Fix Crowding with Haas Expander

How to Fix Crowding with Haas Expander

A palatal expansion device such as the Haas Expander is designed to fit snugly in your mouth and widen your upper teeth and jaw. It fits so well that it creates space for crowding teeth to occupy and fill. Additionally, palatal expansion appliances are great for correcting a posterior bite of the back teeth. It can also be so beneficial in these ways:

  • Solving crowding of front teeth
  • Enhancing the width and appearance of teeth and overall smile
  • Boosting breathing via your nose if the nasal passages are obstructing airflow because of a deep or narrow upper jaw.
  • Improving posterior teeth crossbite.

With the Haas Expander, you can expect more gaps to be created between teeth and this will give them an extra area to grow in. There will be a 3-month stabilization period following the expansion process, meaning that the expander will not be removable. Depending on the severity of the dental issue being solved with an expander, it can be left intact for up to six months. Getting used to the device is not a big deal though, as within one to two days you will get used to the palatal expander.

How the jaw expander works

This orthodontic expander is created to exert lateral force to both the upper teeth and the palate walls. This function is attained via an acrylic borne screw that is set in an acrylic plate. As the screw is turned, a gap in the acrylic along your midline gets wider. There are bulky wires in the plate that are fused to flexible bands and passed through the lingual surfaces of the posterior teeth. The Haas Expander does a better job of attaining a more lateral expansion instead of the outward tipping of the posterior teeth. When the appliance is being placed, a certain level of discomfort will be obvious. However, turning of the screw does not hurt or cause discomfort and if it does, one should contact their dentist right away.

Expectations after the placement of a palatal expander

If the device is working properly, young patients might notice a gap between their two upper front teeth. The gap can enlarge up to 7 millimeters, which is still a good sign. By the time your treatment period comes to an end, and the expander is opened fully, the space between the front teeth will have started to close. In older adults the gap doesn’t form, although it is not impossible. If a gap develops, it will hardly be larger than two millimeters. Another thing to note is that the side teeth located at the point where the palatal expander device connects can tip outward toward the cheek. A relapse is possible too, as with other orthodontic treatments. To prevent it, doctors prolong the treatment period, which may cause the upper teeth to appear too wide when the expansion process ends. This will resolve on its own overtime though, so don’t worry.

Things you should tell your orthodontist

If you experience palatal pain or discomfort, stop turning as soon as possible. In case the pain doesn’t stop until an hour later, insert the key in the back of your appliance and turn in reverse to turn it off. This will mostly end your pain. Then get in touch with your orthodontist as soon as possible.



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