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Children’s dentistry can be a very specialized field and finding a pediatric dental office to maintain the healthy smile of your little one is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining the oral health care of your child. Finding a top notch friendly environment for your dental visit can sometimes feel like a struggle but there are ways of finding great dental care from people who are board certified, that have their certifications, and are waiting to assist your family’s dental needs. So what are some of the best methods of finding a great pediatric dental office and what are some of the important things to know about customer service in pediatric dentistry?

Children’s Orthodontist Near Me

Finding a dental clinic in North Miami Beach is not hard but identifying a great one that practices pediatric dentistry that can help maintain the healthy smile of your child can be more difficult. Not all dental services are the same and getting ones that are board certified for the copyright 2019 to perform your dental care is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining the oral health care of your child.

Orthodontic care does not begin when the adult teeth come in. Orthodontic care and top notch service need to begin shortly after your child’s teeth come in. There are a lot of great reasons why visiting a pediatric dentistry clinic can set your child up for a lifetime of success. One of the most important ways that visiting a pediatric dentist office and pediatric dentists can assist is to simply do regular check-ups. It may seem strange doing regular check-ups on baby teeth before the adult teeth come in but as pediatric dentist around the world know oftentimes things that will occur later with the adult teeth can sometimes become manifested in children.

Getting a children orthodontist is especially true when it comes to things like an overbite or an underbite. Too much thumb sucking or pacifiers can exacerbate or cause this problem which can sometimes lead to misplaced or crooked teeth that need to be straightened later. This is why the AAO recommends that children get their first orthodontist visit at age 7.

Proper alignment and learning about the proper care of the mouth at a young age can help prevent a lifetime of expensive treatments, tooth rot, tooth decay, cavities, and a huge variety of other issues that can begin to occur in childhood. Maintaining a healthy smile is part of good orthodontic care and your children’s dentistry is essential in helping set your child up for success.

Many individuals may forget that things like crooked teeth or other oral health problems often start long before they get noticed. Parents rarely take children to the dentist until an issue has actually started to occur or be noticeable but by the time that has happened the problem has already been happening for some time. This is why regular dental visits are an important part of maintaining your child’s healthy smile.

The truth is you will ultimately save a huge amount of time and money by simply paying regular visits to your pediatric dentistry than you will if you have to go because there is an imminent problem. Allowing a dentist to do their work, identify problems early, and also set you and your child on the right path to good oral health at a young age will save thousands tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime in preventative care. This is why so many people choose to utilize Ivanov Orthodontic Experts as they have been experts in the field of pediatric dentistry for many years in Florida and have a well-earned and well-known reputation for assisting in this kind of preventative care.

Childrens Orthodontist Near Me – Dental Clinic in North Miami Beach

It is important to make sure that you can find a good pediatric dental office near you. Generic dental services may not be enough and orthodontic care that is specialized to younger kids is a more unique service. Children’s dentistry has a lot of different components than adult dentistry and one of those important components is top-notch service and a family friendly environment. It may seem strange to think of some of these soft skills as being important but as any parent knows, a child who is frightened, nervous, or unwilling can cause a huge amount of trouble at an office.

Pediatric dentists know through years of experience how to be able to help calm their clients and make visiting the dentist something children look forward to as opposed to dreading. Ivanov Orthodontic Experts has exceptionally high marks in this field. And, their top notch staff have been creating friendly environments for children visiting their pediatric dental office for many years. But whether you decide to go with Ivanov Orthodontic Experts or another orthodontist, it is still an essential element that your pediatric dentist needs to be able to help your child feel welcome and calm.

When researching orthodontist, look also for great before and after photos that show you what you might expect from your child’s orthodontic treatment. Check out the office also to make sure that it is kid-friendly with bright colors and activities to keep kids’ brains active while they wait.

If your kid does not like the dentist then not only will it be more difficult to receive the kind of preventive care that can stop long-term problems before they happen but it can also make going to the dentist as unpleasant for you as it is for them. This is why finding dentists that specialize in pediatric dentistry, and ones that can maintain a friendly environment are key to your child oral health care. Healthy smiles begin when a child walks in the office and doesn’t feel like they are getting ready for visiting a doctor.

It can often be the little things that make a difference – even just having some toys for kids to play with while they wait in what would otherwise be normally a boring office; a television playing shows children like to watch; a dentist who offers them some free goodie bags that include things like a child’s toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and sometimes other fun goodies can all make visiting a dental office an experience your children look forward to as opposed to dreading. Maintaining that friendly environment is an important part of helping the psychological health of your child so they are more willing to allow the doctor to assist their oral health needs.

Best Children’s Orthodontist Near Me

Finding the best children’s orthodontist near me can feel like a struggle and simply typing into a web search children’s orthodontist near me or best children’s orthodontist near me will certainly turn up a wide amount of businesses. The fact is children orthodontist are becoming more common even though it still is a specialized field and finding a good one near you can feel like you are wading through hundreds of listings. There are likely to be an incredible amount of good high quality pediatric dentists and orthodontists like Ivanov Orthodontic Experts but even if you do not have Ivanov Orthodontic Experts in your area, it is unlikely that every listing you see is actually as good as they are making it out to be.

Just because a place says they are a good pediatric dentist does not make it so. This is why it is important for you when you search childrens orthodontist near me that you actually do some research not just into places that offer orthodontic care or are board certified but an actual children’s dentistry or pediatric dentists who have a proven track record of working with children and families. This is not too difficult to find as some legacy businesses like Ivanov Orthodontic Experts have many reviews and testimonials and it is easy to identify the quality of the care their patients have been receiving.

Some smaller places may have fewer reviews and it can be more difficult to determine if this is a dentist you want to take your family to. A simple easy way to find out some indicators is to look at the reviews online. If they have very few reviews and the reviews all say five stars then there is a chance that this is just the dentist and his friends padding the review count. However, if you find a legacy business that has been around for a longer period of time and that has hundreds of reviews and all of them are of high quality with descriptions of what happened and how well it went, you have found one you should research more.

See if any of the reviews of the dental office include how the staff was able to help a scared or frightened child and then you can act with more confidence knowing that these are pediatric dentists of the highest quality. Searching for a top notch pediatric dental office is a great way to start looking. By simply looking at one level deeper into some of the dental services they offer and the reviews left online on dental review websites you’ll be able to find out if they are not just the closest pediatric dental office to you but whether they actually do have a friendly environment and they are the sort of place your child would like to go for a dental visit.


Amazing experience! I’ve had my braces for 6 month now and I’m impressed of how much my teeth have changed. No pain at all. Dr. Ivanov is such a sweet person and very professional, he knows what he’s doing and always cares for patients personal concerns. Highly recommended!

Tula Garcia

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. When I first got my braces I was scared it was going to last 4yrs for my teeth to look better but it only lasted 2yrs and the results are beyond amazing. I’m really happy with everything and would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much.

Kimberly Martinez

Very good experience. The attention was great. The doctor is very punctual and they don’t make you wait, which for my busy schedule is super important. Also, the time the doctor told me I had to wear the braces was the exact time I needed and I was very happy with the results. Definitely recommend him.

Laura Jimenez

Dr. Ivanov was amazing. He was very understanding and took the time to explain, every step of the process for my daughters braces. I am proud to say with great care her braces were finally removed and the end result is the beautiful smile she now has. Thank you

Christina Jenkins

Ivan and his staff made my experience a smooth and convenient process. I am absolutely delighted and satisfied with the progress and how far my teeth has come. Ivan and his staff works effortlessly to ensure that my teeth are perfected beyond my expectations. If I had any other choice I would still choose Ivanov Orthodontic experts.

Joshua Xavier

My family and I are so happy with the results of Dr. Ivanov!!! So knowledgeable, kind and always available to answer questions. I am so happy we found him and his staff. I am looking forward to addressing my dental needs now that the family is on track!!! How many can say that about their dental experts. Way to go Dr. Ivanov!!!

James C. Murphy

He is awesome. You will start seeing changes quick in your smile. He shows passion in his work, he cares about you and your smiles. The office is very nice and great customer service. You will be in good hands if you choose to go with him.

Ketty Platon

Kids Orthodontics Childrens Orthodontist Near Me

One of the other major aspects that individuals forget when they are looking for pediatric dentists is that finding a children’s orthodontist near me is more important than it may sound. It is very easy to locate dental offices that offer pediatric service or claim to have pediatric dentists. But you are not just looking for any person who can do it as distance can sometimes be a key factor.

There are several reasons why finding a dental office that is actually near you or in your neighborhood is worth it. One of the big reasons is if you have a child who is apprehensive or scared about going a longer trip this just allows the fear and uncertainty to build. This is especially true if your child already has a dislike for dentists or doctors and even if you have a great pediatric dentistry that you trust and like, if your kid does not then the trip to the dentist can become an arduous odyssey that your kid will help ensure you dislike as much as they do.

Another important facet that many people forget is that sometimes visiting pediatric dentists can only occur during the weekday which means your kid will have to be pulled out of school to receive their orthodontic care. This matters because if your dental office requires you to drive clear across Miami for your dental services then your kid will end up missing far more of school then if you happen to have taken them just to a local clinic that still offered excellent care. Finding top notch pediatric dentists need not include an hour or two in traffic each way in addition to the waiting times at the office.

By finding a pediatric dentist office close to where you live with convenient office hours you will be able to minimize your child’s time out of school, minimize the drive time and commitment time for yourself, as well as minimize the amount of stress your child feels at the prospect of visiting a dental office.

Part of great oral health also includes great home care. You have lots of resources at your pediatric dentist to help you find the right cleaning plan for your child.


It all begins with a dental visit to your pediatric dentist. By finding those that offer top-notch care with a friendly environment you will be able to make sure that your children maintain their oral health care for a lifetime. So the real question is when are you going to take your child to the children’s dentistry? Book your appointment today with the best childrens orthodontist near you.

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