Understanding Who an Orthodontist Really Is And How They can Help You.

Oral health issues are best taken to a good dental specialist. Some dentists practice general dentistry only, meaning that they aren’t as educated as dentists who perform dental surgery or those who treat misaligned bite and teeth movement issues. It is advisable to take most cases to an orthodontist Miami FL office in your area, especially, when treating kids’ dental issues. Orthodontists are very skillful people who boast a strong education background and ample hands-on experience in their field. They help kids and adults who have crooked teeth and those who suffer from malocculussion(bad bite) and TMJ(Temporomandibular joint) issues. Besides, orthodontists in Miami and other states receive a lot of referrals from general dentists and this is enough evidence that they are more skillful and knowledgeable.

How are orthodontists and general dentists similar?

First of all, they have similar undergraduate qualifications. They both completed their bachelor’s degree course in dentistry. Two, they both provide oral care services in a dental office setup. A dentist and an orthodontist are also relatively similar because they can both practice general dentistry. So, both are dental doctors recognized by the American Dental Association and are allowed to cure teeth and gum issues.

How are orthodontists different than general dentists?

An orthodontist decided to pursue post-graduate studies in the area of orthodontics after completing their bachelor’s degree. So, orthodontists have extra knowledge and skills that general dentists don’t have. Besides knowing how to perform tooth extractions, and doing dental exams, a Miami orthodontist is taught how to treatment misalignment issues of teeth and jaws. As they understand teeth movements, these are the right experts to treat your child’s crooked and/or crowded teeth.

They are also trained on how to fit braces and related devices in a correct manner. General dentists will prefer to refer a patient who has an overbite or underbite to an orthodontist. Dentists, on the other hand, perform services that promote good oral hygiene, such as solving problems to do with gingivitis, tooth decay, teeth breakage, teeth gaps, teeth cleaning and dental exams. Still, they will refer serious cases of gum disease and cavities to the relevant professionals. They don’t check issues to do with bad bite, jaw joint or misaligned teeth.

When it’s time to see an orthodontist

Now you know how different and how similar dentists and orthodontists are. Our advice to you is that you should consider going direct to an orthodontist, unless your case is an emergency situation. Search for an orthodontist Miami specialist who offers orthodontic services. This is if you have crooked teeth that need to be strengthened, crowded teeth that need to be removed and improved cosmetically or malocclusions. As well, take time to go see this professional if your temporomandibular joint produces a popping sound or aches when you open your mouth. Concerning the teeth clenching issue, your dental specialist will find out whether it is being caused by overbites, underbites or crossbites. Spaces between teeth can be solved with bridges to improve your smile. It is only a well-trained and experienced orthodontist who can assist you. Even if a dentist assures you that they can solve TNJ and teeth movement issues, don’t offer them your complete trust. They may be more interested in making an extra coin out of your wallet and less interested in offering the right treatment option. That’s why you should schedule a treatment session with the most trustworthy and experienced orthodontist.

Picking the right orthodontic expert

So far we hope you have understood the reasons why orthodontists make better first-time dentists for your kids. But this does not mean that all trained orthodontics Miami specialists are to be trusted. Some are greedy and unscrupulous. Thus, you must do a thorough background check to discover what’s good for you and who can offer it. Focus on a doctor’s education background first, and keep in mind that a trained orthodontic expert has their bachelor’s degree and post-graduate qualifications. The first degree can either be a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D) or a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S).

While these two degree programs have different names, they mean the same thing and use the same curriculum. After this degree, an orthodontist should do a two to three year residency course in orthodontics at a recognized university. This university should be recognized by the ADA (American Dental Association) and after the course is over, one must have Certificate of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics as this is the only bond that ADA recognizes. Thus, if you want to know a qualified orthodontist, check their tag. It should be either D.D.S or D.M.D followed by M.S (Master of Science). Extensive higher education (10 to 11 years) is needed before someone can start specializing in orthodontics. This is a person who can examine you and direct you to yet another expert if they think you have an underlying issue that is causing all your dental issues.


An orthodontist payment should be one of the few things you must consider prior to meeting a new specialist. Try to do price comparisons online, if you can, to see who is more affordable than the rest. Don’t automatically pick the most inexpensive dental specialist or the most expensive one. Take the time to read reviews and discover who is best for your needs. If you have crowded, crooked or teeth that need to be shaped in a certain way before an appliance is fitted, choose an orthodontist with ample experience. They should present some of the projects they have completed recently to you so that you can see what to expect.

Get a dentist biscayne blvd (orthodontist Miami) who can offer you a fair price and a great dental service. This means you will consider more than just your orthodontist’s education background and level of experience. It will be important to ask about their dental assistants too, and their qualifications and characters. After all, before you meet your orthodontist, you will have met their personal assistant and one or more junior staffs. As a result, you should be careful with who you choose since their whole dental clinic matters, including their dental tools, when it comes to your end results.

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