Teeth Cleaning and Wearing Braces – Get Your Orthodontist Help.

Get professional help with teeth cleaning. It is hard to understand what the role of the orthodontist is and if you have a dentist, you may think that you have all angles covered. The fact is that the orthodontist is highly qualified and can do all the things a general dentist can and more. Once you have concluded that braces are needed, you will be under an orthodontist care and from then on they are the person who you should visit and trust. When visiting an orthodontist near me, I was happy to go along with all their suggestions and would not have thought to go question them.

They have trained for so long and do the job day in day out; so, it makes sense that they will be able to make the right choices for me. This does not mean that you should forget about your dentist, just that for now, you are having top grade care. Even before the braces are put in place, it will be advisable to have a professional cleaning session. This way your teeth will be in optimum condition before the braces go on, and you will get a little bit of leeway if you miss the odd bit here and there.


Cleaning with Braces

Regardless of your age, there will be things you need to learn when you are first fitted with braces. Don’t be afraid to ask at your orthodontic check-up. You may have been cleaning your teeth since you were about 3, but it will be different now. You won’t be able to jump up, have a quick clean and go. It will not be as easy to reach all the stubborn places, and the metal parts of the braces will be holding on to bits and pieces that you really need to be able to remove.

Gum disease or cavities are a real threat at any time, and your orthodontist will explain how much more you are at risk now. This will not be in an attempt to worry you, as they will also explain what you should do, but they are bound to want to make sure you know the risks. They don’t want you to go through all of this treatment and spend time wearing braces just to find that you now have straight teeth, but other problems to deal with. Most of the time, you should be able to deal with the cleaning at home.

Unless you have worn braces before, you will not be aware of the difficulties that can present themselves when brushing your teeth. A quick clean of either teeth or braces will not do and your orthodontist Miami Gardens FL will tell you this. Although you can use your normal toothbrush, it is likely that this is not going to be sufficient and you will need to use additional items. Your orthodontist should be able to sell you these, or if they do not have them, at least advise where you can get them. They should show you how best to use them, and this will apply to braces that are attached to your teeth as well as ones that can be removed. Don’t forget to clean the removal ones once they are out. There is no point cleaning your teeth to perfection and then putting dirty braces back in!!


Types of Brushes

Many people will find that using a brush with filaments at the side will help clean their teeth and braces. Your dental expert will be pleased that you have chosen a duel level toothbrush that will find its way around the wires and brackets that currently inhabit your mouth.

There is also a specialist orthodontic brush that will work well with braces. They will get up close and personal with the wires and ensure that all food is removed and can’t cause you any harm. A third type of brush will work along the gum line and reach any parts that your brace may be harboring from your normal toothbrush. Any Invisalign Miami FL dentist will tell you all about them.


Professional Help

If you really don’t feel too confident about your ability to keep your oral hygiene as good as it should be there is no reason why you cannot have a professional cleaning. Your Invisalign Miami FL orthodontist should be able to arrange this. It will be possible to do it while the wires are in place, but who is better than your orthodontist to remove them and get to the places that may have recently been missed? If for some reason you want to go to your normal hygienist, they may ask you to have the wires removed so you could save a trip and have everything done at the orthodontist’s office. To make things easier for everyone, you could get the teeth cleaned at the same day you are having alterations made or just a general check-up.


Advantages of Wearing Braces

Although the advantages after wearing braces are clear, there are actually a couple considerations when you start wearing them and cleaning around them.

  • Eating the wrong foods can be an issue – Eat soft foods and clean right away. Not eating things such as carrots and apples may seem strange, but for the time you wear a brace is makes sense.
  • Sugary food should be avoided. If you do this there will be less decay and your orthodontist Miami Gardens FL should be happy about that – few cavities and decay.
  • No chewy food – If you avoid this, it can’t stick to the braces and either damage them or get caught in hard to find places.
  • No fizzy drinks – The sugar will not only cause damage, but the acidity can be detrimental to the braces. Using a straw will help, but is still not ideal.

All visits to your orthodontic services center should include advice at least on cleaning and pointing out any areas where you may be missing something. No one wants to be told that they do not know how to clean their teeth, but it will be done with your best interests at heart.

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