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What color braces should I get?

It does not matter if you are an adult or a child, once you have made the decision to have braces fitted; you need to decide what time you are going to have. It is more than likely that it will take a couple of years for your teeth to become straight, so you have to decide how you want to play this. Do you want to hide the fact and try to wear braces that cannot be seen, or do you want to embrace the experience and show your braces off? Ask yourself “What color braces should I get?” Whatever you decide, there will be plenty of options, and there will be an orthodontist who can help you. Normally your own dentist will start the procedure and can recommend a good orthodontist. After that, the orthodontist will carry on and do the work – from the first check up until you leave the office with retainers, signaling that your teeth are in the position they need to be in.

Hide Your Braces

If you don’t want others to know that you have braces, then Invisalign will be the ones to go for. They are clear and will be hard to see. Anyone looking closely will be able to tell, but in a normal day to day setting, it should not be obvious. The process to have them fitted is the same as for all types of braces and should be explained to you before you start.  Invisalign braces will be ideal if you don’t want them to be seen. They are clear, so often it is just your own teeth that will be seen through them. There is another advantage to them and this is when it comes to eating. Unlike a lot of braces, these can be taken out for a short period of time.

You are expected to have them in place for 22 hours a day but can get away with a little less if there is a special occasion and you want to be braces free. As well as making it easier to eat, it will also mean that you can clean the braces properly. You won’t have to put up with that hard to remove piece of food anymore. You will also be cutting down the number of visits you need to make to the orthodontist, as they will provide you with a few braces at a time. At a specified time, you will be able to change them over and start the next phase of the improvement. Don’t forget to get a case and make sure the braces are kept in it when they are not in your mouth.

The Alternatives

If you are going to go for braces, why not go all out and have brightly colored ones? It is not likely that you are going to be the only person you know with them, so there is no need to try to hide the fact. The easiest way to do this will be to speak to the orthodontist and see what they can offer. You should find out how they are made – what happens to get them to the color – and what colors should you consider. Before choosing to ask “What color braces should I get?”

Getting the color

Steel braces will be the ones that you can most jazz up and add color to. The wires and brackets will not be colored, so they will stay the same silver color that all braces have. The small elastic bands that are attached to them are the items that are going to brighten up your smile. It is these pieces of elastic that the orthodontist is going to change every month or so, so you have a couple of options here. If you find a color you are happy with, they you can stick with that one every time you visit.  If, however you change your mind, there can be different ones put in place every time you have an appointment. Ask the orthodontist if they have the facility to show you a representation of what the bands will look like when you have them on. Normally you will be able to do this at home, so family and friends can be part of the decision as well.

Choosing the color – “what color braces should I get?”

Although 18 months to 2 years is not a lot of time in the whole scheme of things, it can seem like a long time when you are wearing braces that you are not happy with. Therefore, it is not that important to get what you want first time as you know that you can change if you no longer like what you chose. If you smile a bright color, it is likely that the person you smile at will feel cheerful and smile back. You really are making the most of what could be a boring and tedious experience.


Although you will have reasons for choosing the colors you do, it will be best of you take a bit of advice about colors that it will be best to avoid. Color ties best to avoid when getting braces:

  • Clear – stains very fast
  • Yellow – could look like teeth are not cleaned recently
  • Green – could look like some food is stuck in between the teeth


More conservative color ties are available and they are black, gray, and silver. They are not as interesting as the others but will be an improvement on what others have and will maintain their color over the next few weeks. It may seem easy enough to decide what you want, but there are a few things to take into consideration and you should discuss the options with the orthodontist. They will tell you what to look out for. Firstly, the colors on the screen may not be as dark when they are made into braces. The things you should consider when deciding “What color braces should I get?” include:

  • Bronze skin – if you have bronze skin tone, there are certain colors that will look outstanding. They are – pink, orange, green, violet or dark blue. They will bring out the color of your eyes as well.
  • Pale skin – if your skin is pale in tone, then it is going to be white, light blue, purple, bronze and pale red or pink that will look good.
  • If you select a dark shade, it is going to give your teeth a whiter look, but that does not mean you can cut back on looking after your teeth – the bands won’t be there forever.
  • A light shade may have the opposite effect and make them look yellow and not that well cared for.
  • Eyes – you need to take the color of your eyes into consideration, as some will make them look brilliant, but others could over power them.
  • Clothes – you can select a color to go with the color of the clothes you wear the most often.
  • Allegiance – you could show support for your school, college or favorite team by wearing their colors – it would be a great conversation starter – or stopper depending upon the allegiance of the other party.
  • Seasonal – as you can change, you could go for red and green at Christmas. For Halloween there will be glow in the dark bands. During the day it will be a clear band, then it lights up as it starts to get dark. This may not be for everyone, but lot of fun if you have like minded friends.


Avoiding colors is also important as there are some colors you may want that turn out to be a bad idea once you actual wear them. Examples of this will be:

  • Yellow – this could make it look like your teeth are neglected and not being cleaned correctly. It could also look as if there was food attached to the braces.
  • Clear/White – you may thing this will be a good choice and a cheaper way of not letting people know you have braces. The problem is that when they are very white, they can give your teeth a yellowish hue regardless of how clean and white they really are. There is also the risk of white bands losing their color and looking dirty.
  • Green/Brown can also make it look like there is food there or the teeth are not very clean.


It is possible that parents are not going to be happy with the choices their child has made when it comes to the colors they have chosen. It must be remembered that is it only going to be a short term adventure and it may be a way for them to cope with something that they are not happy about. They have to wear them, so it seems only fair that they have a little say in the outcome.


Depending on their age, it can be the first time that they have been allowed to make decisions in their life, so they are going to take it seriously.  They will be better equipped to say what will make them happy and what is more likely to get other children onside rather than make fun of them for wearing braces. By letting them do this, you can emphasize how grown up they are becoming and how they should now be able to do what it takes to keep their teeth in a great condition and keep the orthodontist happy. This is going to include:

  • Cleaning twice a day and making sure that they cover all areas of the teeth that can be reached. Don’t be too vigorous though as there could be a risk to the braces.
  • Flossing – this is just as important as it will dislodge any bits that were missed when brushing.
  • Mouthwash – the final step to removing food, this will wash away the last bits that were made loose through flossing. Consider the impact this may have on the color of the bands.
  • Diet – there are certain things that the dentist will advise them not to eat. This will be anything sticky or hard for all patients, and anything that has deep colors for those who have chosen light colored elastics.
  • Wearing a mouthguard for sports – this is going to be even more uncomfortable due to the braces being in place, but it is vital that one is worn. The result of injury, if one is not worn, is much worse than a little discomfort.
  • Attending the check-ups – it will be easy to tell the child that if they think they are old enough to make decisions about their teeth, then they are old enough to attend all their appointments without complaint.


Previously it has been mentioned that there are many colors to choose from and many different reasons for choosing them. In fact, it is possible to have more than one color so you really can have all the colors you like. It may be the case that girls love pink, but boys can like it as well. They can choose it alone, or as part of a bright and cheery combination with another color or colors. The same goes for girls and blue. They should not be put off because it is seen as a boys’ color but can match it with others – there is even the option for them to show their patriotism by sporting red, white and blue bands.


If three colors are not enough, then go for the full spectrum of the rainbow. It will only be possible to see 2 or 3 of each color, but they will be effective. The only thing you need to do is check that you can have this many colors as some surgeries will have a limit and it is going to be below 7.


Don’t worry if you look at the first selection you made and are not sure if it was the right choice, you will be able to change them the next time your brace is altered. There should not be an extra charge for colored bands, but it will be a good idea to check if they do, and if there will be any implications for your insurance if the colored ones will cost extra. When asking “What color braces should I get?”, only you know the answer.

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