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If you ask a children’s orthodontist when they should start making visits, they will say certainly by the time they are 7 or 8 years old. The reason they give is the growth of the jaw. By the time the child is 7, many of the adult teeth have come through and it will be possible to identify any problems that are occurring at the time or even a little in the future. If needed dental braces are fitted at an early age to prevent possible problems in the future. If your child is a teenager, clear braces can be fitted for teeth straightening.

If notice is taken of the advice that is given by the dental specialist, it can save a great deal of money for the parents and treatment and embarrassment for the child. If treatment happens early on, it will mean less treatment is required, and it will also be carried out at a time that the child will not worry about how they look. For those who must wait until they are older, there can be more invasive treatment and they will be wearing braces when they are at their most vulnerable and wanting to look their best.

What the Treatment Will Do?

When the treatment is carried out at an early age, there will be the chance to:

  • Ensure that the jaw bones grow in a way that they should and that will accommodate the teeth.
  • Providing a healthier environment for the second set of teeth that are on their way through.
  • Make sure that the teeth are placed where they should be. If they are well placed early on, they will not need to be treated at a later date.
  • Make sure that the jaws are the right width.
  • Protect the front teeth from damage, and correct the damage that may have been incurred because of sucking the thumb.
  • Allow teeth to come through freely, and not be impacted in the gums.
  • Make sure there is enough space left for the remaining adult teeth that will come through in the next couple of years.

What are the Signs?

It will be best to find out what to look out for, and to make sure that you have the funds for treatment and make sure that the child is prepared for what will still be many months of the unknown. One of the main ones will be the loss of baby teeth. If they come out a lot earlier or a lot later than expected, it will be a sign of work that will need to be done. It could be that the child is finding it hard to bite or chew – often they will bite the inside of their cheeks – and their jaws creak when they eat.

One very noticeable issue will be if there are too many teeth or particularly large teeth. Many children do seem to have teeth that are too big for their faces, but they soon grow out if it. If they do not, this will be a sign. Although many children suck their thumbs and insist on a dummy, if they have done this after the age of 6, they will have created problems for themselves and you.

Beginning the Treatment

The first stage will be to take the child to a kid’s orthodontist. The child will have to go for an appointment and have checks made. This will include x-rays and thanks to modern technology they do not have to be developed as many systems will allow them to be seen on screen. These will also be safer, as they will be digital. Some parents consider Invisalign Teen braces for their child. This is one of the advantages of taking a child to a local orthodontist that in known for Invisalign Miami FL.

At this stage it will be necessary to talk through what is going to happen. It will be best to let the child know as they may have problems trusting you and the dentist if they are not made fully aware of what is about to happen to them. The options will also include specific types of braces if that is what is deemed necessary. Clear braces are bound to be mentioned as these are some of the most popular and sought after braces being fitted. If you are looking for dental braces or clear braces, search orthodontics near me to find qualified providers.

What Next?

It is likely that one of four scenarios will be played out after the dental braces or clear braces consultation took place. It may seem that the news is good or bad at the time, but it should be remembered that there could be changes as the child grows, so don’t be too happy or disheartened by what you are told.

  • No treatment is needed at present – you should keep in touch in case this has to change.
  • You may have poor quality teeth – often because of not brushing properly – so this will have to be addressed before treatment can start.
  • You could be lucky and not need anything at all, as your teeth are coming through straight and in the right place.
  • You need to start treatment.

If there are problems detected – either meaning treatment can start or there must be an improvement in the teeth’s condition before it can start – you will be advised of what to do. If treatment is advised, you could be recommended to accelerated orthodontics.

When reading up about this it may be that there are concerns as for anyone unaware of it, it may seem to be a risky procedure. It will certainly reduce the time that the treatment will take, and teeth will be straight in a short period of time, but it requires the bone to be weakened. This is an invasive procedure, but many find it more than acceptable. There is the advice given, such as don’t eat hot food for over 24 hours and make sure all food intake for the next week is soft.

Whatever path you decide to take, you should not be afraid to ask questions about the dental braces or clear braces treatment your child will undergo. I would look for an orthodontist near me, get their number and begin making inquiries. It is never too soon to look after your child’s teeth and give them the best possible chance to thrive.

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