Easy Tips to Use to Find the Top Orthodontist Near Me

The process of finding an orthodontist can seem intimidating. There are so many things to consider you might feel overwhelmed, but if you break it down logically, it’s actually pretty straight forward. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the main things you should consider so you can successfully find the top orthodontist near me.

What to look for in a top rated orthodontist near me

You typically think of teenagers or kids when you think about people who wear braces, but adults can have them, too. Perhaps you have gotten to a time in your life when you have enough time and money to have braces, but you feel like you can’t because they are for kids. Never fear! Many orthodontist offices work with adults and help them through the process – financially as well as actually wearing braces. As many as 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults, so you are not alone.

Your top orthodontist near me should be committed to your smile. Almost every orthodontist is in the business not for the money but for the chance to transform each person.

Pretty much all orthodontists will offer a free first visit so you can be seen, your teeth and bite can be examined, and your treatment plan discussed. If you don’t like what you have heard, you can always go to another place. Visiting multiple offices also gives you the ability to check out the office and see what the staff is like.

A top rated orthodontist will also be more than willing to help you with financing. They know that the cost of braces is high, but as part of that commitment to see you smile, they will do what they can to help you pay for your braces. If your child has insurance that helps cover them, your office will love to help you with the claims process. They should be willing to go over all of your payment options with you and make sure you understand everything completely before you leave the first time you visit. Some will even offer you a family payment plan or discount if you have several family members who all need braces at the same time.

What to look for in the orthodontist office

You should be able to ask your top orthodontist near me team any question you have. It can range from does your child need to have any other appliances besides braces like a palate expander or headgear to when can the payment be due every month? Your orthodontist’s office team should be able to get you the answer you need as soon as they can and do so happily.

Ask to see their before and after photos. You can think of orthodontists like artists – good ones love to show off their work. If you find an office that doesn’t it’s time to look for another office.

You should also look for orthodontists who have a lot of experience in dealing with all kinds of bite issues and patients the same age as either you or your children. It’s ok to specialize in pediatric orthodontics, and it may be something you look for if you want to find a specialist for your child. Look for their diplomas on the wall to see where they went to school and to be sure that your orthodontist has both a degree in dentistry as well as the extra training to be a top rated orthodontist near me. And, to specialize in pediatrics is another two to three years of schooling.

You might also see something about being “board certified”. This isn’t necessary in order to become an orthodontist, but it does mean that your orthodontist has received a little more training and is held to a certain standard in order to maintain that certification. A common certification is the American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO. Many orthodontists will go to continuing education classes every year so that they stay on top of new and modern techniques.

If you are thinking about getting clear aligners, look for someone who is certified in dealing with them as a form of treatment. You can look for a sign that says they are an Invisalign Preferred or Invisalign Elite provider. This means that they have a lot of experience with clear aligners and that they are very comfortable with how aligners work so if any questions need to be answered, they can do so confidently.

Everyone in the office should make you feel like you matter and that the staff really care about you. If you went in for an initial consultation, you should leave feeling like you have all of the information you need, and if you have any questions you should be able to ask them freely.

Is everyone professional as well as kind? Are they efficient without being brusque? Do they use the most current equipment and is the office clean and orderly? The answer to all of these should be yes. If not, it’s time to keep looking.

Does the top orthodontist near me offer some sort of guarantee that you will be happy with the final outcome? If so, and any additional work has to be done, did he or she go over whether there will be a charge for that or not, i.e. did your child lose their retainer and the teeth drift a little? Is that covered or is it a new charge?

Look for an office that is near to either home, work, or school – whichever is most convenient for you. You will be visiting it as many as 36 times over the course of the orthodontic treatment, so you want to make sure that it is accessible. Is there parking available either next to the office or very nearby? No one wants to feel like they need to go on an urban hike to get to the orthodontist.

Ask what kind of hours they have. Some orthodontists have evening or weekend appointments available so you don’t have to miss school or work to keep your appointment. Also, ask about emergencies – who to call, how much extra is the visit, etc. Sometimes things happen so it’s good to have a contingency plan.

How to check ratings for a top 10 orthodontist near me

There are a number of sites that you can check for ratings and reviews of any orthodontist you are considering. One of the major ones is Google, where the ratings are posted right next to the listing and you can scroll through comments. There is also a question and answer section so you can see what other people want to know – perhaps someone had the same question you did. Answers on Google are posted by other users, so you get a personal answer from someone who has been there.

Yelp also gives you ratings, but if you are trying to use it on a mobile device, you will need to download the app to read any comments. Some apps like Nextdoor are also good because people will give a reason why they like a certain place as well as who they recommend – or don’t recommend.

Facebook has a ratings and reviews area also. These are all sites that allow for reviews by people who are actual patients of the orthodontist and it gives you a good idea of what to expect.

Another place to find out what patients think of a particular orthodontist is to read the patient testimonials on the website. These are comments that people have made about their experience, and many times these comments are more about how the staff treat people. This is just as important as the technical skills of the orthodontist because you will be spending a lot of time with the staff as well. Wait – the orthodontist doesn’t have a website or even a Facebook page? That can be a red flag – if they aren’t using a technology that is very common, what else about their office is not up to date?

Some businesses will note that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Not being a member isn’t a bad thing, but the A+ rating from the BBB means that this is a business that takes customer service seriously and handles any issues promptly.

Then there is the old-fashioned word of mouth method. Ask your friends and family who they have had success with – or even ask your dentist. If he or she knows someone that they would send their own child to, you know they have to be a top orthodontist near me.


Amazing experience! I’ve had my braces for 6 month now and I’m impressed of how much my teeth have changed. No pain at all. Dr. Ivanov is such a sweet person and very professional, he knows what he’s doing and always cares for patients personal concerns. Highly recommended!

Tula Garcia

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. When I first got my braces I was scared it was going to last 4yrs for my teeth to look better but it only lasted 2yrs and the results are beyond amazing. I’m really happy with everything and would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Martinez

Very good experience. The attention was great. The doctor is very punctual and they don’t make you wait, which for my busy schedule is super important. Also, the time the doctor told me I had to wear the braces was the exact time I needed and I was very happy with the results. Definitely recommend him.

Laura Jimenez

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. He was very understanding and took the time to explain, every step of the process for my daughters braces. I am proud to say with great care her braces were finally removed and the end result is the beautiful smile she now has. Thank you

Christina Jenkins

Ivan and his staff made my experience a smooth and convenient process. I am absolutely delighted and satisfied with the progress and how far my teeth has come. Ivan and his staff works effortlessly to ensure that my teeth are perfected beyond my expectations. If I had any other choice I would still choose Ivanov Orthodontic experts.

Joshua Xavier

My family and I are so happy with the results of Dr. Ivanov!!! So knowledgeable, kind and always available to answer questions. I am so happy we found him and his staff. I am looking forward to addressing my dental needs now that the family is on track!!! How many can say that about their dental experts. Way to go Dr. Ivanov!!!

James C. Murphy

He is awesome. You will start seeing changes quick in your smile. He shows passion in his work, he cares about you and your smiles. The office is very nice and great customer service. You will be in good hands if you choose to go with him.

Ketty Platon

What will happen during orthodontic treatment

Pediatric orthodontists specialize in making sure kids understand what will happen during treatment and find ways to reduce any anxiety they feel about the process. A lot of kids get scared about going to the dentist or the orthodontist, and specialty doctors will know just what to do. Some orthodontists in Florida have learned about customer service from the company that sets the gold standard – Disney. They will do their very best to provide great service and keep your kids happy and comfortable with the process. Many will have special areas in the office to keep kids entertained, and the office itself is colorful and friendly – perfect for kids!

You will have several visits to the orthodontist over the next few years for adjustments to the wires or to get new clear aligners. Each visit will mean that the teeth move just a little bit more, until they get set into their final place. Your top 10 orthodontist near me will not just check to see that the teeth are in place, but also that the jaws are in alignment and that the face looks balanced, too.

When the orthodontic treatment is all done, you will likely have a retainer to wear for a few months or a few years to help the teeth lock in to their final position properly. Some people, particularly adults, may need to wear a retainer at night for the rest of their lives just to keep the teeth from becoming improperly positioned.

Why a good smile matters

You might think that having braces is just for vanity or that they are not really necessary. Aside from addressing the bite issues that braces correct, there is a mental well-being aspect that a great smile brings, too. Did you know that smiling actually releases endorphins? It’s true! A smile can release those happy hormones and actually give you some physical benefits as well. You can feel your stress level go down and also change your mood. Smiling means you might have a better outlook on life in general.

Also, a smile reduces how much pain you feel. Those same endorphins are what gives runners that “runners’ high”. Did you know that if you smile, you will actually see the world around you a little differently? A study done in England had people smile before looking at pictures of people and they actually found that the study subjects felt like the people in the photos were also smiling, even if they just had a neutral expression on their faces.

A great smile helps others around you feel like you are more approachable and it also helps with that all important first impression. Got a big job interview or perhaps you have to make an important presentation? Greet your colleagues with a smile and everyone will feel better about the situation. See, a great smile can brighten up the world all around you.

Summing it up

Finding the top orthodontist near me is an important step in making sure you get great dental care. We have given you some of the best questions to ask and things to look for in the office. Ultimately what it comes down to is finding a place where you feel comfortable and so does your family. In the end, you will have a great smile and it will all be so worth it!

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