Understanding Invisalign and Knowing Which Orthodontist Miami Beach to Visit.

Once you have decided that you will be getting braces (Invisalign) for either yourself or a member of your family, you will want to find out as much as possible about the options and the process. If you live in the Miami Beach area, you would want to look for an orthodontist Miami Beach on google. There will clearly be issues about the cost and also the amount of time you will have to wear them. It will be best to get all the information together and then make your decision. The cheapest way may not be the best option if they do not do the job to the level that is required and while not having to wear them for long is appealing, you don’t want to find out that there is still a crooked tooth or teeth once the braces are removed. Your main choice will come down to conventional braces or Invisalign braces.


What Do They Do?

Both braces and Invisalign are going to improve the appearance of your teeth, they will do it in a different way and allow you to live differently during the time you use them. Braces in a few forms date back a long way, while Invisalign have been around for less than 20 years. They may not have the same level of history, but there have been enough users to allow a proper evaluation and not worry that you or yours are being used as a guinea pig.

Braces, and what they are able to do, have improved over the years, especially when it comes to appearance and they are not just unsightly lumps of metal in the mouth anymore. They do, however, not have the level of ease of use or good looks that you find when using clear braces. You should find out all you can and know where to get braces.


Introduction to Invisalign

As well as being easy to use, they are virtually invisible. This was a deliberate act as the manufacturers were aware that many people were uncomfortable wearing the old-style metal braces. Children could be bullied, and older users could find out that people were happy to make comments about wearing braces at their age. It seems strange, no one would comment about glasses in the same way. Getting started is not a great deal different from the way you would start out when being fitted for braces, but after the initial appointment, things will be very much different.

Some people may be a little disparaging of these aligners as the procedure is not as old as others. The reality is that this system has been a long time in the making and clear braces are going to be ideal. The idea first arose in 1945 and while there may not have been the idea of computers being involved, over the years the process has become nearer and nearer. Now you can benefit from the decades of research that took place. Even though it is a gradual process, it does not mean that it is overly long.


Starting with Invisalign

Hopefully you will know all you need to know and can start the procedure full of confidence. The aligners that are worn will move the teeth from where they are to the place they should be. The amount of movement is perfectly controlled as too quickly or too slowly will not be effective. They also determine at what time the movement takes place and which teeth move at each stage. This ensures that there are no wrong movements and teeth cannot end up in a place where they are not supposed to be. Although the word force is used, it is not a harsh treatment but a well thought out and executed one.

Pain is an area that many people will worry about. In most cases the patients will comment on discomfort rather than pain, but even that will only last a day or two. Suddenly having a foreign body in the mouth is going to be an unusual experience anyway and this feeling whenever a new aligner is set in place is a small price to pay for the teeth that you want. This feeling is all the proof that you need that the aligners are doing their job and moving the teeth in the jaw. No feeling could be an indication that nothing is happening and that would be the last thing that you wanted.

Once you have gone through the pros and cons and decided that this is best for you, you need to have a couple of trays made. These will be shaped to fit your teeth perfectly, and the mould will be made through the orthodontist taking impressions of your teeth. To ensure that there is nothing missed, there will also be x-rays taken and eventually they will produce a 3-D representation of your teeth. It is this that will be used to make the trays exactly the right size and dimension.

If you are unsure about the use of aligners, you can ask for details of how they are made and what they are made of. Your dentist is bound to know and will be able to explain what they are made of and how they can do what they do. They will be very hard to see and are made of a very safe and hardy thermoplastic compound that has been developed purely for this process. They comply with all medical standards and would not be used by some of the top orthodontists if there were any problems with them.

There are several differences between braces and Invisalign and it is by judging these that you can be sure you have come to the right conclusion.

  • Once you have braces put in place, they cannot be removed. You can however take out Invisalign although they do need to be worn for a large part of the day.
  • Braces – even the more modern ones – are visible. As they are clear you will not see Invisalign
  • You will only have to wear Invisalign for MOST of the day for around 6 – 18 months, yet will need to wear braces around the clock for 2 years – sometimes it will be longer than that before the process is completed.
  • Basic braces can be cheaper, but overall, to get a good job done, there will be little to choose when it comes to the price you pay.
  • It is harder to deal with cleaning when wearing braces. You have to clean them and around them as opposed to cleaning out the trays and then brushing the teeth as you normally would.
  • Check-ups with braces will be about the same, although with Invisalign there will be visits to exchange trays as the next one is ready to use.
  • Once the teeth are where you want them to be, there will be the same amount of ongoing work with both methods. There will have to be a retainer used at night just to make sure that they do not move.
  • Invisalign will be much easier to use as there is likely to be a lot less discomfort. At first you may be aware that they are there, but apart from that they will not catch on your tongue or make it difficult to eat or drink.


Understanding Invisalign

Now that you have decided that Invisalign is best for you, it will be a good idea to know how it works. The fact that is does is going to be of prime importance, but by understanding what will happen, you can be at peace. You will know that what is happening is right, and if by some chance there is a problem, you will be aware early on and not waste time before reporting it.

The trays that you wear will not last the entire time that you are being treated. As your teeth move into the position that they should be in, they will need to have new trays to allow you to move onto the next stage. You will have to take the trays off if you are going to eat or drink. If it is just water, then they can stay in, but if you don’t remove and then clean your teeth after anything else, there is a risk that the teeth will become straight at the expense of being wait. You don’t want to end up with stained teeth and that you have spent time and money just to replace one thing you don’t like about your teeth for another.

Self-control is vital when wearing Invisalign braces, as you do have some say as to when you wear them. When you have metal braces and wires attached, you cannot take them off. If you don’t want to wear them anymore, you have to go to your orthodontist and have them remove them for you. With Invisalign you make that choice and it can be a two-edged sword. If there is an event where you really do not want to be seen in them, then it is possible to leave them off. You may get away with this on a one-off occasion but there can be the temptation to do it again and again. They may be a great way to have your teeth improved, but you do have to play your part. You can’t wear them as and when you please, then expect the results to be as good as you expected in the timescale you wanted.



However good this new technology is, there will always be the situation where you may not be able to use them. There are issues that they are not able to improve. They cannot:

  • Straighten back teeth, or do anything to improve their appearance.
  • Rotate teeth in the gums
  • Move teeth vertically.

This does not mean that they are not a worthwhile addition to the world of dentistry, just that they are not the answer to every problem. There are certain jobs that they can do, and they do these perfectly, but it has to be accepted that there are certain procedures that may be a step to far. A good orthodontist will explain everything to you, and if you are told that you could try this, you should insist that you are given the odds of success. If they are low, then try another method. It is unfair of the orthodontist to suggest it as they will be setting both you and Invisalign up to fail.


Still Undecided

It is possible that even after you have been told all about what will happen and the pros and cons, you will still be unsure as to whether this is the choice for you. There are still ways to find out more. Firstly, you could speak to family and friends and find out if they have used this method to straighten their teeth. If they have you can ask them for more information and see if they felt it was the right thing to do. If you do not have anyone close to you to ask, you could ask the doctor at your visit to an orthodontist Miami Beach FL. There may be staff who have undergone the process, or even other patients who would be prepared to speak to you and let you know how good it is.

You do owe it to yourself to have the best possible teeth you can have. Certain foods that will keep you healthy take time to eat and need your teeth to be strong and in a good condition. If you can’t eat good food, you can’t be healthy. If you are not healthy, you cannot be totally happy, and this will show. If you don’t feel well there will not be a big smile. Without a big smile, you will be viewed in a particular way and this can affect all areas of your life. The more approachable you are the more opportunities there will be for you. Just a few months treatment with Invisalign braces can make such a difference and ensure that you live the life you want.

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