Orthodontic Options – How to Become an Orthodontist and What Your Workload Will Be Like.

If you have looked into braces you know that as a customer you have many orthodontic options. One orthodontic option will be a career in orthodontics to become an orthodontist. Many people would be more than happy to be a dentist and have the job satisfaction and lifestyle that they can enjoy. It is not all plain sailing when you want to become a dentist as you must have good grades in the right subjects and go through a lot of practical training. There are however some dentists who want to go a step further. Their dream is to be an orthodontist Miami and that is going to mean even more training, practical work and examinations.

As a dentist they will be carrying out a wide range of procedures for both adults and children. The will include:


  • Regular check ups to make sure that the teeth are in the best condition possible.
  • Fillings – these can be needed quite regularly of you have a sweet tooth. There are a few different types, include self-colored and metallic.
  • Caps and crowns – if the tooth cannot survive with just a filling, then it must be protected in another way. To ensure the nerve does not get damaged, and then the tooth will have a covering placed over it and once cemented into place, will be as strong and sturdy as your own teeth.
  • Whitening – with the growing demand for teeth whitening, Sunny Isles dental will be busy providing this to everyone who wants it. With their training and experience, they will be a safer option than trying to do it at home with a DIY kit.


When you see the images of smiling, happy people who are about to embark on the rest of their lives with confidence thanks to their lovely new smile, it is easy to see why this will be the case. Who wouldn’t want to be appositive influence on other peoples lives and manage to make a good living as well. Orthodontics is the process by which work is carried out on the jaws as well as the teeth and an orthodontist will work with patients who need braces or other types of work that will straighten their teeth or correct problems with the jaws. To get to the level to be able to do this work successfully does take a lot of commitment

To have become an Aventura dentist in the first place, you will have gone through an undergraduate degree and with the right courses; you can be accepted into dental school. Maths and science courses are a must, so there will be the need to study hard to make sure you get these. There is the DAT – Dental Acceptance Test – that has to be passed. As it is so competitive, just passing the test may not be enough. Your will be seen in a much better light if you get involved with issues in the local community and take an interest in student leadership.


Now You Are in Dental College

The first four years will be spent obtaining the degree in dentistry. For the first couple of years you will basically be in the classroom learning about the anatomy along with pharmacology and biochemistry. The final two years will be spent working on patients. This is probably the time when you realize if you have what it takes to carry on. Once you have graduated that is not quite the end of it. You will still have to pass the licensing exam in your state before you will be able to start working as a dentist. If this is still not enough for you, then it is time to take it a stage further and apply to train to carry out orthodontics Miami.


Training to Be an Orthodontist

You will now be signing up for another 2 or 3 years at school after dental school. The final qualification you leave with will be determined by where you go to train. It could be a Doctorate with a Masters, or in some cases a Certificate. Once you have the Masters, you can become an orthodontist. If you want to go a stage further and work in research, then you will need to continue until you have a Ph.D. Now you can practice legally, but if you want to put the icing on the cake, there is board certification. This is another exam with a written and oral part. The written section is multiple choices, but when carrying out the oral part, you have to demonstrate your past capabilities and show evidence of 6 successful cases you have dealt with.


Starting Work

After somewhere in the region of 10 and 12 years training, you have the choice of careers paths in front of you.


  • Open your own practice – this will give you the freedom to work your own hours. This may work for a while but as you become more popular you will be much more in demand. It could be a case of your career or your family and friends, and if for more than a month or so that can be a hard decision to make.
  • Consultation – dentists cannot carry out many of the practices that you can, so they will be glad to pay for your help and expertise. It will also help you to have a relationship with a good dentist. You will be confident that they will be good for the patients that you pas onto them.
  • Research – there will always be a case that is hard to fix, and the more research the better. Even if it is not in the anatomical side or research, new products will always be more than welcome in the industry. It is likely that you will have had cases in the past that will benefit from new items and improvements in procedures.
  • Teaching – the next generation of dentists will be starting out and will want someone to teach them. What could be better than someone who has gone through what they are going through and has experience it the business. As you have been through this process yourself, you will know what will be helpful, and what proves to be the most difficult for students.
  • Manufacturing – the equipment used is fine as it is, but no one is going to complain if a new product comes on the market and is either better at what it does or costs less than the existing item.

Working with Braces

One aspect of an orthodontist’s work is adults and children who need braces. Often the adult will have decided against them when they were younger, but now realise how much better their smile will be it they have bright straight teeth. There are many different types of orthodontic options now and each client will have their own preference. This is more likely to be based on a few issues:


  • Look – Some will be more visible than others and if that bothers them, they may decide to go for Invisalign as they will be almost impossible to see. There are others that are not obvious, but few less visible than these.
  • Cost – More likely than not the option for someone working on a budget will be steel braces and while these will be clear to see, they will be affordable. Insurance companies will cover some braces, and if you are not covered a lot of will offer an easy to afford orthodontist payment
  • Time-scale – Depending on what this is, there are a few choices. It may not be possible to get the best, but you should be told how long you will have to wear the braces whatever type you choose.
  • Final results – Again this depends upon expectations. If it is purely for the overall look of straightened teeth there will be one choice, if there is the need for any type of maxillofacial surgery, it could well be another.


As an orthodontist, you will be able to offer all the above and more. It is good to know that if you need braces Miami FL there are plenty of orthodontic options.


Clear Braces

If keeping the braces as much of a secret as possible it is very likely going to Invisalign that will be chosen. These are very different from other types of braces as you cannot only get away with hiding the fact that you are wearing them but can take them out.

Taking out braces can give several advantages. There is a little relief from having them in the mouth and as the main time you take them out will be to eat, that is a lot easier as well. Not only do you not have to worry about the problems of eating with braces but washing them is a lot easier as well. They will need to be rinsed, but that is nothing like the cleaning that other types of braces need. They will also not get long term stains, as you will only wear each one for a few weeks before it gets replaced.


Stainless Steel Braces

Most people will prefer stainless steel braces while they are young. It is not possible to place them on the teeth before about 14 years of age as the teeth and jaws will still be growing by then. Known as traditional braces, they are pieces of metal stuck to each tooth with a piece of wire linking them. As the wire is tightened the teeth will slowly move into place.

Some patients do find that it can be a little painful when they have had the latest tightening of the wires, but that is only short term and the rest of the time they have no pain at all. There were times when it was considered that orthodontists would no longer fit this type of brace, as new methods were coming on the market and they were an improvement. Updates have occurred with wire braces as well including:


  • Size – They are no longer as big as they were. This means it will be easier to forget they are there and make them less visible to others. If you have a small mouth, this will be considered when the braces are being produced.
  • It is a simple procedure once it is in place. There will be the need to visit the orthodontist for tightening, but there will not be too many appointments required.
  • Cleaning – This has always been an issue as it was not possible to take the braces out to clean them or the teeth properly. The braces could be cleared a little, but there were concerns that it was not enough. Now there have been special brushes developed and they allow the teeth to receive a thorough cleaning. Using mouthwash will also help when i.t comes to oral freshness.
  • They can be used for small or major procedures, and you can expect to be pleased with the end results for either.
  • Cost – When you need to have cheap braces, these are likely to be the ones to go for. As they are improving, this may change but at the moment they do appear to be the most affordable braces from what are on the market.


Ceramic Braces

These are very much like Invisalign braces in as much as they are hard to see. There has been a slight complaint that they are let down by the elastic that is on them. They become discolored and not only does that make them visible. They are slightly bigger than the metal braces but that is not a problem. Ceramic braces are considered a highly aesthetic and are the adult braces. Professionals choose ceramic braces for their orthodontic treatments because they are popular.

As you will have seen dental options Aventura are immense, and all dentists will be qualified to the highest level. Make sure you select a qualified orthodontist for your orthodontic needs.

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