What is the best Invisalign alternative?

Orthodontic treatments use many related appliances to treat Class I, II and III malocclusion. Among the most used orthodontic tools today, is also Invisalign. Invisalign is a device which straightens the teeth and corrects the smile aesthetically if worn 22 hours per day.

Still, despite its effects, Invisalign is a pricier appliance.

Today, more patients are a good candidate for wearing Invisalign. But, as it’s pricey, patients search for a finer Invisalign alternative.

So, what does the market offer? Below, we will list all orthodontic appliances which can be a great Invisalign alternative.

What are your Invisalign aligners alternative options?

1. Clear Correct.

This orthodontic treatment relies on wearing aligners instead of Invisalign. The aligners are plastic and focus on aligning the teeth. These are less expensive, which makes them a great Invisalign alternative. Many experts recommend Invisalign, but if you find it pricier, Clear Correct will do your teeth justice.

Both devices are made of the same plastic, with Invisalign feeling more comfortable to wear.

2. Impressions.

Impressions represent an at-home method, based on the Invisalign concept. Your orthodontist will make your teeth impressions or aligners. Keep in mind that to do that, the doctor should be a Diamond-level Invisalign health provider.

Impressions work great for patients who like to continue their orthodontic treatment at home. However, you will still need to do an initial consultation to determine the treatment specifics. The treatment is safe, reliable and effective, and it offers a great payment plan.

People who have had impressions treatment acknowledge its effects and success in aligning the teeth.

Also, impressions enhance the smile and give patients a greater self-confidence.

Impressions as an Invisalign alternative.

When you undergo an Invisalign treatment, you usually have to make 3D scans of your mouth and teeth. This helps create the aligners, which will additionally reposition and fix the teeth. Aligners work great for those who don’t like braces, as they are removable. Another benefit to wearing aligners is the greater hygiene you can implement.

Impressions work great as a good alternative because they offer clean and precise results. You also get your custom-fit impressions kit at home and you can start using it at once.

Now, the difference between Invisalign and impressions is that the first has to be attached to the teeth. Opposed to that, impressions are removable, easier to wear and require fewer appointments. With Invisalign, however, you will need to make appointments every couple of weeks.

What do Impressions Treat?

Impressions treating a series of Class II malocclusion. These include:

– Teeth spacing out their natural place,

– Teeth crowding,

– Improper bites, such as overbite, underbite, crossbite and more.

How long does an impressions treatment last?

Unlike Invisalign, impressions take less time to get the same effects. They also cost less, and the treatment is estimated to last from 6-9 months. That said, braces and Invisalign take more time to show lasting effects.

While a traditional metal braces treatment lasts for not less than 24 months, Invisalign takes up to 18 months. Still, the period in question is much longer than in wearing aligners.


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Comparing Prices.

Typically, an Invisalign appliance only will cost you about $6,800. Some of these costs can fall under insurance. Usually, insurance covers from $500 to $1,500 when it comes to orthodontic treatments.

Let’s discuss the price of impressions as an Invisalign alternative. Impressions normally cost around $3,500. What is more, the price includes the entire treatment, appliance, and appointments. So, impressions are not only effective but more affordable also. And if that doesn’t cut it for you, know insurance covers impressions as well. That said, insurance will likely cover from $500 to $1,500. Simply put, it is worth it.

What makes impressions such a great Invisalign alternative?

Invisalign offers great orthodontic results, but costs more and is fixed to the teeth. Impressions, on the other hand, provide you with equally successful treatment and at a lower cost. The idea behind impressions was to create a top-class treatment available to patients of different backgrounds.

Using impressions.

If you decide on an impressions treatment, read the helpful tips below.

When it comes to placing the aligners, here is how you can do it best.

– Apply moderate yet equal pressure when placing the aligners.

– Make sure you notice the upper and lower jaw symbols, marked with uppercase U and L.

– Use chewies to bite down with your bottom and top teeth.

– Check the aligners one more time to make sure they fit in the mouth.

– Readjust them if there is a gap between the teeth and aligner.

How to wear my impressions properly?

For maximum effects, you should wear your aligner from 20-22 hours per day. Aligners are less visible so you can wear them while at work, too. If you want, you can take them off when eating but still drink liquids while wearing them.

Other than that, make sure you maintain the hygiene. This includes regular teeth brushing and flossing as well as oral health maintenance. For even greater care, use a liquid solution as a gargle.

3. Ormco Aligners.

Ormco aligners are appliances, very much alike Invisalign. According to some patients, these aligners feel more comfortable in the mouth than others and still cost less. Ormco aligners have a smoother material and don’t have the ridges seen in Invisalign. Insignia Clearguide Express offers up to 20 aligners.

It is important to note that these aligners undergo a digital process. This means a technician comes up with a concept and makes the aligners in consultation with your orthodontist.

4. Smile Direct Club.

Smile direct club is a self regulated aligner. It is important to set your expectations to a limited improvement. If you are looking for a complete improvement of your teeth, smile, and bite visit a reputable orthodontist.

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