Pick the Best Dentist in Aventura (Miami Orthodontist) for Yourself or Your Child.

If you want to smile better, have your dental problems eliminated as soon as possible. Some of these issues may not cause pain now; they will cause it in future. By seeing your dentist in aventura right now, you can prevent chronic dental problems in future. It is advisable to see not just any dentist, but an orthodontist. This is a professional who carries out the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders that affect how well your jaws and teeth align. They design and place corrective dental appliances such as braces, expander plates, clear aligners and head gear. The purpose of all these devices is to align your jaw and/or teeth.

More about orthodontics

Prior to picking the right Miami orthodontist, ensure that they are totally qualified. A qualified expert who practices orthodontics is well-educated. He or she has a bachelor’s degree in dentistry plus two to three years of post-graduate training. After mastering, an orthodontic might pursue a PhD and this means that they might spend even up to 11 years in school. Orthodontists are more educated and knowledgeable than any general dentist. They are specialists who pick up all cases to do with bad bites, jaw misalignment and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain.

The moment you undergo an orthodontic treatment, a healthy bite and straight teeth are a must. All the same, your orthodontist Miami specialist will focus on treating the problem that was found out during diagnosis. Having straight teeth can be awesome because you won’t have to cope with plaque and tartar that is hard to remove anymore. Instead, it will be easier and quicker to clean your teeth. A good bite simplifies how you bite, chew and talk.

Furthermore, if you have crowded, spaced out or protrusive teeth, orthodontics is the dental section you need to seek answers from. In case your teeth meet in an abnormal manner or they can’t meet at all, the solution is a bite correction. Orthodontists know how to correct malocclusions of any kind: underbites, overbites or crossbites. With just clear aligners and braces, a dentist in aventura fl 33181 can straighten out your teeth, align bites and align jaws.

If you are singling yourself out of getting treatment because you are an adult, it is good to recognize the fact that adults and kids can get treated with braces or other orthodontic devices. Grown ups don’t have to have crooked or crowded teeth throughout their lives. They could call an orthodontic expert and create an appointment with them. People of any age can have healthier and prettier smiles, thanks to trained orthodontists.

Why bother?

Properly-aligned, straightened teeth look better than crooked, crowded and misaligned teeth. They indicate a mouth that is absolutely healthy. But what could cause your teeth and jaws to be misaligned? A couple of things could lead to this, including gum issues , breathing issues, poor dental hygiene because some teeth are hard to reach, speech development, teeth breakage and damage to the jaw joint.

How to know if your child needs an orthodontic device

If you have seen that your kid’s smile is crooked, take it to the best dentist in aventura fl 33180. Ensure that you select a dental clinic with a functional orthodontic department. Whether crooked teeth or misaligned jaw issue run in your family lineage, a great expert can help. Orthodontists correct crooked teeth due to thumb sucking or pacifier use. Basically, take your kid to his or her first orthodontist if you notice the following:

  • Underbite, overbite, or crossbite
  • deep bite or open bite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Spaced out teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Wisdom teeth
  • Impacted teeth

It is important to know that teeth and jaw relationship is born when a child comes to this world. So it is advisable to pay close attention to its jaw development. By the time the kid is seven years old, orthodontic issues are often quick to identify. This is because most of the child’s adult teeth will have erupted. At this age, your kid’s Miami orthodontist may suggest the right orthodontic treatment. It is the right time to correct their jaw and face development problems. And, if these are eliminated, the child’s airway will function just fine. If the airway is blocked, you can tell by searching for these symptoms:

  • When resting, the child keeps its mouth open
  • Mouth breathing
  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Snoring
  • Wetting its bed
  • Lack of mind alertness
  • Having dark circles beneath its eyes
  • Insomnia or irritated sleep.

Orthodontic treatment – What is it all about?

If possible, have your child treated early enough. Early orthodontic therapy keeps dental issues from worsening. Besides, treatment can grow tougher as soon as the child is fully grown. Hence, an orthodontic treatment can begin at different ages. The recommended age, however, is seven years. This form of treatment has a number of stages.

  • Stage 1: Expansion – Your dentist in aventura florida (a licensed orthodontist) uses a special orthodontic appliance to expand the width of your palate and jaw. After this, your teeth are given enough room to grow and straighten out.
  • Stage 2: Correction – To correct your current teeth, a correction appliance will be fitted in your mouth. And as your teeth move during treatment, your dental expert will make adjustments.
  • Stage 3: Retention – A retainer is a device used to maintain the results of teeth straightening. It is fitted in the mouth and worn frequently for one year to prevent teeth from moving back to their prior, crooked position. After one year, the retainer is worn only during the sleep.
  • Stage 4: Fitting Functional devices – These devices are fitted when you have a problem using your jaw naturally. It is fitted to correct your bite and keep your tongue from making movements that might displace your teeth.

Treatment with braces

Braces or brackets are rather common orthodontic treatments. While most people hate braces, they are great solutions. Metal braces are disliked by most people, of course, and if you think they are the only option, you can call a braces miami fl orthodontic clinic and confirm this. Adults can now wear less detectable braces for a whole year or longer to straighten out their teeth or align their jaws. They can also choose some braces that are too close to the color of their natural teeth to feel okay.

Whether you choose ceramic or plastic braces, they will all straighten your teeth. However, plastic and ceramic braces stain easily, even if they look just like your natural teeth. If you don’t want fixed braces, have your doctor fit invisalign options. Invisalign include clear aligners that are not only removable, but also easy to fix again. These are changed every two weeks and you can brush and floss with ease.

Who should get braces?

According to the American Association of Orthodontists or AAO, kids should see their first orthodontist at the age of seven years. So, any child who is seven and older should be seeing their orthodontic specialist already. Their dentist will take preventative and curative measures before your child’s jaws are fully developed. Situations that might force the child to wear braces in future will be dealt with at once and you will be given a lot of free advice. If you are an adult, it is not unusual to try to find cheap braces in case your teeth are crooked. First of all, your orthodontist will evaluate your teeth and facial structure and run tests to discover the root of the problems.

If he or she needs detailed information, more assessment tools such as ultrasound, X-rays and photos of your kid’s face and teeth and models of their teeth will be taken. These will enable the orthodontist to study and create a treatment plan to give to the patient. While most orthodontists don’t need a referral from a general dental practitioner, it may be good to obtain it to pick the right professional. Being treated by a well-educated and experienced orthodontic dentist is so right and highly recommended.

Reasons to get braces

Although people have jaw and teeth alignment issues, it’s not all of them that can wear braces. If you have a misalignment of teeth between your upper and lower dental arches, this is called malocclusion. There are usually three kinds of malocclusions, according to Angles Classification Method by Dr. Edward Angle. This man is known as the founder of orthodontics. This classification system is used by dentists across the globe.

  • Class I: It is believed to be the ideal relationship between your upper and lower teeth. With the Class 1 bite, either spacing or crowding of teeth may be present.
  • Class II: This is described as an overbite. This is when your first molar is located more towards the back of your mouth. Hence, your maxilla (upper jaw) appears to protrude forward. It has two sub-categories that as well describe the position of your upper front teeth where molar relation is similar.
  • Class III – In this case, you have an underbite. Your lower first molar is located nearer to the front of your mouth. The mandible (lower jaw) protrudes forward.

Loosening of braces

Note that once your braces are fitted they can loosen. But there are things you must stop doing or always do to keep your braces in perfect shape. These include:

  • Avoid chewing or eating the wrong food or thing
  • Do not bite your finger nails or chew on items like pens and pencils
  • Have a weak bond between your tooth and the brace checked by a professional
  • Avoid activities that might make your mouth susceptible to injury or trauma
  • If there is a change of bite caused by consistent teeth movement, have it examined by a professional.

What are the benefits of wearing braces?

  • Straightening of teeth with braces cancels speech impediments
  • It could remove jaw or temporomandibular joint pain
  • Braces can improve chewing and eating difficulties
  • Sleep apnea that is triggered by either snoring and breathing could end when you have your orthodontic treatment
  • Grinding of teeth or bruxism can be finished through braces
  • Gum disease as well as cavities can be eliminated once you straighten your teeth. That’s because crooked or crowded teeth are hard to clean properly and are often attacked by bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities.

Do all people have a perfect bite?

Very few people boast a perfect bite. The lucky few may still suffer from a varying degree of spacing or crowding of teeth. This is a major factor that leads to a misaligned bite. Crowding can be described as a condition where your teeth overlap, rotate and grow into wrong position in your mouth. In extreme cases crowding of teeth can cause a tooth to be trapped in your bone. Crowding mostly results when your dental arch is too tiny for your adult teeth or when your adult teeth are bigger than normal. When a kid loses its baby teeth too early or has them in its mouth longer than normal, crowding may result.

All these factors could inhibit your child’s adult tooth development. As well, it could make brushing and flossing so difficult and this could eventually cause tooth decay and/or gum disease. Varying degrees of spacing may be noted once your child’s teeth get observed by an orthodontist. Diastema is a good example of a gap that appears between the upper two front teeth (centrals) and it is usually so beautiful to look at.


If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of misaligned teeth and jaws, seek immediate support from your dentist biscayne blvd clinic. By so doing, you will improve your dental health as well as your smile. Note that braces can help improve your self-confidence once they are fitted and have begun to straighten out your teeth. If you hate your facial shape or structure, or the appearance of your teeth, have yourself checked now. Go to an orthodontist office near you and have your jaws and teeth examined by a qualified expert. Don’t be surprised to find out that you have more issues than you thought you had.

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