Orthodontist Miami Beach And What They Can Offer You.

Often, we decide that we are not happy with the smile we have and want to improve it. There is still not miracle way to get straight white teeth in a few days, but there are more and more methods available by an Orthodontist Miami Beach. Rather than just have large ugly braces placed on the teeth, smaller and less obvious systems can be used, and even better results will be achieved. Once you have made the decision to improve your teeth, you have a couple of other decisions to make. Firstly, what is it that you want to achieve, and secondly, who are you going to trust to do it.

There are plenty of orthodontists Miami Beach, and these are the people who are qualified to do the work. Your dentist will only be able to go so far before they have to hand you over to someone who has a lot more experience. An orthodontist is someone who has firstly trained as a dentist and then decided to train further and become a specialist when it comes to straightening teeth.

The decision to have braces can be hard to take as it is clear that there will be some inconvenience over the next few years. There are a few problems that will be faced, and eating is one of the major ones.


Eating with braces

Depending upon the type of braces chosen, it can be difficult when you are eating as the food can get stuck in the wires and it will take time and effort to remove it. With newer types, it is possible to wear once that can be removed at meal times, but not everyone will be able to avail of those. There are certain types of food that should be avoided.

  • Anything that must be chewed – this will include the obvious things such as toffee but will also mean certain types of bread such as bagels.
  • Crunchy items such as celery should be avoided and while ice in a drink is fine, it should not be bitten.
  • Sticky food – chewing gum should be avoided even if it is good for digestion and items that have items such as peanut butter or soft chocolate in or on them should be avoided.
  • Items that are usually advised will be best avoided now and this includes anything were you are required to bite, so apples, carrots and corn when it is still on the cob. Even off the cob it could be a problem as it can get caught between the brace and the teeth.
  • Items that will be fine will include soft cheeses, grapes that do not contain pips and bread types including muffins and tortillas. Vegetables will be perfect mashed, and as fruit will be required, strawberries and bananas can be eaten without cause for concern.


Keeping teeth and braces clean

A big issue that many people wearing braces must deal with is the problems that occur when it is not possible to get the teeth totally clean. Bits of food can get caught on the wires, and this is awful for a coupe of reasons. Firstly, who want food from days ago to be trapped in their mouths? Secondly, anything that is caught could begin to damage the teeth. Bacteria will be formed, and this is not going to be good at all. Finally, the food will begin to go off and this will lead to decaying food that will begin to smell.

The gums are also important and need to be looked after when braces are being worn. Bacteria from decaying food can damage them as well, and once they have infection, it is very hard to do anything about it. Just getting the right toothbrush and toothpaste can make all the difference, and if you are not sure what you need, do not be afraid to ask for advice. An orthodontist Miami Beach will be happy to let you know what will be best for you. The finishing touch should be flossing as this will make sure that every last morsel is removed.


Moving teeth and what the orthodontist Miami Beach will recommend

Normal it will be serious if you can feel that your teeth are loose, but this will not be the case when you have braces. The whole idea is to get the teeth moving and in to a position where they have enough room and look more attractive. Once they are in the right place, the braces will not be needed, and you will spend some time wearing retainers. There will then become a time when they are not needed, land the teeth are in the right place.

The bigger issue is when there are bands and wires on the braces that become loose. There are several reasons why this may happen, including eating something that was too hard, or in rare occasions the teeth moving more than they were expected to. There is nothing that you can do about this yourself and you will need to get in touch with your orthodontist Miami Beach as soon as you possibly can. They will be able to see where the damage is and carry out the repairs – sometimes on the same day, although there will be times when the repairs are too bad, and you will need to have the brace sent away, or in the worst cases, replaced.

Even if you find a piece has snapped off, it may be possible to fix it back into place if you take it with you. If you are careful, you may be able to carry out a temporary repair especially if it seems that the wire has slipped rather than snapped. If the end is hurting the inside of your mouth, then protect it by placing something like a piece of wax over the sharp end.


Pain when wearing braces

When you fist have the braces fitted by your orthodontist Miami Beach, you may experience a degree of pain. It is just going to take a few days to get used to the changes that are happening. Normally there will be no need to take medication as a home remedy should be enough. Simply put some salt into warm water and gargle with it for a few minutes. It is only when this has been tried and has failed that there can be medication taken. Again, if there seems to be chaffing of the lips or cheeks, most orthodontists will provide wax to put onto any areas that may be coming into contact with them.


Sport and braces

Unless you have to wear a head brace, then there is no reason why you should not carry on playing sport. A mouth guard is not always worn in a lot of sports, but it will be a good idea to use one to protect a brace, or work that has already taken place. You don’t want to damage teeth that have already been moved to the position they are supposed to be in. As it is likely that you will need a large guard, you can ask your orthodontist and they should be able to recommend the right one for you.

There is always the risk that there will still be an injury received while wearing the mouthguard and this should not be ignored. If teeth or braces are damaged, go to the clinic as soon as possible and have them checked out.


Why would you be offered Invisalign?

The main reason this will be offered, and you may decide to accept it, will be because it is invisible. Unlike other braces which are easy to see, this can be hard to notice, and can be taken out while you are eating. Not only is this an improvement, but it also means that cleaning your teeth and the brace will be even easier. It will save so much time, as cleaning an ordinary brace can be both time consuming and at times a little bit gross. It will always be recommended that you leave Invisalign in for around 22 hours a day, but there are always going to be the odd occasions when you want to be able to leave them out.

There is no harm in doing that as long as it does not become a regular thing, and you put them back in as soon as the event is over. It is also going to leave you with more time to do what you want as you will not have to go to the orthodontist Miami Beach as often as you would have to with other braces. Once you have started on the process, you will be given the next couple of braces you will be using, and you can change them over yourself. The orthodontist will still know what is happening as they will have a record of where you will be each time you change.

One of the worst things about a visit to the orthodontist is the need to have impressions taken and this is the only way that they can get a total picture of your teeth.

The good news is that there are some orthodontists now who do not use the awful putty, but a scanner that takes a 3D picture of the mouth. No longer will you be sitting in the chair and gagging, and the detail that the orthodontist receives is going to be a lot more accurate. Braces are going to fit perfectly, and this system can be used for designing bridges and crowns as well.

Invisalign is a quick way to get straight teeth but now it can be even quicker. Thanks to AcceleDent, the teeth will move into their new position more quickly. It is soft pulse technology and micro pulses move through the roots of the teeth and work their way down into the bone in the jaw. Cellular activity is increased, and this will lead to the teeth moving more quickly.

Whichever way you decide to have your teeth treated, you should be sure that you are happy with the people who will be carrying out the work. Reading about them on their website will be fine, but if you can make a visit to the clinic you will have more of an idea about what is going to happen in the future. You will be able to meet the orthodontist Miami Beach and you should be able to tell if you feel confident in the work they will carry out. You will also be able to see the qualifications they have and if you believe that is high enough to do the treatment to the level you expect. When it is a child being treated, it is even more important that they are happy with the place they will be visiting.

They are bound to be nervous and it will help you and them if you see that the practice is able to offer what they need. A friendly staff and ideally a room where they can play while they are waiting are a must. A lot of the time, the location itself will not be an issue, but location is something that you need to think about. Will you be able to get there easily and how will you be able to get there? You can think about:

  • Parking spaces. Are there any, or will you have to find another way to attend appointments.
  • Is the public transport regular and safe?
  • Would you be happy walking alone if you had to do so and you had an appointment while it was dark?
  • Are they open hours that will suit you? It’s no good having the best dentist in the world if you are never able to get to see them?
  • It could be that you will need an emergency appointment and even appointments that are out of normal working hours. You want to be able to get a weekend appointment or one in the evening, even if they are only open additional hours one week a month.

Once you have chosen an orthodontist Miami Beach, you can begin to undergo the treatment you desire.

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