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It doesn’t matter how often children are told that certain things are bad for them they will want them even more. Eating a lot of sugary items is a sure way to lose teeth at an early age and this can leave a lot of problems when the adult teeth start to come through. It is not even just the loss of teeth from poor food choices that are a problem, but also ones that come out for any reason – often this will be as a result of an impact injury where the tooth becomes loose and cannot be saved.

When there is a gap in the teeth and the adult teeth are not ready to come through there is the risk of the gap closing over. This will be a big problem as when the adult teeth do start to erupt there will not be enough space for them to fit into the jaw. This means that they cannot come through properly and take their place; or if they do, they will be pushing another tooth or teeth out of their position and leaving the teeth crooked.

An orthodontist will know what to do in order to keep your teeth straight. They have a number of appliances they can use and one of them is called a Nance. There are a number of appliances that could do the same sort of job, but a Nance appliance is meant to do work that others are not able to do. It is used to keep the molars in the position they are meant to be when there are strong forces that try to push upper molars forward. Also, Nance appliance often used as a space maintainer and here they will stop the molars from moving forward.

Once the teeth have been removed or lost, the Nance appliance will be put in place to make sure that the premolars and bicuspids can come through correctly.

Construction of a Nance appliance

It can be quite intricate to attach the Nance appliance into the mouth. It is the first two molars that are chosen to be the anchor. Once bands have been cemented to the teeth, there is a wire that is connected to both and to a plastic piece on the roof of the mouth. So that the wire is not touching the roof of the mouth there is a plastic pad covering it.

Looking after the Appliance

As it is an orthodontist who will make the decision and carry out the work, you need to have numerous appointments with them to make sure that it is working as it should. They also have to be well cleaned so that bits of food do not get stuck to them. Ask the orthodontist for tips that may help you look after it.

It is likely that they are going to tell you to make sure that you brush around the bands of the Nance appliance on a daily basis. Your diet may have to change as well, as you should not eat anything that is sticky or requires a lot of chewing. If anything gets attached to the wire, it can be difficult to remove it without causing damage to the appliance.

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