Orthodontist Biscayne Blvd Comparing Natural (Organic) and Regular Toothpaste – Which Type is Right For You?

When talking about personal grooming, there is one important area you should always consider. This is none other than your oral health. Cleaning teeth and gums is a must, if you want to avoid cavities, bad breath and gum disease. Ask your regular dentist or orthodontist Biscayne blvd which toothpaste they recommend. And when selecting the right toothpaste, you should keep two things in mind. First, consider the abrasiveness of your toothpaste. A product that is slightly abrasive will not damage the protein skin of your teeth (enamel pellicle). Next, consider the amount of fluoride in your toothpaste. Although toothpastes have extra ingredients, fluoride is the most important. Its work is to strengthen teeth enamel against acids. And while a big concentration of fluoride is okay for adults, about 0.15 – 0.3 percent is the typical amount. There are different kinds of toothpaste products today, of course, but we will only discuss and contrast the natural toothpaste and regular toothpaste.

What is natural toothpaste?

Also called organic toothpaste, natural toothpaste is a product that is pure and chemical free. It is derived from the use of natural herbs and essential oils that are known to be natural breath fresheners. Organic toothpaste has all the ingredients you would ever require to keep your teeth clean without harming them. If you are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals you consume due to their ability to endanger your health, in general, pick natural toothpaste. Boasting natural substances only, organic toothpaste products can kill bacteria via peppermint and spearmint oils.

They can also keep your mouth healthier and fresh-smelling. There is a word out there that organic toothpaste is incapable of cleaning teeth effectively. This is not totally true, as if you select high quality natural toothpaste it will do its work just fine. It will provide the same cleaning benefits provided by the typical toothpaste that is packed with additives and chemicals. Also, it’s good to note that the actual thing that keeps teeth clean is the physical brushing action. If you use your toothbrush effectively, it will eliminate any amount of plaque hidden between your teeth.

You only need toothpaste to get rid of a bacterium that lives in your mouth. It is the same microorganism that triggers teeth decay, gingivitis and bad breath (halitosis). Natural toothpaste that can effectively remove bacteria or stop them from damaging your teeth and gums is all you need.

What is regular toothpaste?

In order to understand the differences and similarities between organic and regular toothpaste, you should know the meaning of each. So, a regular toothpaste product is the conventional one we have all used to clean our teeth. It contains fluoride and other artificial additives that are not considered healthy. It contains the following ingredients that are not in the natural toothpaste.

  • Fluoride – While fluoride is known to fight cavities, it is bad if consumed in large doses. To be precise, too much fluoride can trigger mottled teeth. As a lot of fluoride is added to the local water supply, some dental experts fail to see why more is added to a toothpaste product.
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate – This is the ingredient that produces the foam you see when brushing your teeth. Also a detergent in plenty of shampooing products, SLS is a detergent that is known to irritate some people’s skin.
  • Saccharin – This ingredient is often used to sweeten the taste of mouthwash and toothpaste items. In laboratory studies, saccharin was found to trigger kidney cancer in rats. After this discovery, saccharin is hardly added to food as a sweetening agent.
  • Artificial colors – As you already know, conventional or regular toothpaste is colorful. The coloring agents are manmade ingredients that might not be healthy.
  • Preservatives – The main preservatives added to regular toothpaste include ethyl paraben, sodium benzoate and methyl paraben. These are added to keep the product fresh for a given period and to stop microorganisms from increasing.

Differences between organic and regular toothpaste products

All-natural and regular toothpaste products are obviously different. But how are the two different? Here are their notable differences:

  • While regular toothpaste is colorful due to added artificial coloring agents, organic toothpaste is purely white.
  • Whereas regular toothpaste has fluoride mineral for fighting cavities, some natural toothpaste products don’t have it at all. Those that contain fluoride have it is small amounts.
  • Regular toothpaste items have a harmful sweetening agent called saccharin while natural ones don’t have it. In its place, natural toothpaste makers use safe sweeteners like stevia or sugar alcohol xyliltol.
  • When it comes to preservatives, regular toothpaste consists of paraben-based preservatives. On the other hand, all-natural toothpaste uses a citric acid preservative.

Similarities between natural (organic) toothpaste and regular toothpaste

A few things are similar between the two products. Here they are:

  • Both are acceptable products for cleaning teeth. The one to use is just a matter of personal preference.
  • Both products are flavored, although not with similar ingredients.
  • Both products use preservatives to increase their shelf life.
  • Both toothpaste items are sweetened, albeit with different ingredients.
  • Some natural products may contain SLS, an ingredient that is found in all regular toothpaste.

Making a choice between the two

Selecting natural or regular toothpaste is a task that should be approached carefully. It is advisable to seek a second opinion mostly from your dentist to ensure that you make a good choice. Moreover, you should find blogs and forums that address dental issues and ask a question relating to natural and regular toothpaste. After hearing what several other people have to say about either product, you will make a constructive decision. While both products are acceptable and effective, you cannot disagree with the fact that how any product you consume affects your overall health is an important factor to consider. In this day and age when people are appreciating green living, you shouldn’t have a problem making the organic toothpaste your favorite. After all, the product is chemical-free and lacks additives that could harm your internal organs like kidneys.

If you currently believe in organic living and you act accordingly when buying things, then you may be best buying the all-natural toothpaste. As to whether you should buy one with fluoride or one without, it’s important to get advised by your dentist. If he or she thinks that you are getting enough fluoride from water, then they may suggest buying a fluoride-free natural toothpaste product. But if they think that your teeth need extra fluoride mineral, they might suggest the right natural toothpaste to buy. When selecting the correct item though, ensure that it fulfills the following needs:

  • It has the ability to prevent cavities – If you have ever removed or treated a decayed tooth; you know how painful and scary this can be. When a tooth is decayed, you may notice a hole, stain and foul smell. A tooth that is headed to that direction may have a blackish discoloration that is not superficial. It is usually not the type of staining you can remove through normal brushing with any type of toothpaste and a toothbrush. If left untreated, a decayed tooth might develop an abscess that will cause more discomfort and pain. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that about twenty-six percent of adults between twenty to sixty-four years have a given form of tooth decay that has not been treated. If the decay spreads to the bone and other teeth, you can have a bigger problem than you do now.
  • It is safe when used by kids – It goes without saying kids’ teeth also decay. Dental caries in kids can happen as soon as your child gets their first permanent tooth or as late as when their last tooth erupts. To prevent caries, parents should consider buying a toothpaste product that will strengthen teeth enamel while being safe. Kids can swallow anything easily, including toothpaste, and you want them to use a product that has less artificial additives and chemicals.
  • It suits your taste buds – People have different preferences when it comes to their sense of flavor. If you opt to select natural toothpaste, don’t assume that there won’t be any that suits your preferred taste. If you search carefully, there is that special product that tastes just the way you like. Even if the product is a regular one, it exists. By selecting an item that tastes great, you can enjoy brushing your teeth with it and keeping your breath fresh. On the contrary, picking toothpaste just for the sake of it is recommended because it might end up having a bad taste. Besides, if you are picking toothpaste for young kids, it has to have a mild taste for them to enjoy using it.
  • It doesn’t affect your internal organs – Toothpaste products that have dangerous chemicals that can harm your kidneys, for instance, should be avoided. If you want to live longer or to lead a pain-free life, then avoid consumer products that are known to cause harm to your organs.

Note: Each person’s teeth are different and so they demand varying levels of care. Instead of guessing blindly as to which toothpaste is right for you, seek professional advice. You probably have sensitive teeth or stained teeth and must select toothpaste that can reduce or eliminate your problem. By involving your dentist, you will end up selecting an item that could solve your unique dental issues and keep your mouth healthy.

Making a sensible choice – Your dentist’s pick is the best

Selecting a dentist’s recommended toothpaste is important. Your dentist or orthodontist Biscayne blvd has been examining and treating your teeth and gum issues and knows what’s best for you. Listening to dentists talking about toothpaste choices can be confusing at times. Some do not see any reason to get extra fluoride from toothpaste while others think that this mineral is a must-have. That’s why you need to get a personalized view from the dentist who has been treating your dental issues. If he says that you need to buy a fluoride-free product, then who are you to doubt? Dentists will generally recommend natural toothpaste to any patient who suffers from canker sores. These can be aggravated by an ingredient found in regular toothpaste called SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate. To those who have healthy gums and teeth, most dentists will recommend a product that can reduce sensitivity, whiten teeth, prevent cavities, protect against gum disease, fight bad breath and remove plaque.

The one and only product accepted by the ADA (American Dental Assoiciation) in regard to fighting erosion is the Crest Pro Health Advanced. Some dentists might as well advocate for Colgate Total as an item that can offer protective benefits because it contains triclosan and fluoride that prevent cavities, bad breath and gingivitis. As for kids, it’s necessary to assist them maintain great oral hygiene from a tender age via child-friendly toothpastes that contain lower amounts of fluoride than adult versions, and by showing them how to correctly brush and floss their teeth. It is important to review ADA link of accepted tooth paste products. As well as this, ensure that your kids visit their dentists every six months to have their gums and teeth examined and treated, in necessary.

When your teeth are sensitive or when you have braces

You might be confused as to whether all-natural toothpastes would be better than regular ones when you have sensitive teeth. Sensitivity is a common issue faced by all people at a given point in their lives. The first thing to want to find out is whether there is an underlying dental cause and you can do this by visiting your dentist or orthodontist Biscayne blvd. He or she is in a better position to recommend toothpaste that might reduce or eliminate your sensitivity, if there is no underlying cause found. If you are straightening your teeth with fixed metal or ceramic braces, maintaining excellent oral hygiene is important but very difficult. Most doctors would ask you to get toothpaste with a higher amount of fluoride and this will be a regular type rather than an organic option.

Final word

Consult with your dentist or orthodontist Biscayne blvd which toothpaste they recommend for your specific teeth. If you decide that the natural toothpaste is the right one for you, make sure you select the most reputable brand. As most dental experts would advise, it’s best to pick a product with a little fluoride in it if you already show signs of dental decay. Fluoride will prevent cavities in this particular case. As there are natural products with some fluoride content, you can stick to them. But if your doctor recommends a regular toothpaste item, don’t ignore their reasons; go buy it. Finally, and most importantly keep brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

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