Accelerated Orthodontics Explanation and Why is The Best Treatment for Adult Braces and Teeth Straightening.

If you want to receive the best treatment for you, then you need to visit an orthodontist who is well and truly up to date with the latest treatment. One of the main improvements of the last few years has been the shortening of the amount of time adults have to wear braces to acquire straight teeth. Getting braces can be a worrying time for an adult, and it will help if you know that you are not committing yourselves to years of wearing braces. The solution is accelerated orthodontics. It will leave you with the straightest teeth in the shortest time. The accelerated orthodontics is also known as the “Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics.”

What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

This is the process by which you could reduce the time you have to wear a brace. It is not painful, and it has been expected that it could cut down treatment times by up to 50% when compared to other affordable braces and dental restoration methods. There does have to be a little time and effort put into this every day, but it is well and truly worth it. Dental braces will still be worn, but it will be for much less time than other teeth straightening procedures will require.

Getting Treatment

There are not many dentists carrying out this kind of treatment and for that reason, it will be best to visit an orthodontist since they have more training in teeth straightening. Overcrowding is a major problem in many small mouths and as a result, the teeth can become very crooked. It will take a great deal of skill to carry out the procedure and there is the risk that the damage could become worse if things are not done correctly. Accelerated orthodontics is helpful in adults and children. There are certain times when your kid’s dentist may decide that this may not be the ideal procedure, and this tends to be when there is not enough room for the teeth to move into.

The treatment can be carried out in the orthodontist’s clinic and is classed as a minor procedure. There is only local anesthesia used and when carried out by professionals who have been fully trained in the procedure, there should be no more discomfort or pain that there would be if it was a general scaling taking place. A small amount of itching is nothing at all when you consider how good the result will be.

How It Works

In certain cases, the procedure may have to start with the extraction of a few teeth if there is a lot of overcrowding. The success of the treatment depends upon the ability of the bone to allow motion along the gums. After extraction, there are a few simple stages to follow:

  • The bone close to the affected teeth will be stimulated. As the bone begins to heal it will allow the braces to coerce the teeth to where they are required to be.
  • The bone is stimulated and grafts can be added. Further stimulation occurs and there is no risk that the tooth will be lost. Use of precise micro perforations or an ultrasonic piezo surgery touch means that there will be no damage to the surrounding tissue and there will be speedy healing.
  • Visits to the orthodontist must take place every couple of weeks to enable them to check that everything is going to plan.


Normal Braces

The main advantages of normal braces are that there is no need for special metal bands around your teeth to help pull the teeth into their required place, and this means that they will be less noticeable and are responsible for the reduction in time wearing braces. As there are ties, there will be colours for you to make it fun and less breaking-in time.

Braces are slimmer now and much more comfortable. They will be more comfortable for your mouth as older braces with metal bands are bigger and uncomfortable. The pressure stays the same as they will not loosen and will be periodically retightened. The cost is virtually the same as older braces and if you are lucky, your chosen orthodontist will have a payment plan available. The real difference is the time scale and as mentioned, the entire process can take less than 8 months.

Qualification for Treatment

There are a wide range of people who will be suitable candidates for accelerated orthodontics. Adults and children benefit from such a treatment. Dentistry for children will obviously entail a different way of working and some parts will vary from the process when an adult is the patient. There needs to be great care taken when the surgical part has been completed as a child may not know what to expect, and how to determine if there is something missing. If they are at least in their teens it will work. It is also a second chance for anyone who has found the results of conventional treatment was not successful. If you can get a free consultation, then everything will be discussed in full, and you will know exactly what the following 3 – 8 months will hold for you. An orthodontist and pediatric dentist that work together will be able to talk you through everything they will do, and what will be expected of you or your child.


It will not be any more expensive to undergo accelerated orthodontics than it would be to have teeth straightened the old-fashioned way. As there are several specialized carrying out the treatment the fee will reflect that. If you think that this is something you should have done, it will be worth looking for an insurance company that is going to fit the bill as not all are prepared to pay for this forward-looking procedure.

If you are unsure as to where to get braces for you or your children, there will be limited number of orthodontists advertising their services. A quick look at their website should tell you all that you need to know. Then it is a matter of making an appointment and setting out on the adventure that will improve both your and their smile and confidence.

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