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One of the most worrying aspects of orthodontic treatment will be the fear of the unknown. Everyone can tell you a lot that a dentist will do, but not many will be sure of the roll of an orthodontist Miami Beach. You may have heard of extractions and teeth being forced into another part of the mouth, usually by the insertion of metal braces and often via headsets. A visit to the office of the orthodontist who is going to treat you should put your mind at ease. The knowledge of what you are about to face will be helpful and meeting the people responsible should let you see that it will be much less worrying than you had thought.

Office visits

While you are there you should be talked through everything that is going to happen. This is not just with regards to the treatment that will take place, but also how it is going to happen. There are certain things that you may not have thought of before, such as how to pay for the treatment and how easy it will be to get to see the dentist first and later the orthodontist.

It is good to know that the orthodontist Miami Beach that you have chosen is popular, but you don’t want them to be too popular. You could find that it is too hard to get an appointment. And if anything goes wrong, you may have to wait longer than you wanted to before you can go in and have it rectified.

Ask about the sort of equipment that is going to be used and do a little research to check that you will be able to cope with it. Facing a dentist with a few tools is one thing; a fully modernized office is something totally different. An adult will certainly be able to understand the need for the implements; a child may need to have a little extra reassurance.

The First Consultation with the Orthodontist Miami Beach

Although a lot of the first appointment will be spent talking rather than carrying out work, it is very necessary. As well as you getting to know the team, the team need to get to know you. The orthodontist will want to get a lot of information about you and while some questions that they ask may not seem to be relevant, there will certainly be a good reason for them asking them. You are likely to be asked:

  • What treatment have you already had carried out to your teeth?
  • What illness have you had? Have you had surgery or planning to have it? Are you on medication or have you been on medication for a long period of time in the past?
  • It is also likely that you will be asked about other substances that may not have been prescribed for you. This information will not go further but should be disclosed.
  • How are you going to pay? There are many times when insurance will not cover the cost of treatment, so you will have to find the funds. Many orthodontists have payment schemes, and these can be discussed.
  • A complete examination of the mouth will take place, and this is likely to include an x ray as this will give the orthodontist an ideal picture of the location and condition of the teeth.
  • A customized plan will be put together and this will be shared with you.

If there are still things that you are uncertain of, you can ask now as this will be the best time as you will not be getting information after the procedure has started as the orthodontist Miami Beach will have committed you and themselves to the procedure.

What happens next?

You are closer to the results you want and now that all the background details have been dealt with, it is time to make the first appointment. It is here that the real work will begin, and you will have to be committed to whatever the orthodontist Miami Beach suggests. By now the specialist will have produced the brace and the orthodontist just must fit it. This is not the end of the procedure, but the next appointments will be months apart and while you may feel that there is not a lot happening, nothing will be further from the case. From the minute the brace is put in place, the teeth will begin to move, and each appointment will put you closer to the perfect smile.

Living a normal life with braces

Once they have learned to talk with braces in their mouths, one of the biggest issues most brace wearers have is managing to eat. At the first appointment, you should be told what you will not be able to eat and what you may find difficult to eat. The list will mainly consist of:

  • Raw vegetables – even cucumbers will be out to begin with, but once you are used to the braces, you should be able to eat those. Even then, be careful about how you bite them.
  • Tough meat – try to tenderize anything you eat in the first couple of weeks.
  • Bread – soft rolls will be fine, but anything that needs you to bite down hard is going to cause more problems than its worth.
  • Certain sweets – toffees and hard candy should be avoided, especially boiled sweets.
  • Crunchy items – this even includes ice as it could damage the wires.

As well as food, you need to consider other things that go into your mouth. It will be easy to stick in a pen and realise that it has damaged the brace.

General pain and discomfort when wearing new braces

The first few days after the braces are fitted will be the ones where there will be some pain. Eating is going to be a little difficult for the first 5 days or so, and you may begin to wonder if you made the right decision in getting braces fitted. Once those days have passed things will get a lot easier and you will realise that it was the correct decision.

The areas that will suffer will firstly be your teeth. They won’t find it easy being constrained after so many years of being able to stay where they were. It is likely that you may bite your lips or the inside of the cheek when eating and talking, but once you are used to the interloper in your mouth all that will stop. Ask about taking home some wax that you can attach to any areas that are proving to be uncomfortable.

Loose teeth – should you be worried?

There is no need to be concerned if the teeth start to get a little loose, as this is to be expected. If you want them to be in a different position in the mouth, then first they have to loosen from where they are. The same will be the case if you feel that one of the wires is starting to work its way loose. Use the wax or try to gently put it back in place with the use of a pencil. If it is still an issue or even worse, causing damage to the inside of the mouth, then call the orthodontist Miami Beach as soon as you can and arrange an appointment. They will be able to fix it for you.

Understanding the partnership you have with the orthodontist Miami Beach

Too many times people have problems with their braces and try to blame the orthodontist for not doing their job correctly, but it is not a one-way system. There is a lot that the orthodontist can do to help the patient, but they play a large role in making the procedure a success. It is easy to decide that you can go without the rubber bands, but you will cause a myriad of issues if you do. Not wearing the bands and being rough on the appliance are the two main causes for having to wear the braces much longer than they should have been.

There is no need to give up sports, but if there is any chance whatsoever that you may be caught or hit in the mouth, a mouthguard should be worn. There is also the headgear that needs to be considered. If you are required to wear one, then sports will be out of the question. This must be worn and although it is bound to feel uncomfortable the more it is worn, the more used to it you will become. You will not be expected to wear it for a ridiculous amount of time, but just long enough for it to do its job.

Types of braces you may be offered

The type of brace that you are offered will depend upon a few things. One of them will be the amount you are going to pay, and this can mean the difference between braces that are very easy to see and others that are almost invisible. There is a wide range of braces now, so there is bound to be something that you are happy to wear and not feel that you cannot leave the house. Many people are happy wearing traditional braces as they have the attitude that if they have worked for so many years, then there is no reason not to use this method and they have an orthodontist Miami Beach who is at hand.

Younger people are likely to be a lot more self-conscious than others when it comes to having braces. Teens are bound to want to keep the fact a secret, and as a result clear braces will be perfect for them. They will be invisible when in place, and while it is not recommended that they are out of the mouth for too long, it is possible to go for a short period of time with them out. The big advantage is that they can be out at mealtimes, so both the teeth and the braces are going to be easy to clean.

Metal braces then and now

Although it will be possible to see metal braces, they are a lot different to the braces that were worn many years ago. They are now made from good quality metal alloys and if you want to be a trend setter, you can have colored bands, meaning that you will be able to give a rainbow smile.

Ceramic braces will be a middle of the road option – not as obvious as metal braces, but not as invisible as clear Invisalign ones. They will not lead to teenagers being so self-conscious, but they also need a lot of looking after. They are bigger than some and take a little more time to clean. Their main downfall is if the wearer smokes, then the ties will be discoloured. They are also more fragile than the alternatives and can be more easily damaged.

Invisalign for really invisible braces

This is also a quick and easy way to get straight teeth. The braces can be removed and as you change braces from time to time, you will soon notice the improvement. There have been a lot of advantages mentioned already, and the ability to floss easily is yet another one. As there is no metal there will not be any pain or fears that the braces will dig into the flesh on the mouth.

A further type of invisible braces is lingual braces. As they lie behind the teeth they cannot be seen. They are designed to be a perfect fit for your mouth and the teeth will move gently. The orthodontist Miami Beach will be happy to arrange these as they know you are bound to be happy with both the fit and the fact that they cannot be seen. Whatever you decide to do, there will be plenty of choice and plenty of chances to get advice. Decide what you want in advance but be prepared to change your mind when you find out just what is on offer.



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