, slowly correct the overbite, and your smile will look beautiful. Although this is by-and-large still the most common treatment method both for crooked teeth and for some kinds of overbite, one of its drawbacks is the cost. Regular dental visits as well as robustness of the appliance can make this a particularly inexpensive orthodontic procedure.

The cost will partly depend on how long it takes to achieve the desired results. Sometimes individuals may keep their braces for as few as a few months whereas other times the total process can take years. Of course the longer it takes, the more cost will be involved but generally speaking most braces will fall right around $3,000 to $6,000 although depending on the severity, the amount of treatments required, and other factors they can be as cheap as $2,000 for the treatment or well over $10,000.

How do you fix an overbite with Invisalign?

Invisalign works very similarly to braces and depending on your exact situation may be more comfort effective or cost-effective than metal braces. Invisalign are transparent retainers put over the teeth. They are hard and rigid and are designed to help shift the teeth into place just the same way braces do but without the bands and continual tightening. This particular treatment does require an individual to wear the Invisalign retainer nearly continuously, requiring 22 hours a day or more in many cases.

For teens this may be more difficult as their desire to remove the Invisalign could significantly stymie a successful treatment. During the process, the teeth are slowly shifted into place and every two weeks the old Invisalign is replaced with a new one to continually be placing pressure on the teeth to shift them into place. Like with most slow shifting dental treatments, though, it can take a long time – anywhere from several months to up to a year.

It is not the ideal way of treating significant overbites. Invisalign is far more effective at treating small overbites whereas significant or serious overbites may require more intense treatment options.

Can fast braces fix overbite?

The big question anybody with an overbite wonders is how to fix an overbite? One common question then is can fast braces fix overbite? Fast braces potentially can fix overbite depending on its cause and severity. A skeletal overbite is not likely able to be fixed with braces of any kind regardless of whether they are fast or not. In this case, the answer to can fast braces fix an overbite would be no as the problem is not in the teeth but in the jaw. If it is a dental overbite, though, fast braces can potentially assist and might be a better treatment option depending on your individual needs.

Fast braces work by a different principle than traditional braces do. Traditional braces are a two-stage solution usually starting by helping to shift the crown of the tooth. Fast braces on the other hand seek to achieve tooth straightening by turning the roots. This allows roots and crown to be straightened at the same time which can cut treatment time significantly depending on the individual. If your overbite is the result of teeth being misaligned then your dental overbite can potentially be treated with fast braces if it is not severe. Severe dental overbites, those caused by too many teeth or poor tooth positioning may require a tooth extraction which will allow space for your braces or Invisalign to work.

This can often be true of individuals who are either born with more teeth than usual or who failed to get their wisdom teeth removed leading to a dental overbite. Whatever the case may be, fast braces can be a potential treatment option depending on your individual needs and your individual treatment plan.

Like with all the previous ones, it will really depend on what you and your orthodontist determine to be the least invasive and most effective way of treating your overbite. If your overbite is not severe there may even be an opportunity to discuss with your orthodontist how to fix an overbite naturally. Not every overbite treatment need be invasive but each one should be custom made for you to ensure that you get the best treatment available for your individual situation.

Types and How to Fix Overbite – Methods for Treatment

Regardless of the types of overbite, treating an overbite is essential. Treating it quickly can help protect against tooth decay, the need for invasive procedures like tooth extractions and potentially can also significantly shorten your treatment time. By coming in sooner you can have a wider variety of treatment options for your skeletal overbite or dental overbite. Finding out what kind of overbite you have is a great first step for your future treatment plan and can help ensure that you don’t end up paying more or causing more through delay. Whether it’s with Invisalign, braces, or fast braces, one thing is for certain, taking care of your teeth is an important part not only for your personal aesthetics but for your long-term health, happiness, and self-satisfaction. So find out how you can get the smile you have always dreamed of today. Book an appointment now with a renowned orthodontic clinic, Ivanov Orthodontics, to fix overbite near you.



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