How to Stop Bleeding Gums, What Can Cause Bleeding Gums, and Prevention.

Often it is easy to pay a great deal of attention to your teeth while at the same time, neglecting the gums. Gums cover your jawbone, and any damage done to them can be a problem. They are full of blood vessels, so any issues and there will be a lot of mess to clean up. You will soon know if something has gone wrong if your gums have become swollen and you find bleeding gums as well. There will be a bulge just above or below your teeth, and it will begin at the point that your teeth enter the gums. There have been cases when they have become so swollen that they have covered part of the tooth. So how to stop bleeding gums? Don’t wait until you are too swollen to see your local orthodontist. For example if you live in Aventura, FL, you want to search for Aventura Orthodontist. He will do an exam to see if the swollen and bleeding gums are due to crowding or abnormal teeth position making them very difficult to clean and causing swollen and bleeding gums. He may recommend teeth cleaning or other longevity oriented procedure such as Invisalign braces or dental braces.

Swollen gums can cause additional problems, as it will be hard to clean the teeth, when you can’t see what you are supposed to be cleaning. At this stage they will be red rather than pink, so you will have a second indicator that something is wrong. The technical name for this condition is gingival, and it is very unlikely that the condition will not be painful. The additional sensitivity felt will be more noticeable when flossing or brushing, as you could find that they bleed at the slightest touch.

What Can Cause Swollen and Bleeding Gums?


This is the cause of most reported cases, and the problem is the speed at which it appears. To begin with it can be a mild irritation that is felt, and it has taken hold before the real pain sets in. By this stage, it has gone further and will be periodontitis, and this is a much more serious condition. Once you have this, there is a real risk of losing some teeth. You can end up with gingivitis for a number of reasons, with the main one being the inability to keep the teeth clean. When the teeth are not cleaned properly, plaque can appear on the line that separates the teeth and gums. An ideal way to stop this is to clean and floss regularly, and always check that you have removed all left-over bits of food. If it is left, it will turn to bacteria and if not removed in a day or two, will turn into tartar. This is a much bigger problem than having plaque and you will not be able to remove it on your own. Once you have reached this state, you will need to visit a dental specialist. For example if you live in Miami Gardens, you want to search for an orthodontist Miami gardens to have the swollen gums checked.

Hormonal Changes

This is going to be during pregnancy as your body will be flooded with hormones, and as the blood flow will increase, the gums will be affected. They will be filled with blood and easy to irritate. Due to being pregnant, there will not be the ability to defeat the bacteria as you could have done under other conditions. Gingivitis is a real threat at this stage.

Poor Nutrition

Vitamins are needed to help you look after your teeth, and when they are missing, the diseases can take hold. The vitamins that tend to be missing are vitamins B and C.

  • Vitamin B works to keep cells and nerves healthy, and when there is a deficiency, both can get damaged and cause you problems.
  • Vitamin C repairs any damage that is done, and when not present, the repairs will not be carried out and in extreme cases; you could end up with scurvy.


Herpes is an infection which will manifest itself in swollen gums. Thrush is another one where you will be notified by the same condition. Thrush is caused through too much natural yeast being present in the mouth, and if any teeth are in poor condition, their decay can turn into an abscess. This will be another cause of gum swelling, but it will be in the one area rather than uniformly along the gums.


If the swelling just appears for a day or two, it may not be that much to worry about. The problems start when it lasts for a couple of weeks or more. By this stage you will need to buy the best orthodontic services in your area. Firstly, you will be asked a lot of questions around the swelling; mainly, when did the swelling start and is it something that happens to you on a regular basis? To get a better idea of what is happening, there will be X-rays taken of the full mouth and questions asked about your general health. This will be checks regarding whether or not you are pregnant or if you have eaten anything unusual recently. If there is a concern that infection is causing the swelling, then there will be blood tests required. There will be options when it comes to the treatment and this will depend on the dental specialist’s opinion of the cause. They will range from:

  • An oral rinse – This will help get rid of the gingivitis and limit the plaque that covers the teeth.
  • Toothpaste – Some are better than others when it comes to dealing with plaque.
  • Antibiotics – In extreme cases it may be decided that the others are not enough and something stronger is required.
  • Surgery – You can look for an orthodontist near me to consult if the swollen and bleeding gums are due to crowding or abnormal position making them very difficult to clean and causing swollen and bleeding gums. He may recommend teeth cleaning or other preventative procedure such as Invisalign braces or dental braces. The dental specialist needs to spend some time working on the teeth to get them back to a healthy state. Scaling will be first and here the gums will be scraped so that plaque and tartar will be removed. The root planing will see the same happen, but here the gums will be scraped and once everything is gone, the gums will have time to heal.

Some things can be tried at home, but they will not be as beneficial. Avoid tobacco and clean gently so as not to cause further irritation. Saltwater rinses can be used as the salt can kill off bacteria. Drinking a lot of water will help as this will produce saliva, which is able to kill off the bacteria that have thus far survived.


What’s good for swollen gums? There are 2 main ways to prevent swollen gums. The first way is to look after the teeth through careful brushing/flossing and have regular visits to the office of a renowned dental specialist. Special toothpaste and rinses will be suggested as will vitamin C and an intake of Folic acid.

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