Orthodontic Services and How You and Your Child Can Be Helped By Getting Straight Teeth.

As soon as your child’s teeth appear, you should start their cleaning regime. The earlier they learn to look after their teeth, the better chance there is that they will last. It will be hoped that they will not need orthodontic services for some time, and this will be a great way to work towards them having clean and healthy teeth. There are lots of tips that you can benefit from and it will make it seem more like fun than a chore.

Toothpaste and brushing

As soon as that first milk tooth comes into view, fluoride toothpaste can be used. Although they will have no memory of this as it is likely to be when they are around 6 months old, the fluoride will be the first defense against decay. You will be able to use your toothpaste, as there are issues regarding the amount of fluoride in children’s toothpaste. Many dentists do not believe that there is enough to make a difference. Two minutes brushing a day should be fine to start off with, and should delay the need for orthodontic services.

Dental visits

An early visit to the dentist is going to be best. Once they have their milk teeth through, the children should get to know what happens. The longer they are kept away, the more frightened they will become. If they can be familiar with the surgery and process from an early age, they should not be scared at all. Decay can be prevented, and this will reinforce the idea that cleaning is good for the teeth. An orthodontist Miami Gardens based will be pleased to deal with any problems that do arise, and will also identify areas where there could be issues in the future. It will help to be on the books of an orthodontist, so you will be able to get an appointment if there are issues as the child gets older.

Visiting the orthodontist

Many parents will think that it is only older children who can benefit from dental braces and being treated by a childrens orthodontist. It has been found that even 7-year-old can benefit from being fitted with braces and they are less likely to be conscious about it at that young age. The earlier they are treated by a dental specialist the less treatment may be required later.


What will happen should be fully explained to them and if they are worried about how it will look, you can explain all about white braces. This is not going to be suitable just for children, but adult braces can be made the same way. Crooked teeth – or malocclusions, as the orthodontist is more likely to say – can be fixed by wearing braces and there is a range of braces out there. No longer will it be the case of having large chunks of metal in the mouth, but treatment that is a lot less noticeable.


The traditional braces are still available, and may people do have metal ones, but there are now ceramic ones. These are clear braces, and will be much more desirable than the older version. The aim will be to straighten out the teeth and use all the space available in the mouth. This may mean that some teeth must be removed, but if this provides the space required, it is nothing to worry about. There will not be large gaps in your smile as the crooked teeth will straighten out and move into the gaps.

Invisalign braces

While they are described as braces, they could just as easily fall into the same category as a retainer. The reason for this is due to them not being attached to the teeth, it can be taken out and because of this can be a lot more hygienic. It will be easier to eat and there is no risk of food getting caught in wires and starting to rot. There is no need to worry that you will develop bad breath this way.

The Invisalign braces will be made just for you – an impression will need to be taken and special trays will be produced. All you must do is to slip them on your teeth and not worry about wax, wires or brackets. If you wear them for around 22 hours a day you will be fine. You will need to work closely with the orthodontist as they are planning every stage of your progress. If you visit the best Invisalign dentist you will have amazing results. This doctor will be a full time orthodontist with 2 to 3 years of US accredited training program in teeth straightening. A big plus is if the orthodontist is the main doctor of the practice because orthodontics unlike other dental services is a lengthy procedure and you don’t want surprises and 4 to 5 years of dental braces or Invisalign braces.

Other treatments

Bite correction is needed by a large proportion of the population, and again this is something that will be dealt with by a dentist. There are treatments such as Tad’s – temporary anchorage devices – and these will let tooth moving pressure occur.

Teeth whitening is another treatment that more and more people want. With so many stars having sparling smiles, their fans want to copy them. A modern lifestyle involving smoking, drinking coffee and red wine among other things will leave the teeth looking yellow and in need of a lot of TLC. There are several ways to do this, but professional bleaching is still the most popular and seemingly the most effective.

  • Your gums will be covered by a shield so as they will not be touched.
  • Whitening product will be put all over the teeth – it will be on a pre-made tray that has been prepared to fit exactly.
  • Whatever is used – carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide – will be left to work on the teeth. As it starts to break down, oxygen will transfer onto the teeth and they slowly start to become a lighter, whiter shade.

The final stages of braces

Once the treatment has finished, you need to ensure that things stay exactly where they have settled. For this there will have to be retainers worn for some time. The good news is that this will normally be during the night so no one else will see them. Knowing that there has been a lot of time and money invested in getting to this stage, the orthodontist will ensure that it is the most suitable retainer that is provided.

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