What Makes Teeth Crooked, Why that Could Be and What Can Be Done?

What Makes Teeth Crooked? Crooked teeth can be found in children as young as 5 and in many occasions, they are crooked because of hereditary traits. This can be a cause and so can medical conditions such as poor jaw formation, but more detailed research has shown that there are a few additional factors why you could look for cheap braces. These are a mixture of habits that children pick up and issues beyond their control including:

  • Reverse swallowing
  • Mouth breathing – if this can be corrected, there may be an improvement in the look of the teeth.
  • Thumb sucking – by the time this is no longer a habit, it may be too late.
  • Asthma – as this is often a life long condition it cannot be changed, but with help there can be improvements.
  • Allergies

The correct name for this issue is malocclusion – or misaligned teeth, and as mentioned, they are caused by a wrongly placed or formed jaw. Due to this, there is not enough room for teeth to come through in the position they were supposed to be in.  Until the age of 12 this is not going to be dealt with as the teeth will still be growing. It is only once the adult teeth start to come through that the full picture can be seen. By now, the jaws will be fully formed as well, and it is time to start whatever course of corrective work the best orthodontist Aventura considers appropriate. It is not the case that their teeth are too big, but that the jaw is too small. As adult teeth are larger than baby teeth, the problem may only be fully noticed once they start to come through.

A Miami orthodontist is going to be much more interested in how to correct the problem than what actually caused it. The fact that the jaw is small is no cause for concern and it is only if there is infection or deformity that there will be a problem. The obvious way to create space is to remove the teeth and while it may seem tragic to remove healthy teeth, it is the most taken route.

When a child is given braces, the end result is being addressed but not the underlying problem. The teeth are going to be straightened, but unless there is some attention given to the reason why this is needed. For decades, a brace has been put onto the teeth and they are moved into the position they should be. This is still done, but the braces are very different to the ones that used to be used. There used to be people who were dissatisfied with the results once the braces Miami FL were off, and they included:

  • A relapse to the original condition. If the Coral braces are not worn for long enough, the teeth will revert to their original location. Achieving long term stability is the aim, but there are times when it will not be achieved. Some claim that there will be a 90%chance that certain types of braces will not be effective and could even leave the teeth in a worse condition than they were before any treatment started.
  • Damaged enamel – certain types of brace can leave the enamel in a less than perfect condition. As part of the brace will be attached to the tooth, there will be problems cleaning the teeth in decay can occur. Even if there is not a lot of decay, there could be chips in the tooth when the brace is being removed.
  • Root damage – this can be the most serious one as there will be a lot of extra work needed to sort it out. The force of the metal on the tooth will slowly weaken the root.
  • Long term retainer – if it is just overnight it will not be too bad, but even that will be annoying on holidays or whenever away from home. Unless the cause of the teeth being crooked is dealt with, there does not seem to be another way to keep good results.

Adult Orthodontics

At one time, if you had not got perfectly straight teeth by the time you were a teenager, you had missed the boat, but more recently there have been treatments for adults. The AAO – American Association of Orthodontists – have found that 20% are over 21 years old. Some people still will not want to have braces as they will be so noticeable, but more recently there have been braces that cannot be seen. Sunny Isles Dental will be able to make recommendations for your treatment.

Invisalign are clear trays that are placed in the mouth, but not attached to the teeth in any way. They can be taken out, which is unusual for teeth straightening braces, and are much easier to clean. Although there will be visits to the dentist, you won’t have to go through a lot of painful treatment that involves having the braces tightened or altered. The tray you have been using will be discarded, and you will start using the new one. At each change of tray, the teeth will be encouraged to move a little closer to the place they are supposed to be.

That is not the only reason why adults have taken the plunge and they are:

  • The teeth are not fitting together properly, and it is beginning to affect them either visually or when trying to bite something.
  • There is not enough room in the mouth for all the adult teeth. They will look squashed and move out of line. In the worst-case scenario, it will be hard to eat, and you may find that the inside of the mouth is being bitten.
  • Jaw pain will occur when teeth are crooked and while pain killers will work for a while, it is not a good idea to take them for prolonged periods of time.
  • When the teeth are too close or too far apart, they are at risk of decay. The gums can be affected as well, and once this starts, there is the risk of losing the teeth altogether.
  • The smile they have at present is not what is required. As everyone sees our smiles, it is easy to lose confidence when we present one that is inferior to everyone else’s. Within a few months yours can be totally different and you will be flashing it to all and sundry.

Adult Treatment

The treatment for adults has progressed with their desire to look good while working towards looking better. There are many different types of braces, and depending upon your insurance, budget and plans your Aventura dentist offers, you can have:

  • Metal braces – for many these will be a last resort, but if there is no way you can afford others, then they will have to do. You will still have straight teeth at the end of the treatment, but you will have suffered a little to get there.
  • Invisalign braces – clear trays that will let you smile and eat your way through the treatment. Before you know it, you will be on the last tray and the last leg of the journey. These are classed as invisible line braces.
  • Ceramic braces – there are still the same structures as with a metal brace, but they are made of ceramics so cannot be seen. More recent developments have allowed the wires to be ceramic as well as the part that goes on the teeth.
  • Self-ligating braces – these are help in place with specially designed clips, so there is no need for the bands that are prevalent on other braces.
  • Lingual braces – again these will not be visible as they are placed behind the teeth. You will know you are wearing them but no one else will.

Adults vs. Children

When dealing with adults there will be less need for guesswork. An adults jaw will be fully formed so it will be easier to determine what to do and have a better idea of what the final results will be. Periodontal disease is another issue, as children will not have reached a stage where this will be a problem. This condition causes the gums to recede and this can be because of gingivitis. When the teeth are straight this is less likely to occur, so it is an argument for having braces in place when you are young.

Teeth can be lost at any time, but most of times, adults will have lost more than a child will have. It could be through decay or accident, but once the tooth is missing, it will leave a gap that other teeth can move into. This can be a blessing or a hindrance as when there are too many teeth, extra space is required, but when there is too much space, the teeth can spread out and not be in the place they are supposed to be in. If treatment is started as a child, it should be completed, or it could come back to haunt you as an adult. If you want to be able to get braces cheap, you should shop around and see what each orthodontist has to offer.

Why Get Treatment Now You Are Older?

When you visit a dentist Biscayne Boulevard it is understood that you will have needs that are different to that of a child and the orthodontist will treat you accordingly. You will not be treated like a child, but you will still get a lot of support and care. If you start to have doubts, and wonder why you are putting yourself through this at your age, think about the reasons that brought you to us in the first place.

  • You will have wanted a bright and clean smile. Teeth are much easier to clean when they are straight and where they should be set in the gums. There are no nooks and crannies food and bacteria can hide in.
  • If you are happy and confident that you have good teeth you will want to show them off. Everyone wants to be around people who smile; so, if this is what you want, then you are on the right track.
  • Not having the work done can lead to greater problems. Teeth that suffer from decay will fall out and leave you with massive problems. Not only will the work be more extensive and possibly painful but will cost a lot more.

If you are still not sure whether to start the process, then speak to a few dentists and orthodontists. Tell them what your concerns are and see if they can give you information that will put your mind at rest. Having spoken to a few you will see that they all have the same opinion and that is to get the work done – unless there is a very good reason why you should not. Often this will be because you have unrealistic expectations and they are being realistic. Even if you say you are looking to go to somewhere other than them it will not change the advice.

When you are about to make an appointment, consider what is important to you. Are you available at all times or will you need to take time off work? Some people will be happy to go back to work after treatment, but you need to decide firstly if that is something you want to do, and secondly is it something you will be able to do. If you work alone and in silence it will be fine, but braces can take time getting used to. If you need to speak to customers, you may want to book a few days off, or arrange an appointment during your holidays.

Whatever you decide, just remember that you are never too old and if you want a little more time to think about it, then that is the thing to do. Once you are ready, please visit a qualified full-time orthodontist in your surrounding area.

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