Pick the Right Orthodontist in Miami to Fix Teeth and Jaw Misalignments (Dentist in Aventura FL).

There are numerous people with crooked teeth. In addition to causing humiliation, crooked teeth interfere with chewing and this can strain your jaws. Furthermore, crooked teeth are hard to brush and floss and so they are prone to cavities. Plaque that forms due to poor oral hygiene can also cause gum disease, which can damage the bone beneath the gums and loosen your teeth. If you have crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth, this is the right time to have them examined by a real expert. Make sure you visit an orthodontist in Miami as he or she is fully trained to solve teeth and jaw misalignment issues.

After having an appointment with your dentist, you will know how your problems can be solved. It is imperative to ask about each orthodontic treatment option before accepting it. Make sure that your dentist in Aventura Florida has explained the pros and cons of each option so you can decide what’s best for you. Don’t be quiet if you need your orthodontist to do something or to explain something to you.

Treatment with braces

The leading way to treat uneven and overcrowded teeth is braces. These are dental devices that are fixed in your mouth to move your teeth to their perfect, natural position. Braces are used to correct major dental issues, including malocclusions: underbites, overbites, crossbites and deep bites and so on. There are different sorts of braces and all you need to do is to get them from your dentist in Aventura FL 33180. These include the following:

  • Visible braces – These are the most recognizable braces. They are easily detectable and consist of brackets that are affixed to the front teeth and threaded with metal wires. The traditional braces have metal wires while the slightly modern ones have plastic or ceramic brackets. While they are most unattractive and cheap, visible braces are best picked when one has severe dental problems to solve. They are fixed and cannot be removed until you are well. They can only be repaired or adjusted.
  • Invisible braces – These are plastic trays that fit just over your teeth and are removable when one is eating or cleaning their teeth. The best brand of all is invisalign. It consists of clear teeth aligners that are worn for at least twenty-two hours every day. As they are invisible, invisalign braces people cannot notice that you are wearing them. Your dentist in Aventura FL 33181 will be happy to educate you more about invisalign and show you how to attach and detach them when eating and cleaning your teeth. If you have severe misalignment issues, clear aligners are not the best choice. You would be best picking the visible and fixed traditional braces. Make sure you find out the invisalign cost Miami clinics offer. As long as you select a dentist who understands how these aligners work and has a good track record, focus less on cost.
  • Lingual braces – These are invisible braces that are fit behind your teeth the same way visible braces are fixed to the front of your teeth. Each bracket is tailor-made to fit your teeth and that is why lingual braces work faster than traditional ones. They are made of gold, the reason why they can be quite expensive. Adjusting to these braces can be so hard, however; as they can interfere with your ability to speak due to the way they block natural tongue movements. As you look for the best lingual braces Miami dentist, take the time to understand how the appliances work.
  • Dental bonding – This only works if one has a trivial dental problem to solve. Your orthodontist will simply apply a bonding material to the crooked teeth and mold them into a shape that closely resembles the look of a straight tooth. If you have a minor flaw, this method will work best.
  • Dental veneers – These are picked when dental bonding isn’t ideal for you. At the orthodontist office, dental veneers will be placed over your natural teeth to improve their straightness and beauty. Veneers are narrow shells that have the appearance of your teeth because they are made of porcelain.

Maintaining results and solving small issue with Clear Aligners

If you have just a minor teeth problem, you can use clear aligners to fix them. Most people often call them retainers. Unlike retainers, they are very good at repairing minor gaps and straightening out one tooth that is crooked. If you need a less expensive option, choose clear aligners as they are going to fix your small problems. As well, wear retainers as a way of maintaining the results you have gotten from your braces. They must be kept clean to avoid dental infections. As they have metal wires that could scratch the outer surface of your teeth (enamel) and cause cavities, retainers should be well-maintained.

A retainer should be fitted by your aventura dentist after being customized to solve your specific issue. A mold of your mouth will be made using a thick substance known as alginate. This is to make sure that you get a retainer that is perfect for you. It needs time to adjust to and get accustomed to wearing it. It might make you produce more saliva and slur your speech a little. So it is good to be aware of this. If your retainer is cutting into the gums or putting too much pressure on your teeth, have them adjusted to alleviate pain or discomfort. Retainers should be taken out when one is eating or brushing their teeth. Don’t stop wearing your retainer until the recommended period is over.


Living with crooked or overcrowded teeth is not an option now that you know the right solutions. Don’t hesitate to search for a trained orthodontist in Miami to get rid of your unattractive smile. They might remove some of your teeth to reduce overcrowding or place a veneer to reduce a gap between your teeth. If you have misaligned teeth and jaws, braces will mostly be picked to bring about the much needed change. Don’t go against the will of your dentist in Aventura, if he or she recommends traditional braces. If these are the only ones that could straighten out your teeth and correct your jaw issues and bites, just accept them. If you have a kid that has crooked teeth, take it to the orthodontist immediately. The child’s jaw is developing and there are several dental problems that can be eliminated while it is still young.

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