Fix Enlarged Gums with Laser

Fix Enlarged Gums With Laser

There are times when our teeth appear to be very small and this is more to do with the gum rather than the tooth. As the gums become thick, they also become large and slowly move from being at the base of the teeth to settle in and begin to cover them. It can be quite a slow process at first; but before long, there will be a lot of the tooth covered and a small amount still visible. There are a number of reasons why you will suddenly notice this happening.

  • Some medications will cause the gums to extend and while the medication is needed, it must be taken, and the effects treated.
  • There will be times when it is the bone that is too long, and the gums are just covering the area they are supposed to cover.
  • Gum disease has set in and as well as the teeth being covered, you should also see that the area is inflamed.

When the orthodontist decides that they will perform a gingivectomy you may wonder what they are going to do to you and your teeth. Simply explained, “gingiva” is the medical name for the gum tissue and as with other forms of “ectomy” it means to remove. The orthodontist will take away the thick gum tissue that is not needed so that your teeth look more beautiful.

The orthodontist should also explain why they are carrying this out. There are three main reasons for doing it:

  • Appearance – The teeth will not look normal if they are covered and it will give the appearance that the teeth have not grown to full size.
  • Function – If it is not removed it can become out of control. As it often happens due to taking prescription drugs, continuing with them will make things impossible if it is not dealt with.
  • Gum health – Deep gum pockets can occur, and they need to be removed. It is also possible that there will have to be some procedures carried out to the bone.
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Amazing experience! I’ve had my braces for 6 month now and I’m impressed of how much my teeth have changed. No pain at all. Dr. Ivanov is such a sweet person and very professional, he knows what he’s doing and always cares for patients personal concerns. Highly recommended!

Tula Garcia

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. When I first got my braces I was scared it was going to last 4yrs for my teeth to look better but it only lasted 2yrs and the results are beyond amazing. I’m really happy with everything and would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Martinez

Very good experience. The attention was great. The doctor is very punctual and they don’t make you wait, which for my busy schedule is super important. Also, the time the doctor told me I had to wear the braces was the exact time I needed and I was very happy with the results. Definitely recommend him.

Laura Jimenez

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. He was very understanding and took the time to explain, every step of the process for my daughters braces. I am proud to say with great care her braces were finally removed and the end result is the beautiful smile she now has. Thank you

Christina Jenkins

Ivan and his staff made my experience a smooth and convenient process. I am absolutely delighted and satisfied with the progress and how far my teeth has come. Ivan and his staff works effortlessly to ensure that my teeth are perfected beyond my expectations. If I had any other choice I would still choose Ivanov Orthodontic experts.

Joshua Xavier

My family and I are so happy with the results of Dr. Ivanov!!! So knowledgeable, kind and always available to answer questions. I am so happy we found him and his staff. I am looking forward to addressing my dental needs now that the family is on track!!! How many can say that about their dental experts. Way to go Dr. Ivanov!!!

James C. Murphy

He is awesome. You will start seeing changes quick in your smile. He shows passion in his work, he cares about you and your smiles. The office is very nice and great customer service. You will be in good hands if you choose to go with him.

Ketty Platon

What Will Happen During Laser Gingivectomy?

The area that will be worked on has to be numbed so that you cannot feel what is happening. A laser will be used to remove the gum tissue that is causing the problem. If that does not wok it could mean that a scalpel has to be used to cut it away. If it is really difficult, there will be rotary instruments used. There is going to be some pain for a couple of days, but in the majority of cases there is no need to put any stitches in the wound. Medication will be provided to help get you through the first 48 hours. As long as things seem to be OK, there is no need to go back to the orthodontist for a week and then you should attend a check-up. As long as you and the orthodontist are happy with what you see, you will be discharged and advised to check the teeth and make sure that the same thing is not happening again.


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