Who Is the Best Person for Your Teeth Whitening and Why?

Miami is renowned for being the place where the beautiful people are, but how beautiful can you be if you have substandard teeth? Even if they are perfectly straight, you will have a far from perfect smile if your teeth are dirty and stained. It is easy to let them get that way as they are not white one day and yellow the next. It happens slowly over time, but you don’t want to have to take a slow approach to getting them white again. It is possible to get a teeth bleaching kit (teeth whitening kit) that can be used at home, but there are a couple of disadvantages to doing it this way.

  • Your orthodontist will have a great deal of experience of this treatment and will know exactly the amount of product to use and also how long to leave it on your teeth.
  • The tray you use may not have been made just for you and will not sit flush to your teeth. If this is the case, the product will not make good contact and if it is not on the teeth it will be hard to see how it can do its job. You will be putting the bleaching substance into the tray, but your teeth will not get the benefit.
  • Although there should not be any problems with a genuine product, if the bleach is a little strong, you may leave it too late to deal with it and could end up with blisters on either your gums, lips or both. Teeth whitening Miami is important to many people, and it would be a shame if medical complications got in the way of then getting the smile they thought they would have.

When you decide that you are going to something about your teeth, the best person to see will be an orthodontist North Miami Beach as they will have the qualifications and ability to get the job done for you. As your teeth are the first things some people ill notice about you, it is understandable that you will want them to look as attractive as possible. If you know that you look good, you are going to feel good and confidence will be high. This is going to be so important when you have an important meeting or meeting someone for a first date. There is no reason why you should sit back and let others get the smile that you want.

The likelihood is that a lot of the problems with your teeth color can be attributed to you and your lifestyle. Every cup of tea or coffee and glass of wine that you drink will leave its mark, and if you smoke as well, then it will be even worse. Your first attempt to get white teeth could be via an over the counter product, but while they will make a slight difference, they will not give you the results you want. When you want the best, you need to look to the professionals, as they have the training required. Even if your teeth are in this condition just because of the aging process, you will be happy when you see the results achieved by your orthodontist Miami Shores. Before you know it, you will be smiling for no other reason than you want to show off your new white teeth.

Why Use an Orthodontist?

This is a treatment that is a little above the ability of a lot of dentists and it would be much better to go to an orthodontist. They are much more highly trained than dentists and will be sure to get you the great results you want. They have all the training that a dentist has so there is no need to worry that they are just trained in other areas – they will have shown dedication to their future profession by continuing after the initial three years had passed.

After training as a dentist there will be many who decide that they do not want to go into practice straight away but would like to go a step further. Not only will there be the need to forego earning for a few more years, but it can add to the student debt a great deal. There will be a lot more studying as well as some on the job training. All of this will however put them in a great place to carry out more complex treatments in the future, and as you would expect they will go on to earn more than a dentist will. If I was looking for a teeth bleaching dentist near me I would look into going to an orthodontist instead.

Before the level of orthodontist is reached, there will be a final exam that will be testing a lot of the work that has been carried out over the previous few years. Six cases will have to be prepared and presented to the board. They will review them and question the candidate regarding the work they have done so far and the future work they will be doing. If they are deemed to answer correctly, then they will pass and become an orthodontist. The final stage will be registering for a license and once this happens they will be a fully-fledged orthodontist Miami Beach.

At this stage it will be a good idea for them to build up a relationship with dentists as there can be a two-way session of referrals. There will be people who come to them and you feel that their work is not making the best of their abilities and will want to pass them on to a dentist. Having some they are happy to use will be beneficial as when treated well, people are more likely to come back for more. They don’t want to send someone away rather than do basic dental work only to find they go elsewhere when then do have work that requires an orthodontist. It will also help if there are local dentists who will send their more complex cases to them. Advertising will always bring in work, but word of mouth is much more reassuring and also a lot more cost effective.

Choice of Tooth Whitening Procedure

Once a client has decided to have their teeth whitened and chosen you to do the work, you need to decide what treatment will be best for them. You will want one that is going to take the shortest time and yield the best results Bleaching is one way that is going to be popular as it is so successful and can work on even the most darkened of teeth. Certain drugs are going to affect the color of a person’s teeth, and if they have taken them for many years, you may find that you do not get the same amount of whiteness back. The same applies to having too much fluoride. If they have been unfortunate enough to develop fluorosis you may have to settle for just a slight improvement. As an orthodontist, there is only so much that you can do and as long as you are realistic about the options, you should still end up with a happy patient who is also grateful for your honesty.

It has to be remembered that whitening products are designed to take stains away from the enamel on teeth. For this reason, you need to remember that if you have porcelain crowns, metallic crowns or fillings, they will not be improved. If they are to the fore of the mouth, you will always have a segment that will never be white again. If you have a history of sensitive teeth, then the advice from the orthodontist may be to forget teeth whitening. The same advice will be given for a few other reasons:

  • Pregnant or breast feeding – clearly there will be a risk due to the use of chemicals. You may be big enough to deal with them, but your small or even unborn child will not be.
  • Periodontal disease
  • Worn enamel. As it is the enamel that can be whitened, any damage to it can go deeper and affect the soft pulp that is underneath.

If I was looking for teeth whitening near me, I would want to find someone who had a range of ways of getting my teeth as clean as they used to be. Laser treatment is another modern form of teeth whitening that will be available to a top – quality orthodontist. The treatment is fast, as the teeth will become lighter right away. No waiting for weeks to try again and again – you go in, have the procedure performed and then leave with a great big – and very white – smile.

As different stains can be removed with a different treatment, you need to go through a procedure that will allow a picture of your lifestyle to be built up. If it is known how you got the stains, it will be easier to know what to do to remove them.

Steps to be Followed

When you first attend the clinic, you will fill in a form and give a detailed account of your medical history. This is will not be just in relation to your teeth but will include any illnesses and medication that you have taken. After that the treatment will begin. An examination will take place and if there are any issues such as fillings that need to be dealt with, this treatment will take place first. It could be that this will delay the treatment for a while, but this is something that cannot be helped. If you start beforehand, there may not be such good results when the whitening does take place.

Once you have the all clear, you can set up an appointment for the treatment. You will need to allow up to three hours for all the teeth to be cleaned, but as soon as that has happened, you will notice a difference in the shade. If you decide that the time spent in the surgery could be better spent at home, then you can arrange for a custom-made tray to be made and you will do the work yourself. The custom-made teeth bleaching trays are vital, as one that does not fit perfectly will not do the job. Your orthodontist will give you all the instructions you need and although the products are easy and safe to use, if there are any concerns or feelings of discomfort, suspend use and get in touch to have your teeth and gums checked out.

Whether you have treatment in the office or at home, there will be the need for a follow up treatment. This will allow the orthodontist to decide if there are any problems, or if the results are as good as they can be. If it is decided that the results could be better, you may need to make a third appointment. The possibility of this should have been discussed at the beginning along with the risk of any further payment. If you were going to use a home tooth whitening kit, it will be best to make sure that you are still eligible for check-ups.

Teeth bleaching cost

Each practice will have their cost and it can vary from State to State. It is likely that you will need to pay in the region $400 – $650 to be sure that you are getting a good quality job. It may be worth looking out for offers, as a little travelling may be worth it if you save some money. In reality though, you should consider why there are certain practices offering such low prices. You would be better of going with an orthodontist you trust and trying to arrange a payment plan. You are unlikely to be able to get this treatment paid through your insurance as it will be classed as cosmetic treatment rather that a medical procedure. The teeth whitening cost will reflect the work and training that the orthodontist has behind them and the results will be much more important than the fact that you have managed to save yourself a few $100’s.

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