A Choice of Braces for Overbite and Underbite from an Orthodontist in Miami.

While everyone will hope that their teeth end up perfectly straight, the reality is that a lot of them will not. Some find that as they grow to adulthood, their teeth are crooked and some move across others. It could be the case that the mouths are small and there is not enough room for the teeth to spread out and have a place of their own. Teeth may end up crooked as there is a malformation of the jaw leading to either an overbite or underbite.

What Makes Teeth Crooked?

Most of the time, it is not your fault that you have this condition as it tends to be hereditary. It is all in your genes and if one of your parents has crooked teeth then there is a good chance that you will have them as well. You could have an unusual bite if you lose teeth too early. Normally you will start to lose them at about 5, and if it happens earlier, the jaw will not be formed enough to accommodate the new and bigger teeth. As an adult, your dentist could cause issues as if there are fillings fitted and they are not fitted correctly, the bite will not be accurate.

Gum disease can also leave you with teeth that will not make you proud and there are other conditions such as tumors that will cause them to misalign. Having outlined the things you can’t help, there are things you can do – sometimes with a little help. Thumb sucking and using a pacifier for too long is going to move the teeth, so the earlier they stop the better.

Problems Caused

As well as not looking how you want them too, crooked teeth present additional problems:

  • It may not be possible to chew food in the correct way.
  • It will be harder to keep your teeth clean, as the brush may not be able to reach certain areas where food can get stuck.
  • When cleaning cannot take place, decay can happen, and additional dental treatment will be needed.
  • Muscles and the jaws can become damaged and this will lead to the risk of teeth becoming cracked and eventually broken.
  • Self confidence will be at an all time low when you realize that your teeth are not to the standard that you would want them to be.

Detecting the Problem

An orthodontist is the ideal person to determine that there is a problem and decide what to do about it. They will have gone through the same training as a dentist, but then done an extra three years, so as they can specialize in the area. Once they have decided what should be done, they will carry out the treatment. An orthodontist in Miami will be the answer to your problems. Your dentist is going to refer you to them as they will be aware that they have an expertise that they themselves do not possess. When you first visit the orthodontist office, they will explain to you what they are going to do, so you will not be attending appointments unaware of what is going to happen.

What Will Happen When Visiting an Orthodontist, Miami FL?

Initially they will carry out several tests on the teeth and this will usually be in the form of x-rays and then a follow up of photographs so that they can see precisely where the teeth are sitting. A panoramic x-ray will show how the teeth sit in relation to the jaws and the rest of the head. Impressions will also be taken. This is where a thick substance is placed in a tray and forced over the teeth. As it starts to set, it will be removed and leave an ideal copy of the teeth.

The Treatment for Overbite and Underbite

It is possible that there will be the offer of stainless steel wire braces and it will be your choice if you choose them. For many, the fact that they are so obvious will not be an issue, but for the people who are, there are Invisalign. It could be that the Invisalign cost is off-putting, but when used, it will be an easy procedure that you will soon see coming to an end. The braces are invisible to many, and can be taken out when eating, meaning it is easier to clean the teeth.

Lingual braces are also an option, and it will be difficult to tell that these are being worn. They it behind the teeth and are not in view. As they are fixed to the teeth, they cannot be lost and don’t have to be removed when it is time for meals. Like Invisalign, they are made to measure and will move the teeth into place in a totally controlled way. When considering either type of braces, you need to discuss what you want out of braces and what you will be happiest with.


Before deciding upon the treatment to undergo, there are certain things that your dentist in Aventura (orthodontist) will be looking out for:

  • Your face looking different to the way it normally does, and in some case not looking quite normal.
  • Teeth are at an angle that they are not supposed to be at.
  • Change in your speech, and this is normally in the form of acquiring a lisp and finding it difficult to speak clearly.
  • It will be hard to chew food and biting hard foods will become a chore.


It is possible that there will have to be teeth removed, as this will free up room and allow other teeth to move into the space provided to improve the overbite or underbite. Along with braces, this will be the ideal way to get a lovely smile. When the treatment is over you need to face up finishing the payments on your account. This should be known in advance, and it is possible that an insurance policy will cover an element of the treatment. Your orthodontist’s team will point out insurance benefits, help you with the details, and payment should be forthcoming.

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