Professional Teeth Bleaching Services from an Orthodontist North Miami Beach. Teeth Bleaching Dentist Near Me and Why to Visit a Professional Orthodontist.

Looking for a teeth bleaching dentist near me? Even before you visit the orthodontist to request a tooth whitening procedure, you are bound to know why your teeth need to be treated in this way. It could be that you have been unlucky and have a family history of teeth that are not pearly white, but it is more than likely going to be something that you have done – or not done as the case may be. It can be many years before you realize that you need to rectify the situation as the first stains may not be severe and will either not be noticed or deemed too slight for an immediate teeth whitening Miami service. What you should realize is that stained teeth will never improve by themselves and will need the help of a professional and often a change in lifestyle.

There are a few things that will take the shine away from your teeth and that includes:

  • Drinking black coffee – even white coffee will be an issue, but not to the same degree that black coffee and for that matter black tea will be.
  • Drinking red wine. Even if it is just the odd glass here and there, it soon adds up and will show on your teeth.
  • Smoking – the damage done to your teeth may be the last thing you are warned about when it comes to smoking, but even a minor habit will catch up with you in the end.
  • Not carrying out a good teeth cleaning regime is a sure-fire way to store up problems for yourself in the future. A quick search online or a couple of questions when having a regular check-up should see you set up and ready to do your best.

When thinking about which products can do damage to the whiteness of your teeth, consider the fact that if it is a dark colored liquid, then it is not likely to be helpful. If you do find that you are consuming these items, then brush your teeth as soon as you have finished drinking them. Eating apples is also considered a good choice as they are great for your teeth anyway. If I want to take advantage of teeth whitening near me, I will be sure that my teeth are as white as possible naturally before embarking in a course of treatment from a professional.

An electric toothbrush is going to do so much more than an ordinary one to keep your teeth clean, providing you change the head as often as you should. It is suggested that you replace it every couple of months. If you use the same one for longer you will just be putting bacteria into your mouth rather than cleaning it away. An orthodontist North Miami Beach will tell you the best way to get rid of the bacteria. Put the head of the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums and move it around in a circle. Up and down may seem like the way to do it, but that will moss many areas. Also remember that you are only cleaning teeth, and don’t push too hard. The enamel can be damaged and that is not the intention. A lot of bacteria will live on your tongue so that will need to be cleaned as well. The feeling of the brush on your teeth will not be pleasant so rather than clean it that way, buy a tongue scraper and use that to get that fresh feeling.

Certain foodstuffs are referred to as “natures toothbrush” and these will be crisp items including apples, carrots and celery. If you end the meal with one of these it will be ideal especially of you know that you are not able to clean your teeth afterwards. Apple vinegar is also great when used as a gargle as it will help the toothbrush remove stains.

Many pharmaceutical organisations will admit that baking soda has properties that can keep teeth clean. It is put in several toothpastes but can be used as a replacement for toothpaste from time to time. There is the risk that gums may feel a little sore, and if that happens, cut back on the practice for a while. Flossing will also remove bits of food that can cause bacteria and while it may not always be convenient, every little will be of help.

You may think that it does not matter when you clean your teeth as long as you do it a couple of times a day, but this is not the case. If you ask an orthodontist Miami Shores, they will tell you that for the best results, it should be as soon as you get up, then just before you go to bed. You have less saliva in your mouth at night, and if bacteria are left on the teeth, then it can do damage while there is no saliva to repel it.

Now you have done all that you can to keep your teeth white and healthy, the next step will require the aid of a professional. They will be able to complete the job of removing stains and getting your teeth closer to what was once their original shade. Most of the times this is a purely cosmetic procedure; so, it is unlikely that an insurance company will cover it. In an attempt to save money, many people will try home procedures and while some will make a difference, it is going to be through the skills of an orthodontist Miami Beach, that your smile becomes as white as it once was. It is possible to use home kits that have been promoted by the orthodontist, but they will really be a second-best option.


Whichever way you choose to go, the product will include many of the same ingredients. It will be hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that is the active ingredient. The enamel will be worked upon by the peroxide and the stains will slowly move off them. There can easily be an improvement of a couple of shades, so it will not just be the case that they looked a bit cleaner than they did.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Miami

When undergoing treatment in the surgical office, there will be a fully trained and fully proficient technician doing the work. There are times when it may not be a good idea for certain procedures to take place and it will be the technician who will test your teeth and let you know if they are strong enough to take the process.

Treatments that you buy in store are not designed just for you but will be generic molds and trays. When you have it done via an orthodontist, you will have the equipment custom made. This way you can be sure that it will be comfortable and not cause any damage. If you are using one that is the not right size for your mouth, you risk ending the course of whitening with teeth that are sensitive, gingivitis and other forms of irritation. If you use teeth bleaching trays that have not been made for you, you can end up with poor results. If you are about to start treatment and have not had trays made for you then you need to question, why. There is no way that the results of the use of generic ones will be worth what you pay for the treatment and a genuine orthodontist would never consider working in this way.

At the surgery, there will be a stronger concentration of bleach used. As this will be safely applied, it will have a much greater impact on the stains. There will also be a laser used and this is not something that will be provided with a home bleaching kit. With a laser the stains will be removed very quickly, and the concentrated product will be used to great effect.

Teeth Whitening Cost

As you would imagine, it is more expensive to have teeth whitened professionally than to do it yourself at home. There are however many advantages:

  • It is going to be much quicker as it will be second nature for the orthodontist. They will have a tray that is accurate as well as being comfortable for you and will know how much of the product your teeth and their level of stains need.
  • It will be safer as only the right amount will be used as more will not always mean better. They will know how good and effective their item is and won’t take any chances by adding a little more to try and get a whiter end result.
  • There will be after treatment care and information provided. If there are reasons why the orthodontist understands that you cannot raise the funds to pay their prices, they may provide a treatment that can be carried out at home. The bleaching gel and a tray will be provided, and these are the main components of the teeth whitening kit – there will just not be the laser or the person beside you making sure that the treatment goes smoothly.

To put an exact figure on teeth bleaching cost will be difficult as every practice will have their own charges. As you will not be able to use insurance, you are going to have to pay. It has been shown that the average price for this is in the region of $450 – $500. This will change depending upon the way you arrange to pay. Some orthodontists may agree to a no interest deal, but you must be aware that they will not all do this and there is no reason why they should be expected to. It is not a health procedure but a cosmetic one.

You need to bear in mind that the treatment may be carried out in conjunction with other treatments and these will obviously add to the cost. You may need an x-ray before the tray is made, and if your teeth are very bad, they may do a normal clean to try and get them as clean as possible before progressing to whitening.

The fact that you are using the services of an orthodontist will mean that the process is more expensive. They have gone through a great deal more training than a dentist has and will be a lot more expert at what they are doing. As well as the time that a dentist trains, they will do at least a further two to three years. This will entail extra on the job training as well as school time, and then the cost of sitting a range of additional exams. Their previous cases will be assessed, and they need to be prepared to answer any questions that are thrown at them during their final presentations. There will also be the additional costs that they incur during the training and they can expect to earn more once they have reached the end of their training. The final stage for an orthodontist is to get a license that allows them to work in the state they want to work in.

If I was looking for a teeth bleaching dentist near me, I would want to see their qualifications and know that they were up to the job and not likely to cause any harm.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Anyone who provides or has received the treatment will be aware of just how beneficial it actually is. Not only will the teeth be healthier, but they will look better. This is bound to improve the state of mind of the person who has gone from having dirty looking stained teeth to bright white teeth and a great looking smile. When the color change has occurred as a result of aging, reverting back to white teeth can make you look a great deal younger. It is unlikely that there will be anyone who has benefited from teeth bleaching who would advise you against it, or not go for additional treatments themselves.

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