Understand What Makes Teeth Crooked.

Not everyone has naturally crooked teeth, but some people are born with them. So, what makes teeth crooked? The main reasons will either be a mouth that is too small for the teeth that you have teeth that are just not placed in the right position. Therefore, they cannot come out where they should be. You can also have crooked teeth because of trauma through a sporting incident, an accident, or sometimes just bumping into something and knocking the tooth from its original position.

Clearly there will become a stage when you decide that the problem must be corrected. It is time to speak to an Aventura dentist and orthodontist, but do you fully understand what role each one plays when it comes to your oral care? There is more of a difference than you would think, but do not worry, both are fully qualified to carry out the procedures they are carrying out.

It would be easy to think that a dentist and an orthodontist were pretty much the same, but that is far from the case. They both work on teeth, but that is where the similarity ends. They will carry out very different procedures and their qualifications are not the same. An orthodontist Miami FL will carry on training after a dentist is qualified to practice.


Defining an Orthodontist

Orthodontics is described as a practice that will help the face develop in the best possible way when it comes to the placement of jaws and teeth. This will be to ensure that the face looks as it should and that the mouth functions correctly. They tend to achieve this aim by using braces, aligners and sometimes removing teeth to make sure there is enough space in the mouth.

At the beginning, an orthodontist may not have decided to become quite so qualified and will train to be a dentist. If they find that they want to do more, then they can carry on with their training. It will take a further 2 – 3 years at postgraduate level and they will take either a Doctorate or Masters. There is a great deal of difference in the jobs, and it is not so easy to become an orthodontist. It is not a case of just finishing dental training and starting the next stage. There needs to be experience working in the field and there are a few areas that must be covered:


  • Maxillofacial surgery – This is required when there have been cuts or burns on the face. When the soft tissue is injured it will need to be repaired and a doctor is not always the best person to do this.
  • Restorative dentistry – This covers any treatment that needs to be carried out in the mouth, to the jaw or to the teeth, regardless of whether it was a life-long condition or a more recent accident.
  • Pediatric dentistry – As many of the people wanting treatment and braces will be children, there has to be the knowledge of how the mouth grows and develops.


There will be on the job training and practice, but it is a full-time commitment to become an orthodontist. It would not be possible for a dentist to train while working in their own or anyone else’s practice even though by now they will be licensed. The next step is to take the examination and a request should be made to the American Association of Orthodontics. It is not an easy test to pass as there are written and clinical parts to it. The written part covers 27 topics as the candidate has to have covered all aspects of the role. When it comes to the clinical aspect, case records need to be studied. Once this has been done, the hopeful candidate has to set out the course of treatment they would carry out.

A dentist can carry out some of the work that will be considered more suitable to an orthodontist, but the plan will often have been set out for them. It is unlikely that the system will work in reverse. An orthodontist will only carry out the work they have trained so hard to do. They will however find they are dealing with a wide range of treatments and some are going to be fairly basic while others will be complex and need all of their training.


At the Miami Orthodontists Office you can understand what makes teeth crooked

When you decide that you or your child needs braces you can go to an orthodontist in Miami. They will be able to determine the best type of braces and let you know what is going to happen and how long the journey will be. It should be expected that it is going to take months, but there is a way to make it shorter than it would have been if you were being given stainless steel wire braces. They will be used to having children as patients and will be prepared for any tears and fears.

There are now braces that will let you have the treatment you desire and not take anywhere near as long. You will be much more comfortable wearing them and the best thing about these braces is the fact that they will not be noticed. While they are not totally invisible, they are as near as, and people will have to be up close to you to see that you are wearing braces. Even then they are bound to be impressed by the fact that they are so hard to see. It won’t exactly be your little secret, but you won’t feel that everyone is staring at you.

Invisalign braces will move your teeth gently and carefully so that once they are in place they are not going to suddenly revert to their old position. One of the best features of them is that they can be removed, although you should still aim to have them in for around 22 hours each day. This should only be done when you are eating, and this will have three major advantages:


  • Eating will be more enjoyable especially when you are eating out. You can pop the brace in your bag and enjoy what you are eating. A quick trip to the rest room will allow you to replace it and get on with the rest of your evening.
  • It will be easier to clean your teeth when you are not wearing braces. You can get to all the hard to reach places and not have to worry that the braces are going to be too abrasive and damage the enamel of your teeth.
  • There is no cleaning to do. You will want to rinse them, but as they are out when you are eating, there will not be anything to remove from them.


Overall it is going to be a much more pleasant experience that with older forms of teeth straitening, but as you would expect, the Invisalign cost Miami is going to be higher than previous types. You will have to get the procedure started by visiting a dentist in Aventura FL 33180 and they will carry out the initial check. If they believe that the answer is braces, then the will suggest you find an orthodontist to take over.

If it is decided that you will have Invisalign, the procedure will be as follows. You will visit the orthodontist and they will carry out their own examination. This will include x-rays and then they can take impressions of your teeth. While this is not a dangerous procedure, some people do find it a little unpleasant and it is the worst thing that you will go through regarding braces. Impressions are made from a thick subject that is placed in the mouth and left for a short time to harden. Once removed, the orthodontist has an exact replica of your teeth, and how they fit together.

A few weeks later you will be ready to have your braces fitted. The aligners are assembled with SmartTrack material and they can not only move the teeth but rotate them if this is needed. When using this method, you will only have to visit the provider every 6 weeks or so. You will be given the aligners you can change them at home every week. It may be an intense course of treatment but does mean that the overall timescale should be just 3 months rather than 6.


Visiting a Dentist

Just because the person you needed to see in connection with your braces was an orthodontist, this does not mean that you don’t need to be registered with a dentist anymore. Once your braces are finished with and you have the smile you want, there will still be work that needs to be done. For this reason, you should ensure that you are registered with a dentist in Aventura Florida.

It is going to be a dentist who carries out much of your work over the years. It is them you would go to if you wanted a check-up and anything that required carrying out because of said check-up. They will cover:


  • Check-ups – these should be carried out at least twice a year. If you feel there is something wrong in between them, then make an extra one rather than just leave it until your scheduled one comes around.
  • Fillings – hopefully you will not need many, but if you do your dentist will be able to carry it out and with just the one appointment.
  • Cleaning – Some dentists will clean your teeth themselves, although some will employ a dental hygienist to carry out this procedure. If you find you have to make too many appointments for cleaning, it will be worth asking for advice as you may not be cleaning your teeth properly. They should advise changing your toothbrush regularly and using interdental brushes and mouthwash for the best results.
  • Removals – this is going to be a more serious procedure and it will be best to have someone with you when this happens. You may need gas and if so, it will be advisable not to drive. Sometimes there are will be a lot of blood and you will have to wait behind to let the dentist be sure it is beginning to clot.
  • Root canal treatment – this is more sever treatment and is going to require a few appointments and as well as being sometimes painful, can become quite expensive. The hope when carrying out root canal treatment is that a damaged tooth can be saved. The normal problem is that the tooth has fallen foul of decay or infection. There is a lot of work involved as both the nerve and pulp must be taken out of the tooth in order for the dentist to clean it out. If this does not happen, there will be a much bigger infection and it is this infection that will lead to an abscess forming.
  • Abscesses – these can be painful and hard to get rid of. Your dentist in Aventura Florida will be able to prescribe antibiotics and painkillers. If these do not work within a short period of time the only course of action will then be to take the tooth out.


When considering the cost of treatment is worth remembering that they have undergone a great deal of extra training. This has probably left them with more student debt, and an extra 3 years where they were training rather than working and earning. As a result, you will probably pay more for your appointments with then than you do when visiting your normal dentist. It is worth discussing costs with them before the treatment starts. Your insurance company may be able to help if the treatment is medical rather than cosmetic and even if they don’t, if they know about your circumstances in time, the orthodontist may be able to set you up with a payment plan.


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