The greatest compliment for our team is when a fellow dentist or a patient from Ivanov Orthodontic Experts gives us an introduction to someone else they care about! We are never too busy to be a resource for others!

The American Dental Association recommends an orthodontic exam as early as the age of 7. The earlier we see you or your child, typically the more options we will have for treatment if braces or treatment is needed.

The next step will be to schedule a complementary (100% no obligation and no cost) Ivanov Orthodontic Experts Consultation ($249.00 value) to see if you or your child needs braces or orthodontic treatment. At the day of your appointment, when you walk into the practice, you will be greeted by the receptionist and offered refreshments from the refreshment bar. Then, while enjoying the refreshments, you will be introduced to your treatment coordinator, who will take care of you from now on and review your personal information, health history, and the main concerns for your child’s smile and teeth or your smile and teeth. You could use this time with your treatment coordinator to ask questions that you may have or ask questions that you do not feel comfortable asking the doctor directly. During this time, you or your child will have digital panoramic and cephalometric x-rays taken. Those x-rays are crucial to help the doctor form the proper diagnosis. When the doctor comes into the room, he will greet you and will try to find out what he can do for you or your child and handle any concerns you might have about the teeth or the smile.

If orthodontic treatment makes sense to you, your treatment coordinator will guide you to the next step. Perhaps, you or your child may not need any orthodontic treatment or braces.

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