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Everyone wants to have teeth that they can be proud of and thanks to an orthodontist it is possible. Crooked teeth can be so unsightly, and braces are the best way to straighten them. The earlier you have the work done, the less time you will have to worry about them. There are so many outstanding orthodontists available that it will be possible to see one quickly and set yourself on the path to straight teeth. There will be many orthodontists in your area (Braces Miami FL), and you should be able to find out where they are and register as a matter of ease.

What Makes Teeth Crooked?

There seems to have been a number of changes of mind when it comes to why human teeth are crooked. There have been some ludicrous suggestions in the past – before the war it was believed that when there was a mixed-race wedding, the children’s teeth would be crooked. As ridiculous as we find this, it was taught to dental students, and as there were no other options given to them, they tended to believe it.

There were more theories to come forward and while again some don’t believe, are a lot more acceptable than the previous one. The idea was that a thumb sucking child would push the teeth out of the place they should be. There was also a theory about diet. If soft food was eaten, the jaws would become weak and would not be able to hold the teeth that came through. There have been other stories based on what we eat, and one was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The change of diet has been blamed, although it will be hard to know exactly what a lot of people’s teeth were like thousands of years ago. Research was carried out and there did seem to be a connection between the type of food eaten and the shape of the jaw. The more we eat farmed food rather than tough meat, the smaller the jaw became and the more likelihood there would be of crooked teeth. While again this is not accurate there is an element of truth to it. The jaw did become weaker because there were not as many nutrients being received from processed food and a weak jaw cannot sustain strong straight teeth.

Dentist Biscayne Blvd

When you get the address of a dentist who you think will be able to provide you with braces, you should do a bit of research and make sure they offer just what you want. The sort of thing you should look out for are:

  • Location – can you get there easily from home or work if you have a sudden problem? Is it easy to park when you do get there, and failing that, is there a good public transport network in the area? Will you be comfortable in that area if you have to visit alone and it is dark?
  • Area covered – a large area can be both a good and bad thing. It could mean that they are confident that people will travel to be treated by them but could also mean that they will need a larger area to get the customers they need. You will be well advised to ask them what their waiting times are and also how quickly they will fit you in if you are facing a orthodontic emergency.
  • Opening times – are they open during the weekend? If you have a problem on Friday night, you don’t want to have to wait until Monday to try and get an appointment. Do they have late appointments in case you cannot get there by 6? Work may be an issue as with certain jobs you cannot just walk away when it suits you.
  • Emergency appointments – are these offered? You will be better reconsidering the location if you cannot get an appointment when you need it. This will apply even more if you have children who will not cope with the pain or if you are undergoing specific treatments such as wearing braces Miami FL.
  • Pre-registration visit – it will be worth asking can you call in to have a look around. You may not be allowed to see treatment but should get a good idea of the practice by meeting the staff and seeing the treatment rooms. So much can be learned from that visit, and there may be the chance to speak to other patients who are waiting. Check out how long they have been registered and ask them anything that you want to know.

Who Should Treat You?

A dentist is obviously going to be very highly trained and is bound to continue training throughout the career. New techniques and regulations will come into force, and Aventura dentist will have to be up to date at all times. There should be certificates on show that will let you know how qualified they are and whether they are practicing to the latest rules and regulations.

When it comes to having teeth straightened it will be an orthodontist who should be consulted. They are fully trained dentists but have up to 3 years additional training. Much of this will be in the area of brace fitting and teeth straightening, so they will have additional knowledge that your dentist will not have. They will be able to provide advice and treatments that will help you not only keep your teeth but keep them looking good.

It is an orthodontist who should be seen first, and they will make the major decisions about the treatment. Once they have done that, they will make recommendations about the dentist who should be contacted.

Sunny Isles Beach Orthodontist

One orthodontist that is likely to be suggested for orthodontist Sunny Isles Beach need to be close to Biscayne Blvd so that it is convenient to visit. Once referred there, you will be treated by staffs who genuinely want to do the best for you and not just wheel you in and out as if you were on a conveyor belt. They can provide any service you need, and make sure that they are up to date with the latest treatments as well as having the latest technology. Whatever the problem is, there will be a dentist and the equipment to treat it.

As with any practice, appointments can over-run – it would be a concern if this did not happen as you would worry in case corners had been cut. While waiting for your turn, it will be easy to become a little stressed and for some this will be worse than others. To attempt to negate the feelings, there is a bar that provides hot and cold soft drinks, noise cancelling headphones and blankets for when you are waiting in one of the treatment rooms.

If you work and are running short of leave, it is possible to get both early morning and evening appointments. There are a couple of days when there are appointments available up until 8.00 pm.

When you require invisible line braces, this is one of the practices you should consider. In case you are not sure what these are, then you can do a little research and you will soon find out how much better they can be compared to other forms of teeth straightening such as stainless-steel wire braces.

The Advantages

The main one is the look of the braces and the fact that they are so hard to notice. Even when you are young it can be easy to be embarrassed about having wires across your teeth. They will do the job expected of them but are not what you want. When you get to your teens or older, it will be worse as you are aware of just how noticeable cheap braces can be.

Invisalign are the exact opposite of what has been described. They are clear rather than metal and while they may not be completely invisible, they are a big improvement on what is already available. As well as looking so much better, they feel better as well. When in place they will be extremely comfortable and a lot of the time you will forget that you are wearing braces. They are also a lot more convenient as they will not be placed onto your teeth and having to stay there until the dentist removes them.

They use a new technique and yet are still able to move the teeth to the place that they should be. They are constructed with the use of acrylic alignment trays and do so in a gentle way. When you decide that this is the way you want to straighten your teeth, you will make an appointment and all the information needed will be collected. You will have to have impressions taken and likely also need an x-ray, so that the dentist or orthodontist can see the exact position of your teeth and where they need to move them to.

A custom-made tray will be put on the teeth and the straightening will begin. Unlike the procedures of the past, the brace will not be kept in place for 6 -12 months at a time. The tray will be changed every couple of weeks and will be designed in a slightly different way. The new ones will take into account any movement and straightening that has taken place over the previous few weeks. This is the pattern that will occur until the teeth have reached the level of straightness that you and the dentist are happy with.

With some dentists, you will have to make regular appointments, and this will sometimes add both to the bill and the amount of inconvenience felt when making multiple appointments. Here, the trays can be taken home, and this will greatly reduce the number of appointments needed. There will still have to be visits – usually every couple of months and this will allow the dentist to check on progress and pass on the latest aligners that are to be used. With these appointments, it will be possible to pick up any issues that may occur, and so you will always have a good idea of where you are in the process and when you can expect to become completely brace free.

The diet does not have to change in the way that it would if you were going down the road that makes the braces cheap. Here food can get lodged in and it is not always possible to remove the brace and clean it. Sometimes when it is attached to the teeth it cannot be removed and cleaned at all. With Invisalign, they can be removed while the meal is being eaten. It is best to put them back in as soon as possible, but at least you know you are not doing any damage for the short period of time it is out of your mouth. The tray will not get damaged regardless of what you are eating, and afterwards, the teeth can be cleaned, and the tray replaced.

The Cost

This needs to be considered before you commit yourself to any form of treatment. Many insurance companies will pay for some treatment, but braces can be considered cosmetic and may not be covered. It is likely that the dentist or orthodontist you choose will have a payment scheme in place. This will be a great help as you will not have to pay the whole amount at the one time. The sort of braces you select will also make a difference to what has to be paid. As expected, the latest and most desirable ones will cost more. The metal ones that are clear to see will be the cheaper option, but there are obviously downsides to wearing them.


There are other clinics that will be able to provide Invisalign. Coral braces will be able to make an appointment and you will go through the same process and get the same results that you would with any other clinic. They should have the same systems in place as others, and if you decide to use them, you should be happy with the final result.

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