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When children are young and must have trips to the orthodontist, it is often because they need space regaining appliances. There can be problems when children have to have milk teeth removed due to cavities, as they are often taken out earlier than they would be lost naturally. When this happens, it is difficult for premolar teeth to come through in the right place; so, help must be provided. There are quite a few ways to gain back the space that had been lost:

  • Removable space regaining appliances – Those have a spring and will move the teeth that are out of place back to where they should be.
  • Fixed braces with open coil – These are set onto the teeth and use springs. They are open springs and as with the other types, move the teeth back to where they are supposed to be.

Benefits of Space Regaining Appliances

If space regaining appliance is used, then it is likely that there will be enough space for teeth coming through. If a tooth is impacted, then there will be a higher chance of eruption and once the space is there. Teeth that do not come through correctly will not only make it hard for others to be in the right place but can make it difficult to chew. While looks are not everything, when space regaining appliances are used, there is going to be a better developed smile arch. When there is a tooth missing, it does not look good and there should be a proper replacement of the missing tooth. If there is no room for the tooth to be in place, then the replacement cannot be fitted. When there is a gap there is the risk of cavities or bone loss. These can be painful and occur because of food and bacteria gathering in open areas and when bacteria enter, there can be infections.

When to get space regaining appliances

When a tooth is removed early and space is lost, the procedures should start. It is better to prevent things going wrong rather than find ways to fix them when they do go wrong. If space maintainers are not used, then in the future it will be vital to use space regaining appliances. In many cases there will already be malocclusion, and this will have to be carried out quickly before further issues arise. It has to be accepted that there is only so much that space regaining appliances can do. If there is 3mm or less crowding that must be dealt with it should be fine, but bigger than that and it could be a bigger problem to deal with. The location of the gap is also important. Lower jaw spaces will be much harder to work with than upper jaw ones. There is a difference in the structure of the bone with lower jaw bone being harder than the upper jaw bone.

Types of Space Regaining Appliances

There are both fixed and removable appliances and it will be down to the orthodontist to decide what is best. Once in place, it can take 12 weeks for the 3mm gap to be dealt with.

Care of Space Regaining Appliances is important for your treatment success. All appliances should be worn as much as possible. If the space regaining appliance is removable, take them out to eat, brush and sport but nothing else. Cleaning is very important and make sure it is always cold water that is used.

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